So are cold showers just a meme/placebo or is it actually worth doing everyday?

So are cold showers just a meme/placebo or is it actually worth doing everyday?

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Go on google and see for yourself.

Placebos can work if you aren't aware they're placebos

they can work if you think they're placebos too. Studies have been done on this, can't be arsed to look em up.

try it and find out
do 30 seconds front
30 seconds back
turn off water and lather up
rinse and do at least 2 more min of cold water
if you have to go to warm in the midddle of you cold shower
my personal exp is that it helped me

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hot showers are one of the worst things you can do to your skin and hair

lukewarm or cold

Great for mental health. Basically forces you to clear any cloudy thoughts, any anxieties or depression cause your body is busy processing how much cold reflex input you're getting.
Great for your skin and just gives you more energy if you do it early in the day

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your skin must be horrendous
why do you do this

its is miserable and has no benefits.

t. took meme advice, showered in ice cold water after a workout, felt cold and miserable.
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Last time I took a cold shower my boner wouldn't go away so I started jerking off and it felt surprisingly better than normal.
Was this my body tricking me into jacking off so I could get warmer from the activity?

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Great for skin
Great for immunity
Great for energy.
Had my first dip in a frozen lake by breaking the ice layer on top. Was in for 90 seconds, it was amazing

it only works if you actually live in a place that has snow. aka has cold water.

if you're living in fucking southern california texas, arizona etc or its the water doesnt ever actually get cold.

Are you me?

Idk why people hate on this. I run in the morning when I wake up, come back to a cold shower rinse, then lift at night followed by a warm shower and hot bath. It's amazing and I have perfect skin.

i live near fresno california and am worried that the cold shower therapy will not work in summer

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The cold shower meme has some truth because cold water closes the pores.
If you shower with hot water isn't can slowly damage skin but it has to be hot.
Warm water will open your pores so dirt can get in
Cold water closes them.
The best thing to do is shower with warm water (not hot) to clean yourself then finish off with a burst of cold water to close up the pores.

orange county here and the water is really cold, year round

They improve cold tolerance, hence why Scots, Ruskies and Svens do it.

Test boost. Big, luscious orgasms.

Confirming that too-hot showers can certainly fuck up your skin.
I had "eczema" on my hands that wasn't going away with any kind of OTC cream, but decreasing my shower temperature fot rid of it in like two days.
Now I try to shower at the coldest temperature where I'm comfortable standing full-body in it, just above room temperature. It's actually more enjoyable and relaxing too.

>he doesn't know it's only cold because SHE isn't there with you
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totally not a meme:

just eat 3-4 onions a day. Sleep without a pillow and do nofap togther with a cold shower every day.
This will boost your test level and increas your eyesight

Making your balls too hot lowers testosterone from what I've heard. I'm not sure if it makes a difference in overall levels, but taking a cold shower and sleeping in your underwear or naked should help.

Warm water promotes blood flow, is amazing for your mental health and massivley aids in digestion

Cold Showers are a meme, theirs a reason they are used in torture camps

>live in a place that has snow
I'd probably get hypothermia if I took cold showers. I try to sleep warm but always wake up a popsicle. First thing I do every morning is take a scalding hot shower to warm up my brown fat and it keeps me warm for a couple hours. I'm going to be cold all day so a cold shower doesn't make a difference.

>Sleep without a pillow
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I read a study a few days ago showing that participants only lost about 17 calories on average per cold shower.

>Sleep without a pillow


everything on fit is a meme. you retards will believe anything

Lol you're not doing it to lose weight.

I feel a lot better and awake when I take personal shower's in my personal experience, I unfortunately also get feverish and cold because of it too, I guess my shower's are just too cold, my water heater is broke, not really doing it on purpose.

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My method is to simply be under the showerhead when I turn it on.
I experience about 10 seconds of exhilarating freezing cold and then it warms up to a comfortable lukewarm where I keep it.
Finish off with 20 seconds of hot for the First World Indulgence.

Try it and report back.

For me, I definitely feel more awake after a cold shower in the morning as compared to a warm shower. Not sure about the toughness stuff, but I don't flinch now and am not really bothered by cold weather. For willpower, I guess it can help but it's more about following a routine.

Finishing off with cold on any shower helps with feeling warmer afterwards, having a cold-only shower even more so.
Post-workout is apparently not ideal as there is a negative impact on muscle synthesis. However, contrast showers/baths can help with recovery.

can confirm. as long as you believe it'll help you the body can do wonders

Good for you, excellent if you have had a really strenuous workout. Lactic acid builds up in your veins, arteries etc. The next day you feel stiff as all shit. Get in a cold bath or shower, vasoconstriction kicks in. Once you get out and dry off, you'll heat up and vasodilation will widen your blood tracts and flush a lot of it out, leaving your muscles feeling a degree better. It's the icebath principle to a more reasonable strength.

Just do contrast showers.

I live in Northern Sweden and take ice cold showers each morning. You get really hot after you've taken them because you actually activate your brown fat

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Not him but it helps with posture. I sleep on the floor too. Don't see how it would help with test but it helps with my back.

Stop using soap and shampoo. Cold water each morning is enough. Soon you'll have all you natural oils back in you skin to a normal level.

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