What's the male equivalent of a basic bitch?

What's the male equivalent of a basic bitch?

Pic sort of related.

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I wouldn't use that term, few guys actually have the confidence to bleach their hair. Also kind of diggin the college sleezecore look he's got

>What's the male equivalent of a basic bitch?

This guy

Crazy how much the traps, delts and upper chest get affected by steroids in such a small time.

Question: If you do shit loads of OHP, Shrugs and lateral Raises everyday, could it be possible to mimic that roider look?

Let me try to classify them :

>No depth
>Live a life of hedonistic pleasures
>So what have you been reading brah? I haven't read a book in years
>Work a slave job like IT consultant or sales man
>Goes out fridays and saturdays with Sarah, Bill, and Jess.
>Watches the NFL

>Has no depth, spends his entire life without realising there's more to life than working out and slaving away at his job, never stopped to reflect at his life, doesn't even know what the word meditation means and if you asked him who socrates was he would say it's the italian man who owns that pizza restaurant down the street.

Is this accurate?

Probably dudes who wear snapback hats

there are a few
is one
id argue incels constitute the majority of the “basic dick” category
then there’s the soyboys and the MAGA hat-wearing civnat nei-boomer soyboys who think they arent exactly the same as non-MAGA-hat-wearing civnat neo-boomer soyboys

You realise the term "basic bitch" means someone with no real identity, just follows the crowd, 'lots of friends' because they all pretend to be like each other rather than be alone.

So for American guys it's cargo shorts and a graphic tee. Bascially 'dude perfect' type guys.

In the UK it's tiny legs, big biceps, skinny blue jeans, and a white top.

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>if you asked him who socrates was he would say it's the italian man who owns that pizza restaurant down the street.


he lifts so he is not basic at all
he roids so he is even less basic than people who lift

i would say that equivalent of basic bitch is a numale cuck

people who dress like this

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Like pic related?

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If you care about how other people dress, you’re the bitch boy, literal feminine mindset. You think alpha males give a flying fuck about what someone is wearing?


yes buddy, but usually if you look like that on the outside the inside is full of "trap music, casio is the best watch, xxtentation the best rapper omg, smoke weed forever"

the question was "who would be the male equivalent of a basic bitch", and dressing like a massive crowd of people makes you a basic bitch, no identity only copycats

aldo, thinking about "alpha males" its something only teenagers and people on their early 20's do, get your shit together buddy

We are trying to define a category in the male sex. Clothes are an easy identifaction for subcultures. This doesnt mean we care about what they wear. Are you retarded?

A fuckboy

I hate all males equally so i can't tell you.

That's like saying you don't give a fuck about fat people. It's impossible not to.

Just look at them, flashy colors, stupid ass shit accessories. They are like that because they WANT to be noticed. Having an opinion on them doesn't make you a faggot, it makes you a realistic dude for calling out their bullshit.

I don’t care about fat people, they make me look more aesthetic by default.

Not a chance


Yes, like every other thing about you, people, especially alpha males, people judge you for it.

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And also, is being a basic bro or bitch, genetic? Do you guys think it's related to IQ? Or personality traits? Or have you ever met a physicists that displayed both traits?

>What's the male equivalent of a basic bitch?

That sounds Chad

What's wrong with just using basic bitch again


lost lmfao

Basic bro detected.

Bugmen from all walks of life

No, that sounds like a Brad

Learn your lingo you idiot.

Plato was a chad, jesse, the army guy double digit nfl watching mouth breathing high school failling forgotten in history motherfucker isn't a chad.

The fact that you think the above is a chad says heaps about yourself.

> he thinks chad isn't a bugman
Chads are guys that are in their prime in highschool/college. Their life and sexual market value is a mess after that.

For teens/early 20s

>thinks stanced cars are cool
>drives a lowered VW or 10 year old used 3-series
>one day hopes to own an evo/wrx/miata/s2000
>wears flat caps
>has a wallet on a chain
>hangs out with other like minded people at a local coffee shop parking lot
>visible tattoos
>talks about mma, but must specify bjj is the best
>weighs less than 150lbs

Thought you were going to get me, but from that list literally only drive a lowered E36

Kind of this, but thinking that knowing who Socrates was = a sign of intelligence makes you basic. Sorry


>Work a slave job like IT consultant or sales man
If you're good at it, sales is probably the chaddest profession out there. You're seducing men and women into giving you their hard earned cash even though they know you're getting more out of it than them.

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t. Salesman


so alpha, lol you useless waste of space faggot

yeah you're right

I forgot this existed. it's a gem.

Right now there are two major kinds, Bro Basic and Soy Basic:

Bro Basic:

>Not a chad, clearly a second-tier jock
>Only talks about sports and "crazy" nights out
>Unironically uses "bro" like bitches use "like"
>Clearly has nothing much going on inside his head, constantly thinking of the next party, night out, or thing to regurgitate to the Chad in his crew
>Absolute follower

Soy Basic:

>Listens to NPR and secretly thinks it makes him superior to other people
>Is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or one of the three or has tried it
>Very knowledgeable about essential oils
>r/malefashionadvice informs his style
>Speaks with an upward inflection, begins sentences with "so"
>Absolute follower, sheep, etc. just on the other side of the coin


>Question: If you do shit loads of OHP, Shrugs and lateral Raises everyday, could it be possible to mimic that roider look?
No way in hell.

>That's like saying you don't give a fuck about fat people. It's impossible not to.
You must be American. Ironically, only the fattest country in the world has this fat hate.

