Lifting for a couple months now

>lifting for a couple months now
>decent lifts, already stronger than 90% of the gym (little over 1/2/3/4 and p sure 2nd best front squatter)
>go at the same time since my first day
>older regulars start introducing themselves to me
>still have music in when one of them introduces himself and shakes my hand
>say my name, doubt he'll remember or care (it's rare and hard to pronounce)
>couple weeks later
>this dude fucking says my name perfectly while I still don't know his name

guys help how can I learn his name without making shit awkward? Should I just turn my music off when he is talking to other regulars and hope to catch it? Also what relationship do you have with the gym regulars?

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You either keep the music in and do the nod from a distance.
You use the classic and refer to everyone as mate. Then if you want to get advanced you can use "matey-boy" but that's only when you need to reference a third person in your conversation. Observe...
[Talking to some guy who's name you don't know about another guy who's name you don't know] - "I was talking to matey-boy over there..."

I just nod to them. At most a how are you if we pass each other.

>Lifting for a couple of seconds now
>Stronger than 99% of the mature male gorilla population, lifts pushing 2/3/4/5
>Name written in ancient runic script comprehensible only to the high monks of eastern Tibet
>Gym regular transcribes it in blood on the shower walls before even meeting me

You should see a doctor. You're having an episode again.

Sorry, man, what is your name again?


acceptable the first week (thing is I didn't think he fucking knew my name either, so I was cool with it), but after like a month?

Work out a way to ask how to spell his name?
"Hey man, I thought I saw you leave your towel in the locker yesterday, how do you spell your name? I swear I saw it written on there"

>"Hey man, I thought I saw you leave your towel in the locker yesterday, how do you spell your name? I swear I saw it written on there"

>"Jim. J - I - M."

>hey bro
>what’s your insta/snapchat/facebook
If you’re an autist/smart and don’t have social media
>hey dude what’s your number
>hand him an empty “create new contact”
>pray he fills his name in

None of this matters if you greet each other rarely and don’t talk after

If you're cool with the receptionist, explain the situation and ask her.

Note: this requires that you're not an autist, which may be difficult, user.

Kek and mated, he may have to roll the dice lol

Jim G-Y-M

This gave me a hearty kek

>>still have music in when one of them introduces himself and shakes my hand
imo you deserve to get beaten up by him

Ask him his name, why the fuck americans complicate everything

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>giving a shit about gym acquaintances
for what purpose
You can succesfully train in a gym using just 2 phrases: "are you using that?" "care to spot me?"
nothing more needed

You forgot
>it's all you bro

>lifting for a couple months now
>(little over 1/2/3/4


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>go to same gym for 7 or 8 years
>talked to maybe 3 of ~15 regulars
>don't know anybody by name
>usually conversations last max 2 sentences, 95% time just nod at each other

Such is the life in Scandinavia

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Shit genetics spotted

You're one of those people still chasing that 225 bench after 16 months, huh?

Not OP but
> yes
I'm a fat fuck who used to be a couch potato playing vidya every night, until I decided to become a decent man and make my wife proud. I stopped smoking, took a gym membership and went from empty bar to 1/2/3/4 1RM in six months with sl5x5.
It is doable if you follow the program and don't have shitty genetic.

>6 months
>a couple months

There's a big difference here. Also, isn't hitting 1/2/3/4 supposed to mean for reps, not 1RM?

So what if i am? I just don't believe a complete beginner got to 1/2/3/4 in 2 months

No thats just you. Just fucking talk to people if you want, all regulers that wonder around are just looking for someone to talk to.

i lift in a small powerlifting gym where most people are cool.
pretty much all the strong people in the gym are homies.

>lightweight baby

he would think you're gay
why would he want his number?
he just wants his name...

you know what I do when someone calls me by name and I don't know their name, I say "hey there, sorry what was your name again? I forgot."
simple as that, nobody feels bad because everyone forgets names

In America "a couple" refers to anywhere between 2 and 5 could even be 10 in some rare cases

No, that is completely wrong. A couple means 2 in America. I am American

>I am autistic what is a colloquialism

Bitch in this context if you use "a couple" to mean more than 2, 3 at the most, you are telling lies. Doesnt matter if it's used coloquially or not - nobody says a couple to mean 10 dumbfuck

You know how the word literally is used commonly? You're autistic if you can't see couple having its meaning changed in a similar manner

Still ok, just ask

I don't know what part of America you're in but a couple usually means 2, sometimes 3 or 4 if not used literally. Couldn't imagine ever using it for 10 unless i was being rhetorical

>a couple can mean anything other than 2
nigga wtf.

