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hey Jow Forums

is there a consensus on what peak natty looks like?

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you pretty much nailed it

varies from person to person but pretty much that desu.

reeves was not natty mate


is this roid-tier?

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100% natty

Definitely rpoded

>not sure if troll

aren't the shoulders good indicators of non natty?

would this be more adequate of what natty is?

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something like eugen sandow.
more chest if you train it and v-taper if you're genetically predisposed for it, both unnecessary, imo.

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You can do a lot better than that natty, hell even latsbrah is more impressive

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I was trolling. I don't think he looks natty

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George North. He can carry this body on a rugby pitch for 80 minutes. Not one of you here could tackle him

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i have the greatest respect for rugby guys and their physique.
give me a bjj faggot or something, i'll take it as a challenge. but no rugby guy.

Are the contestants in Strength Wars pretty much all roided?

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Why wouldn't they be?

The faceless is, and anabolic horse. Most of the others are natty. That's why they lose, lol.

natty lose definition very fast, after just a day of no gym, no?

I look like a skinnyfat fuck after two days of no pump.


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obviously natty

definitely on something. Too big/vascular.


natty, lighting, pump

reminder that every pic of a bodybuilder natty or not is taken with a pump
i like it more when the arms are bigger in comparison with the core. if you need to have smaller lats so be it

Spoilers; as someone who played county level at a semi professional level- everyones on gear and the testing system for it is laughable

doesn't matter. rugby players are real fighters. at least in my experience. i'd take test too, if i was in their place.

half of you are saying natty, which is it


Natty. People who scream ”steroids” have a pathetic loser mentality and love to give up instead of pushing themselves.

so is this guy natty 2? similar physique?

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he not really that big, but has that fake roid muscle look

Jeff pls go

Is Poseidon natty

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>fake roid muscle look

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You're right.
That REAL roid fake muscle look.

Anyway, they are essentially right.
You can tell someone injects or worksout or got their gains from living their life with a short glance.

It's fair to assume natty "peak", aka most impressive physiques, will probably be found at bodybuilding competitions. Pic related is 5'9 165lbs on stage, 25 years lifting

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