Reminder to all you faggots planning on going to the Jow Forums meet up in Thailand next year that this is the shit the...

Reminder to all you faggots planning on going to the Jow Forums meet up in Thailand next year that this is the shit the bitches over there are carrying. Careful what you stick your dick in at the meet up.

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>fit full of white cuck incels
>only able to get laid by gook lady boys

It checks out

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30 year old kissless virgin here, how do you sex having normies deal with STD’s?

People use protection. Its either use protection or gamble.

But the condom doesn’t stop bodily fluids from exchanging on each other as you’re naked rubbing up against each other?

Don't have sex with random people

Joke's on you
I'm only going to Thailand to stick my dick in Jow Forumsizens nohomo

You hit and hope

They aren't that common and the uncurable ones are rare af

t. Smashed 10 girls bareback and never caught anything

the old switcharoo, rapin them while they're passed out

1. Use a condom when you aren't exclusive partners
2. If you are exclusive partners, get tested together, talk openly and be honest with each other
3. Never stick your tongue/lips/dick near anything that looks like it's having a herpes outbreak
4. Don't have sex with prostitutes

Condoms won't save you from crabs or herpes.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

Reminder the original OP of these threads lost his wife and wants to fill the void by going to Thailand.

Only fuck middle class and above white people.

>to fill the void

I am no longer at the "filling the void" phase. I wanna live my life and do exciting things.

Oh you're here. Bro I posted not to look down on you, just to inform others.
In fact it is good you want to do that, I just question the way.
Will fucking hookers in Thailand with random fitizens really enhance your life?

Wait what? Seriously? I am sorry for your loss man.

this isnt 1870 we have actual STDs to worry about now

>Careful what you stick your dick in at the meet up
dibs on Isley

No problem. I live in a city where prostitution is legal and the plane ticket is gonna cost me like $1000... I'm also spending a month total in Thailand so there is onviously more to it than just fucking hookers.

I hope you find true happiness. Godspeed.

Wear condoms and don't fuck low class/brown people

Where's the info on this meetup?

We're meeting in thailand on the week starting monday 14th 2019. We've done 2 invite threads so far which proved to be very popular. You can send an email fitmeet2019 at gmail or you can wait for the next invitation thread

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>average white tourist in Thailand

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Sticking to one partner.

This. You'll be surprised how easy it is to drug a dude, they're less wary than women.

When did Siam change their name? Seriously all I hear these days is Thailand, but when I was a kid it was Siam.

The signature of King Mongkut (r. 1851–1868) reads SPPM (Somdet Phra Poramenthra Maha) Mongkut King of the Siamese, giving the name "Siam" official status until 24 June 1939 when it was changed to Thailand. Thailand was renamed to Siam from 1946 to 1948, after which it again reverted to Thailand.

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Appreciate it man. How many people do you reckon'll show up?

I don't know if the guy was holding the Bible for ironic reasons but I just can't comprehend one being a Christian and fucking hookers. Even Jesus' rules on sexuality we're stricter than the Pharisees'. Is this the state of protestantism nowadays? Also nice toes btw. And sorry for your loss.

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Wtf, I swear it was always Siam until recently, like how Burma became Myanmar a few years ago

>work whole life
>pay the bills for family
>despite your hard work and years of your time you are still resented by your wife, she denies you sex, maybe even outright divorces you

That's the kind of guys who go here to buy hookers. I can't say I blame them. Why the fuck wouldn't you take your hard earned money and go spend it on somebody who'll give you something back for it. Why the fuck wouldn't you band tight little viet chicks if all it costs you is a night out on the town and some petty cash you had no use for back home anyhow, when at best he could get some fat old used up poon at home.

Hahahahahahahaha How Are Crabs Even Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Shave Your Pubes Like Nigga Take A Shower Haha

*thai chicks

I don't want to really elaborate since I could go for days, but let's just say I'm a very open-minded (no homo) spiritual person. I have nothing against pre-marital sex as long as it's done in a respectful way. We are here to experiment human life afterall, and sexuality is a part of it


I'm sure in some parts of the world they would have kept calling it siam colloquially, just as lots of people still refer to myanmar as burma

.......or you've merged into our timeline

>.......or you've merged into our timeline

Ah, dimension jumping and the Mandela Effect. Nice.

Stick with Asians and whites.

Good. Natural selection.

What about when the Bible says to avoid fornication?

You will go to hell if you have sex with the girlfriend you love but not if you get 69'd deepthroat by your wife everyday and cum in her ass? You will go to hell if you unwillingly have a dream in which you have sex with a stranger?
Don't forget all religious books were written by men and not by God

Promiscuity leads to single motherhood which destroys nations. Yes you can do whatever you want to your wife, she’s yours. Stupid atheist cuck.

I dont.
Im not a degenerated fucker, I only have sex with my partner.

I'm not an atheist though and I am not against respectful sexuality (which obviously includes taking care of a woman you knocked up and your child)

Then what's the point of you holding the Bible? You don't even take it seriously, how are we supposed to take your seriously carrying it around and swearing by it, when you yourself don't take it seriously? Is this the absolute state of "once saved always saved"?

>no philtrum
He's one of the tribe's.

Been having sex with the same woman for 9 years

i fucked a British chick in a hostel bathroom in phi phi raw dog. Multiple times.
got home all clear blood and piss test. BLESSED

Best answer in this thread

Again, I don't want to debate religion here sorry

roastie propaganda

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