Pretty much, yes.

Chest shrugs are pretty nice actually for filling in the upper chest without loading the arms.

Most basic/no personality shit I see every week around where I live:

>Guys over 20 in hoodies and/or caps
>People who in every conversation talks about their drunken weekend or plans for next drunken weekend
>Adults who barely passed highschool saying you dont need education for a good job
>"Haha yeah the mithocondria is the powerhouse of the cell, sure helped me in life lol"
>Tribal tattoos
>white chuck taylors
>People who tells you they listen to metal and thinks they are rebels for disliking pop
>People who are dead set on voting on party X and have not read their program or even know their basic standpoints

Fucking nailed it

I mean err
Dude, perfect description

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Every idiot knows who socrates is.
They also think he was some yolked warrior poet who fought off the negro barbarian horde rather then some short bald fat plagarizing boy thirsty faggot who lead his trashcan empire to navel gazing self destruction.

I like white chucks and hoodies what do

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Eek I say so sometimes

Salesmen (the higher tier ones) are often looksmaxxing gymbro chads.

t. IT consultant

This guy is the living embodiment of Chad from the Chad vs Virgin meme

It would be possible to get bigger shoulders and traps and upper chest if you trained them real hard regularly, but I don't think you would emulate the same look at the same bodyfat%.

Chads are at the top, if you are a fat broke dude with no friends in your 40's it doesn't matter if you were chad in highschool or college, because you are literally not a chad anymore.

I wasn't aware /fa/ had established this much of a beachhead

Hipster men in Canada

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>Unironically uses "bro" like bitches use "like"
>Clearly has nothing much going on inside his head, constantly thinking of the next party, night out, or thing to regurgitate to the Chad in his crew
this is me

That's exactly how chad works. It's not a type, it's a phase.

Is that Mori Kibbutz from GTA 4?

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like bitches use "like"

Lmao you autists are so out of touch with reality. All your descriptions are pathetic. Do you even meet any people or do you get these ideas from tv? Pathetic faggots.

>hurrrr durrrrr they're so shallow living such meager lives and I'm so deep lmao now let me enjoy the rest of my days lonely and bitter

Yeah this kind of stuff winds me up. Knowing the who's who of Greek homos or reading for the sake of reading doesn't make you clever or give you wisdom. I think it's just for show even if the person you're trying to impress is yourself.

a hypebeast

Any man with a DUI or any criminal charge basically. Especially if he brags about it like it’s no big deal. Or who brags about getting in fights or getting arrested.

>reading for the sake of reading
is a good way to broaden your knowledge and learn about subjects you probably have little interest in, knowing your greek poets isn't that common

I'm not sure what the average person is like, but being in the aus military for 4 years has taught me how little most people actually read post HS, I'm not uni educated but still make an effort to study shit and i guarantee 70 percent of my peers wouldn't know who Socrates is.

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Any guy who doesn't have any strong opinions on anything outside of the entertainment he consumes.

heavy rack pulls

What are we supposed to be?
I listen to planet money and radiolab a lot and say bro way too much, It's easy to make guy friends and be total bros but girls are sort off and on with me, sometimes they're totally into me and then some are completely disinterested in me.

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Is that satire?

>the guys in red shirt trying to hide how ridiculous they think it is

Do those 3 correctly and add heavy ass deadlifts then yes, depending on your genetics you can at least obtain them.

based guy in the back not even watching it

okay but casio is the best watch
everything else looks stupid

lmaoing at this post getting fucken ignored but also hootin at the accuracy to be frank

That's a mirror, lad.

thats a reflection u fucking spakka

wasnt this election night?

Tfw I wasn't even Brad at selling more like a Diego or Tyrone. Now I'm a virgin postman.

haha nice post ;)

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>reading for the sake of reading is a good way to broaden your knowledge about subjects you have little interest in
Inefficient. If you spend the time reading about subjects you care about, you'd learn orders of magnitude faster.
>knowing who socrates is makes me better than them
I'm better than you because i know that nitric oxide synthase, which is activated on binding to Ca2+-calmodulin complexes, produces gaseous NO (which is an important messenger molecule) from arginine and activates guanylyl cylase, which catalyzes the formation of cGMP and can also inhibit many cellular enzymes, particularly those containig iron-sulfur complexes such as mitochondrial NADH-ubiquitone oxidoreductase and NADH-succinate oxidoreductase which are crucial to the metabolism of a cell.
I'm better because this is something 99.99% of people don't know. Hahaha i win.
The 70% of your peers you think wouldn't know who Socrates is might know this little factoid (or any other), what makes you think your knowledge of Socrates makes you superior over their knowledge of [insert their subject of interest, be it celebrity lives or neuropharmacology].
Does Jow Forums have to flex about literally everything? It's pathetic. Cool that you read, be proud but for fuck sake don't ever tell this to anyone outside of Jow Forums.

>implying anyone is going to read all that bullshit

You can skip over those big words, if it makes your brain hurt.

lmao basic bro

Isn't it literally just a Chad?

You're supposed to be an individual. The key component of both forms is that they're kind of just unquestioningly following trends. NPR has good shit, but some people do tend to equate listening to it to making a major lifestyle change or something.


>Inefficient. If you spend the time reading about subjects you care about, you'd learn orders of magnitude faster.

Actually, wouldn't the best way to learn faster be to learn how to extract and synthesize important information quickly and efficiently from a given text?

>Can't. Un. See.

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its a chad tryhard