Why doesn’t Jow Forums man up?

Well? I thought you all were big strong men? Tinder bread? Also how have gains improved your game?

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>Mother of 4 at 26
>Nigger baby

I'd swap left so hard I'd hit a liberal with my phone.

Definetly staying out of Tinder. Thanks for the reminder, OP.

It’s brutal out there, what’s sad is even chicks like that have dick on speed dial and easy access to beta providers thanks to social media.

>how have gains improved your game?
They made me focus more on myself and stop giving a fuck about dumb whores.

I wouldn't even use her as fuckmeat. Just look at her, too much drama.

I bet she'd be like "I'm taking the pill", and then leg lock around you before you cum.

I have ghosted several women for burning the coal or finding out they have mixed kids.
Muscles, hobbies, and a career have made me give far fucks less about the opinions of women but let’s not pretend we don’t have a sex drive and still crave companionship from the opposite sex. I wish there was a pill to erase it so I could become the ubersmench.

>giving your last name
>not using a burner phone


Banging a single mother is like playing Russian roulette with a revolver missing a single bullet

>single mother of 4 at 26
>nigger baby

really makes you think

Jow Forums would consider me a chad probably but I haven’t gotten laid in like 2 years since I moved back into my moms, finally got my own place and am on the prowl got several thots numbers from tinder just trying to convince one of these piggies to come over to my pen now.
It’s been so long I’m stooping down to swiping on single moms for a quick fuck.

you could also have luck

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>I haven’t gotten laid in like 2 years
>got several thots numbers from tinder just trying to convince one of these piggies to come over to my pen now.

Fucking stay strong, user. Don't you fucking rely on this shit. It will destroy you in the long run.

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>she has an anthem
probably a tune by dj racemixer
anthems are so fucking stupid lol

> not having one of your country's old national anthems from a time when it was actually nationalistic as your anthem

doesn't seem fishy at all...

I get single moms of 1. You make a mistake, you own it and maybe grow as a person with the incentive to be a good provider. But 4? 4? And you're still a waiter. Jesus what the fuck are you fucking doing. Reminds me of a guy I worked with at a McDonald's 10 years ago when I was 15. Mother fucker had 6 kids with 4 women. IQ was like a hard 60. He was always happy as a clam though. Stupid people are strange.

It's really hard for me to accept that God is the christian God when the evil we fight is so mundane.

>a literal whore
I'm swiping left on that one

this guy gets it

lol saw a real who was doing this
>matched her
>flirt and ask her about it
>confront her ass about it and start laughing at her
>she says it was just a joke
>tell her im showing her profile to all my friends and we are all laughing at her and making fun of her
>she unmatches me

One chick posted some shit like this on Instagram and soon after a million roasties put it in their bios trying to scam people for money it’s like women have 0 original thoughts and have a hive mind.
Tinder made me dislike females almost more than the ch0n. Honestly life is fucking great I felt hopeless a year and a half ago and now I have money, good job, my own place, paid off vehicle, 0 debt, good looks/clothes, friends and passions and hobbies yet still have that nagging feeling tellin me I need to bust a nut inside a female asap. We’re all gonna make it brehs don’t give up and strive for your goals. OC btw.

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If fake, does anyone know real name of her.

It's a single mom user, you can't expect anything from them and even if she did somehow find the wisdom to focus on her kid she should still never be able to redeem herself. Being a single mom should be considered a death sentence.

even abominations rode the cock carousel and are demanding you to man up youtube.com/watch?v=yCIgB7IzMCo&feature=share

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How do i get passions?

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have your life not be a negative feedback loop for 20 years


Na, that's bullshit. There's countless stories of people who were going nowhere and then had a kid and it provided them the incentive to get their life in order. But I'm talking just 1 kid.

I am registered on several dating apps

>Almost everyone states that they are "sapiosexual" (most likely they are still not attracted to Stephen Hawking)
>Many genderqueer, non-conform, lesbian, bisexual, feminist people
>Acually happy when I see a normal person
>Text almost everyone, get like a reply 1/10 times
>a lot of "omg I am so random and unique" people

>match with 5gum
>no real matches
>a lot of "omg I am so random and unique" people

>literally the worst humanity has to offer
>match only with fat chicks
>actually match with a weedhead girl who looks nice and is nasty and depraved af
>move away from where she lives 2 days before I match with her

Doesn't really matter though, women are a meme brehs

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Git gud at something. Find a cool hobby that provides fulfillment to your life like wood working, mountain biking, lifting, surfing, something besides sitting around playing vidya like a NEET and immerse yourself in it. Becoming good at your hobby will provide confidence, for me it was art, years of frustration and putting in hours of drawing and looking at colors finally paid off and I’m starting to become somewhat known in certain circles. Basically push yourself to improving your life so even if you get ejected you can shrug it off cuz your life is cooler than some dumb roastie.

