Redpill me on sushi, Jow Forums.
Is it patrician-tier food? Or the kind of food that stabs your diet in the back?

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Chill on the rice... Just get sashimi and can you guys learn portion control seriously? Eat a normal serving.

Sashimi is top tier. Gr8 protein. Gr8 fats. Sushi (fish on slab of rice) is really good too. Rolls hit you with hidden cals in sauces and can add up. If you're bulking I wouldn't worry about that too much tho.

Try some salmon sushi, tiny bit of soy sauce and wasabi is amazing. Good starter if you're new to the raw fish thing too

It's patrician-tier. Since moving to weebland, I eat it four or five times a week.
Tuna is best for a beginner. Salmon is usually a stronger flavor and it's easier to notice a shitty piece of salmon (bad flavor, texture) than tuna.

Yellowtail is god tier. Tuna is top tier. Salmon is mid tier.


Doesn't it make you fat?

I love simple maki rolls(seaweed,rice and fish), nigiri and sashimi

I've seen one bowl of rice with sashimi on top iirc but dont know the name of it

fried rolls are amazing as dessert


I've recently discovered using cauliflower rice to make sushi.

I mix the cauliflower with a bit of cream cheese and some rice vinegar and It's perfect, i don't even miss rice.

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Yes roundeye, you can trust your gains to me. I likee strong american GI, I no pee in your ricee.

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It's chirashi.
>fried rolls are amazing as dessert
Damn I want to try those now

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actually gross

Can I eat white/sushi rice without guilt? Or do I simply stick with makis and sushis?

t.trying to lose weight

> t. cooklet

Looks and sounds disgusting. Cauliflower fags need to stop. this real

Sashimi is your best bet.I had some last night and they come in 2 pc order so I got 6 different ones

Literally GOAT bulking food. Amazing fat/carb/protein macros. Although it's probably too carby for maintenance/cutting.

>tfw my mom wasn't obsessed with what she ate while I was in her womb
seriously fuck people who think having kids is something you just do, we live in a abundantly scientific world, have been for many years now, and people still don't put research into every little thing they do. You can call it autism, I call it striving for perfection, I lift with perfection, I eat with perfection, I study and socialise with perfection. Fuck this comformist as shit and complacent for no reason society, I swear now to you all I will attain the status of a God on my own behalf, regardless of the shitty chances I might've been given on birth/throughout growth. I'm gonna fucking make it


what did she eat while carrying you in her big belly

What about soy sauce?
I read somewhere that since the contained soy was transfomed/fermented it doesn't affect estrogen levels.
Is it still safe to eat?

Take the soyboy memes with a pinch of salt lad.

stop making my serious post a copypasta, I meant every single word you fag APAGA

what did your mother do to you then?

>he still eats salt
never gonna make it

> Just get sashimi
Sashimi is nasty without rice. If you're just going to eat the fish, you might as well buy fish and cook it.

>he doesnt eat salt

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most sushi places put sugar etc. in the rice so i'd stick to sashimi if trying to cut


Soy doesn't do shit. Soy sauce is just salty protein water.

Soy is actually totally fine to consume man and it's good to get protein from many different sources. It is just a god awful substitute for animal protein is all

the men that have been eating that shit for generations look like women with 10cm penises

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Stop buying gas station sushi. Any decent sashimi is delicious and clean. Best is doing a workout together as a family then splitting a party sashimi tray

idfk I just have large as fuck hips and low test

Every type of fish is full of mercury nowadays anyway

It's squishy with little flavor. It works well as an ingredient with rice but not on its own.

It's more to gain weight, eat less to lose weight.

sushi rice typically gets made with a shitload of sugar unless you are going to a place that doesn't cater to burgers.

rolls have a shitload of sauces in them too

Thats not sushi. Sushi is rice and vinegar. If it doesnt have rice it isnt sushi

you're no fun

>tfw my mom literally ate nothing but milk and oreos while she was pregnant
>tfw I would be a god among men if only I wasn't a fat, weak manlet (happy with my professional and academic life)

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>milk and oreos

how is that a good thing? Is it ?

Sushi buffet near me is solid as Fuck. 25 bucks and it's top tier food. I guarantee they are not making a profit on me when I go. I eat 2 lbs. Of pure fish minimum
Sushi is too expensive for me to eat unless it's buffet style Fuck paying 15 bucks for a 400 calorie roll

what's it like living in weebland? was it hard to immigrate there, where do you work, was making friends difficult, etc.

>I guarantee they are not making a profit on me when I go.


Also, I had 40 makis for a bit less than 20 euros tonight.

My post was implying it's a bad thing, my achilles' heel, without which I would be a beautiful, muscular philosopher-king, even if only 5'6"

My man. Which part? I'm in North Tokyo. Pack of sushi for about $5 is the dream.

It's probably not healthy.

Lads, I cannot get into the raw sushi. Not even tuna. The cooked meat rolls are nice every now and then.

>This faggot complains about his mom without realizing that she is the one who subconsciously instilled the fighting spirit he brags about in him
Go hug your mommy

I have large as fuck hips too lol, just go for the cuteboi aesthetic and it'll be fine

Who /mackerel/ here?

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One chef I go to slices these insanely thin pieces of lemon with it... wew

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>I would be muscular and beautiful if not for some circumstance out of my control
Yeah I bet the fat just spontaneously appeared for no fault in your diet and exercise, stop complaining start working

Same brother. Fucking women and children are satisfied with 2 rolls for $15. Too expensive and not enough food. Buffet is the only way to do sushi.

>eating parasites-filled raw meat

Not even once.

the only quality sushi here has 3 days of the week where it's not exactly a buffet but the chef sends out dishes so you can try a variety of things from the menu, thing is I'm not sure if it's because the chef lifts on the same gym and I sometimes see hiim and I always leave good tips but we eat as much as we want and shit keeps on coming, they even told me to not be afraid to ask since he knows i'm lean bulking

last time went on a regular day and spent 81€ for I and my gf, we only drank one bottle of water.

Eating is so important to feeling ok.

Sushi is the best when you know the ingredients
are well sourced.

For me the Sushi restaurant by the local Japanese grocery store is the most authentic I've had.

Parasites in raw fish have made you ADHD as your writing pattern shows. Get well.

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t. never had good sushi, the food with the literal most expensive top end in the entire world