So you are basically agreeing that total beginner to 1/2/3/4 in 2 months is an outlandish claim? You're saying that couldn't be what he meant right?

>jerked off to videos of my ex wearing almost the exact same thing in op pic that i bought her
>very low chance i will be with someone as hot again

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I've been talking to a guy at the gym for like 8 months and forgot his name at pretty much the beginning. Who cares. Just don't use his name ever.

I don't talk to anyone at my gym, I almost always have a hat and earphones on. Used to have a friend from work as a gym buddy but he quit on me and tried veering towards meme exercises towards the end anyway.

Will be moving in the summer though so maybe I can try to make friends at the next gym.

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but that only works in australia though

underrated and check'd

who is this thot

Ask for his name, when he tells you it say you meant his second name. Say you wanted to add him on facebook or something idk.

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>functional autism
you're ok


I unironically do this at work, not sure but it seems like people are starting to notice that I cant tell the majority of them apart.

What a complete beta faggot. A true alpha would just say "hey man i didn't get your name" and fucking ASK
Grow some balls faggot.

I dated a girl for a month before knowing her name once.

fucking lol’d hard

he probably doesnt care if you are honest about you not remembering, that is if he feels like chill man. and if he does care for some reason, well you learn something new every day

>lifting for a couple months now
>decent lifts, already stronger than 90% of the gym (little over 1/2/3/4 and p sure 2nd best front squatter)
How do people do this? Do I just have shitty genetics?

I'm chasing 225 bench after 2+ years of 4 days a week :-(

Depends on if one is referring to beers or not

this is the only normie non autistic way to handle this.

its called lying


Just say you forgot his name. It's really not that hard.

>true alpha
sometimes I forget that the majority of fit thinks that being able to make simple everyday human contact makes you an alpha
how do you people even survive?

>doesn't exaggerate his lifts by 400% on a Tibetan winter hat knitting forum
never gonna make it


I'm horrible with names but made it a point to remember 4-5 people at my gym. Now it's coming effortlessly.

fuaaackk reverse googling that image yields some good result at google images.

dug for a while and it seems to be @lea__may

Help Jow Forums how can I get her body?

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Yeah post a pic I call bullshit on your stats

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It's nothing special....

In America a couple is always 2, once you want to say 3 or 4 you use the word few. Ex: I’ve been lifting for a few months.

This is the most autistic shit I've read today.
Sounds like me.

I'm pretty sure it rhymes with vulva.

No it's not.

Next time you see him, talk to him, just say hi. Then say "Oh and what was your name again? Sorry im bad with names. I know you remembered mine which must've been hard, everybody gets it wrong." Then when the conversations over , write it down in your phone. He remembered your name, be cool to him, don't call him "bro" forever. As long as you're nice and confident when you talk to him it's not gonna be akward

oh that's rich

Yes it is, and people who us a couple to mean more than two are brainlets. If you "couple" something, you join two things together. If you say, "what a cute couple!" you are referring to one man and one woman. A couple means two, period.


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I go for the bold option and just say "bro I actually don't know your name"

This whole thread

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I prefer the far superior
>go for it
With occasional thumbs up if it feels appropriate

I dont care about politics but people like you are the reason the world will be declining.

>hey bro what's you name again?
>No, no, last name. I was talking to someone the other day and didn't know it to ask if they knew you


Those are called "couplings," not "couples," and they are called couplings because you couple an end of the coupling with the end of another piece of pipe. You couple a male end to a female end.

Read some Orwell, nuspeaker. Words matter.

oh fuck do you have more of her??

>basic white girl

You really want to see more of this? Theres so much of this same cookie cutter shit everywhere already

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>lifting for a couple decades now
>decent lifts, stronger than the guy with congental muscular dystrophy, can dl the bar for reps, p. sure I'm the 2nd best spotter
>full name is Jeremy (I don't have a last name)
>mfw they printed the name on my gym card with only one spelling mistake

Does the receptionist want to fuck me?

Okay this one's pretty fucking hilarious

for a beginner, 1 plate ohp and 4 plate deadlift is almost impossible in a couple months, unless you were already obese.

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>fat fuck

How fat exactly? What's your weight?