Categorically and statistically false, there's no such thing as good single moms.

literally try to do every fucking thing you can imagine till you find one you have so much fun doing you forget about the time, eating or whatever else

that's your passion

Oh wow, I'm totally convinced that in the history of everything, no single mom has ever been a good one. Completely believe you. No doubt.

Is there anything more cuck than raising another man's child?

Erh I'd given up on girls but now I have a nice 19yo virgin who I'm slowly breaking in and bringing her out of her shell

You realize that there are many single mothers who didn't fuck a deadbeat but were simply widows, right?
But of course, I'm on Jow Forums, the home of hyperbolic retards such as yourself.

>simply widows, right?

haha, I'm just laughing at this. No most are whores who didn't use a condom and expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

Widows don't make good single mothers, that's why they just re-marry to a good man.

Please show me another pulled-out-of-your-ass evidence, user.

Nice digits.

I agree, it's really sad.

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The dude brings up categorical and satistical evidence and you change the subject of his statement to ridicule and project your own individual experience, which of course MUST be the norm.

The state of politics. Thanks Twitter.

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You used the word "categorically" without knowing what it means, I see. Good to know I really am just talking to a retard.

There's no such thing as a good single parent. You're either a deadbeat or you have to put all your focus into work. Can't be a good single parent. Single parents aren't noble they're degenerative to the child's development.

First off, the guy you're dick-riding gave 0 evidence. Second, what the fuck is "categorical evidence"? You're fond of using words you don't understand as well, lol. Jow Forums is like a 3rd grade classroom with no teacher and an Internet connection.

>mfw I ate tinder ass on tues night

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You are correct, i was not being hyperbolic at all, there are no good single mothers.
Them being widows doesn't enable them to be able to make-up for the lack of a father.

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The government gives more gibs for each kid.

This coal burning bitch is a waiter so she can be officially poor enough to stay on welfare, while having more disposable income than All-American middle class families thanks to untaxable tips and government cheese from irresponsibly shitting out mix raced kids. She also likely votes Democrat and will raise her kids to vote Democrat, thus giving them a reliable captive voting block. Her kids, being raised in a fatherless broken home will likely grow up to be gang members or school shooters and will be used as examples for the government to disarm you.

Welfare is a mistake and will destroy America before the century is over.

1 good mom > a shitty dad and a shitty mom. Yes, 2 parents are ideal, statistically, but it's simply not true that 100% (which the word "categorical" means, dipshit) of children raised by single mothers lead bad lives. Why is it so easy to intellectually shit on absolutists? I should be tired of it but it's still fun for me.

>Mfw I was raised by a single mother
>Dad was a piece of shit who left early
>Mom was manipulative, compulsive liar and opportunistic, and had problems with alcohol.
>Decided to spent most of my time outside my house to avoid seeing or talking to my own mother
>Had to survive somehow so I joined gangs and sold drugs
>Mfw I spent 4 years in Juvenile Detention Centers until I was 18
>Mfw 95% of the kids in jail have a similar background
>Mfw I became homeless as soon as I was 18 and had to work my way out of poverty
>Mfw my sister got pregnant at 16 by piece of shit
>Mfw my sister got killed at 21 by one his boyfriends, leaving her two kids in foster homes

I can't belive the ignorance and lack of experience from liberals. It's all fucking wishful thinking, they only focus on the small good things and ignore reality.

My life has directly been affected by the fact that I was raised by a woman who resented me and my sister for having "stolen" the best years of her life.
I have been to prison, and my sister got pregnant as a teenager, later on beaten to death by a motherfucker who was ready to take advantage of her because we grew up in a destructive environment.

Now, imagine my fucking face when later on in life I see that me and my sister fit in perfectly within the "children raised by single mothers" statistics, and how I feel whenever I see liberals empowering single mothers.

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Yes, I agree that single parent subsides should start and end at 1 child. No excuse for making the same mistake twice.

If you're larping, kys
If this is true, you have my condolences.
Rough life

Kek. Well put. But i wouldnt even bang the whores that r on tinder... Black child or not...

Dude, I agree that single parent situations are, on average, bad. I'm just replying to a dumb fuck who said 100% of single mothers raise degenerates, a plainly false statement.

Although I agree with >1 good mom > a shitty dad and a shitty mom.

That's just too fucking rare to see. And whenever this is seen, it's usually white women with either professional careers or a supportive families.

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This means I win and you're upset at my winning. Thanks for the confirmation :^)
One more tally on the the "retards I've shat on" board.

Look harder...

