See people mocking pick related's nipples all over social media

>see people mocking pick related's nipples all over social media
>realise mine are bigger

fuck bros I need help. I know it's not gyno (doctor said it) but I got puffy ass nipples and they need to go

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Well there's nothing going on except those nipples on his entire torso. I'm sure people wouldn't care if he was in shape and not a fridge of pudge

Puffy nipples reporting in. They look normal enough when they are hard. I wonder if there is any way to make them permanently hard other than stupid shit like superglue

wait what's his name again



The hair around the nipples make them look a lot bigger than they are.

idk about that. I shaved my nipple hair for that reason and now they pop out even more

Nope, just cope. Or don't wear shirts that show off your nipples, that's like most of the shirts out there that are not slim fitted.

Why is there no nipple hardening pill yet?

>hi, I'm here for the job interview

M8 he's a famous rapper and had gang ties growing up, he doesn't need a job interview

This is such a beta cope too:
>hah, in MY world of respectability this fool would never make it!
just baka at you

It's always 6ix9ine this and 6ix9ine that
Niggas on my dick and on my yack
These niggas lookin' for me you could hit my jack
I done dropped my address, y'all know where 6ix9ine at
>he’s more alpha than all of us

It's not the size of the nipples, it's the fact that he has the body of a three year old and his nipples look like turds. Fuck the hair even looks like stink lines. It's like a dog took two shits in some mud.

i dont understand street gangs at all, why would anybody be afraid of this guy

>>he’s more alpha than all of us
Jow Forums will refuse to acknowledge this and swallow this red pill because retards here still think that an "alpha male" is clean cut white collar guy who wears suits and drinks whisky

You're a fucking embarrassment for defending this trash """""rapper."""""

>nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga
>look guys I'm rapping

And the dude is a fucking beaner. Why the niggers in his videos don't split his wig is beyond me.

Same problem here, really sucks man I can only take off my t-shirt when it's windy. I'm going to try to run some vix Vaporub on it soon maybe the cold will keep them erect I doubt it though

I'm just telling you a social reality, not everyone's life revolves around the fantasy of becoming a modern wage slave, you pathetic low T faggot. Successful trash rappers like him have life figure out while you're kissing ass at work hoping for a promotion, and it's enfuriating that you can't realize this and you have to put muh job interview on the pedestal like some type of gold standard of societal acceptance in order to cope with reality.

So please, shut the fuck up and stop going "hme, i'd like to see this mr. big-rap-star try to get a degree and a job!" because these people have, objectively, better lives than you.

You must be really shallow and insecure to think about doing that.

he's a child molester and an extremely shitty rapper but you're also 100% correct

>he's a child molester
an 18 year old fucking a 13 year old is not really 'child molestation' i dont care what the law or societal norms say

>child molester
You act like this is a bad thing

>"I'm just telling you a social reality"
>More money = happiness
Quite hanging out with people that have no humility or aspirations.

If you get your nipples pierced they're always erect. If you're buff people would think it's kinda cool otherwise you're gonna get laughed at.


>t. homo erectus nippulus

You don't know how it is to live with puffy nipples bro. I would give a finger to have normal nipples.

Only hope you got is going on a cut with Yohimbine HCL.
Also if you can't see your abs, you have no right to complain about puffy nips.

Found the pedo