You guys ARE getting your girl to call you 'daddy' during sex, right?

you guys ARE getting your girl to call you 'daddy' during sex, right?

>not having the most alpha kink
>confirmed for not making it
>literally her face when

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nah it’s pretty gross bro. even weirder if you know her dad irl

Wtf lol sort urself out mate

>even weirder if you know her dad irl
You mean even hotter? You're literally cucking her dad out of fatherhood.

>not being man enough to find a mentally stable girl
>needing an emotional cripple of a gf to feel validated

>during sex
hehe y-yeah, totally

You're doing him a favour taking the mentally ill financial drain off his hands

bro if she's not saying it to you she'll find somebody she CAN say it to

Good luck with getting girls with daddy issues and toxic inmature behaviours

That's not a kink. That's normie as fuck.

>know my girlfriend has legitimate daddy issues
>slowly training her to call me "sir"
>have this plan to eventually transition her to call me "master" and then eventually call me "daddy"

Should I feel bad about this

You're supposed to start with daddy, not the other way around.

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Why do you want to be caller father?
Do you feel powerless in real life? Or insecure about she leaving you?

alright freud thats enough internet for you today

ur a dumb bass. daddy is the easy one esp if they got issues

Does this work if her dad is dead?

The amount of betaorbiter cucks in this thread who don't realise that getting her to call you sir/master/daddy is about dominance and respect, not about picturing your own dyel dad when she moans it

>not knowing your worth
>making it

pick one

>You're literally cucking her dad out of fatherhood.
>paying child support twice

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Disgusting desu.

She calls me master.

>your worth is measured by how much your girl calls you "daddy"


feel like this is only a thing in the anglosphere Tbh

>your girl refuses to call you daddy because the very idea of you fathering her babies is ludicrous
>it's because you're a worthless sack of shit posting on a mayan wood carving image board

And ill find a girl that's not unstable


Even more

When do you get to Arch-Patriarch Supreme Master?

Not true mate, asians love it. Even had a cute chinese girl calling me 'king' once lmao

Yes but she was speaking english I bet

god i love the smell of pedophile enablers in the morning

>teaching your girl to respect and admire you is the same as kiddie fiddling

brainlet 100% confirmed

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after Lord and God-King

Is Hispanic culture the Anglosphere? Because
Is a thing even outside of sexual situtions

>tfw my gf just wants me to eat food, cuddle, and creampie her

Shit tier taste in this thread

>not having a thicc latina gf to pound every night while she moans 'ayy papi'

why even fucking live, boys?

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your gf finds you boring as fuck in bed, bro

>not transitioning to her calling you fuhrer

Not gonna make it

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>no qt IDF gf to stand and salute you when you walk in the room

just fuck my shit up, senpai

you go

Bad larp.

even weirder if you are her dad.


Porn isn't real life and none of that makes the sex any hotter. "Master" does though. You have to be extremely inadequate to not be able to satisfy the girl with your duck and having to rely on forcing her to call you "daddy" , which says a lot about the character of girls you copulate with

Gonna lay this down so you betas can try to understand and eventually try to cope. This isn't something you "do" you don't ask a girl to call you daddy, if you are a masculine, tall, dominate, Alpha it'll be her inate animal instinct when you bed her. I didn't want to drop this bomb because you guys seem to have so much hope, but get it through your shitty little heads, if it isn't her inate animal instinct to call you daddy, you're a beta, if you ask for it you're a cuck.
I've had sex with PLENTY of women and even the older ones call me daddy, it's just animal instinct. So please stop! It's making me cringe.

Pic related, that look she gives when. She knows you daddy ha

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Doesn't that make you a cuck because you are now raising somebody else's kid?

literally nothing pedo about spanking your 16y old girlfriend while she calls you daddy

I think you mean it's something your AIDS-riddled crackwhores have learnt from porn.

>he has literally never had a sweet, unassuming and wholesome qt Christian girl spout the most insane filth during sex
>he will never be alpha enough to hear her moan "fuck me, daddy - I'm your pretty cumslut"

And the coping begins
It's ok, let it out.

>tfw your 5'1" half latina gf wears footie pajamas around the house and calls you Daddy

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