Nice projection, roastie.

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Why do bitches think we cant tell if they are female or not?

Spotted the roastie.

user, how are you doing now bro? What are you into these days?

>wishful ad homs
I'll put 2 more tallys on my board :^)

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Jeez femanon...you are just embarrassing yourself now.

I've found older chicks 30+ without children are mentally fucked or psycho cat ladies
The older chicks are way hotter myth is a total lie

Grab an autistic virgin.

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>"...See where it goes"
She hoping for number 5

Oh no! Anonymous embarrassment! I will I ever recover?? Better get real bitter and go light a tiki torch to show me whose boss I guess, right?

Reddit please go this is getting embarrassing

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>everyone that doesn't want to fuck me because I'm a roastie is alt-right

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I'm 25 now. I worked my way into university after years of trying to get my GED and working to pay bills at the same time.

Life is just starting to get good. Finally.

Yeah I agree. Beleiving a 100% of anything is stupid. But when I was in JDC we were all either black or latino. In the 4 years that I was in there I remember seeing only 3 kids that were legit white from white families.

Whenever I see people defending single mothers (or liberal ideals in general), they all happen to be white. From my point of view, it just says how detached they are from reality. It's as if they just heard about the problems, never faced them in their own skin. I can't trust those kind of people, not that I trust right wingers either.

Look, I can tell by looking at someone in the eyes if they KNOW what they're talking about and when they're not (about these kind of subjects). I've never met any white person who does.

Ive played runescape i know this shit is fake

Thanks for you concern. It's pretty much this

I'm litterally not female but I realize that's just too much for you to handle so for all intents and purposes, I can be your boogy-man "roastie" so you can sleep well at night, "knowing" that everybody who thinks you're a retard is simply part of the group you write off as crazy anyway.

What the fuck is wrong with you. Why do you keep responding? Is this you first day here?

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dude, are you actually retard or what?

I like to fuck with smug autists. It's pathetically easy. Why are YOU replying? Don't want to "lose"?

Arguing by exception is no way to go through life, son.

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Woah, nice comeback!
Living in your head for free, lmao.

>it's ok to be wrong if you're at least mostly right
You should avoid academia.

Why is it only fat girls that message back? I swiped right on a few b/c their first photo was just the face. I match with some qts but they act like my opener has to be fucking don-draper tier

You're calling us smug autists yet you're responding to every post with the most condescending tone and you keep using scare quotes wrong. Nice troll, roastie. Back to your nigger before he beats your ass again.

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green text

Oh the old
>hurt dur I was only pretending
Ya you sure showed them

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Are single moms worth it just for a pump and dump or generally a bad idea either way in your guys experience?


Is the idea that you're maybe not replying to a battered, race mixing, single mother on the fitness board of a Chinese cartoon forum that hard to believe or is this baseless ad hom just how you cope for being a retard who users words you can't understand?


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>intents and purposes
*intensive purposes

Fake name and you're golden.

>It’s brutal out there, what’s sad
Sad for who? Virgin neckbeards like you?
You are only half-right, virgin. I fuck girls like that than delete contacts unless they are really good in bed.
Seriously, a lot of them try really hard to keep a white man, anal on first date is a standard.
>beta providers
You mean yourself I guess. No sane white male will give her money and she knows it.
>I'd swap left so hard I'd hit a liberal with my phone.
You are a virgin. You would not "swipe left".

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>popped a niglet baby out four years in a row
jesus christ

If someone is a single mother in their mid to 20s or younger I'm generally going to assume they're not a widow, just a roastie with poor critical thinking and decision making and I'll be right 9 times out of 10


Wtf am I back tracking from? You're an idiot, lmao.
Guy says 100% of single mothers raise losers and I call him a retard. I stand by that.

Dude that's impressive. Congrats on sorting a lot more stuff out than most people ever will. I knew a guy who had a very similar trajectory- he works as a chemical engineer now and is one of the most impressive people I know

Why the need for a fake name? I see really attractive single moms but I've always stayed away from them even for a quick lay because of the stigma surrounding them but feel like I'm missing some good sex at the very least when I write them off.

You doing good, tinder is pretty degenerate and definitely no sane and righteous man needs to be on that wicked shit.

Use a fake name so they can't stalk you after the pump and dump.

Are women like her just dumb? If I was a singlr mom of 4 I wouldn't announce it to everyone and have a pic of me with a mixed kid sitting on my lap. Is she literally retarded? No wonder she's single. The first thing people know about her is that she has 4 mixed babies with some black dude

General rule of thumb, look at every picture they have, never swipe right just because the close up of the face looks good, women are incredible makeup artists and decievers. If a woman has only close up pictures of her face it's a dead giveaway that she's fat.