Are twinks the new chads?

The slayer twink vs the virgin chad

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Yeah. Among 15 y/o girls.

How do 18-year-old girls feel about it?

both of these guys are hot in their own way

> t GQ editor

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> implying

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Great! That's my target audience anyway.

Can Jow Forums stop being homosexual

Are blonks the new frump slayers? Hard to say, but the poods seem to love them

Timothee has god tier jaw genetics

even with a unibrow he gets on the cover of GQ

how can chads even compete with the face?

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Bleach him blonde and he looks like DIO.

the cutecel has a significantly much better developed face and I would bet larger skull in total volume


Celebration of sexual androgyny is a sign of a dying civilisation.


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>left, sporadic brow
>right, bushy and full, borderline unibrow
when will Jow Forums take the eyebrow pill. it's the one thing that can take you to that next level.

timothee (what a faggy name) looks like shit. Notice his puny chin and gay face, unlike the lower third of the guy next to him

they're all faggots anyway, lol at celebrating fags like they're demigods. There's nothing to celebrate about their existence

Legit curious about this statement. I will preface this with 'I probably disagree' but I'm not set on fact I'd love an elaboration and/or some linx.


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that faggot hammer pays his way to movies and when he doesn't get acclaim he decides to fag it up in the hopes of getting some recognition, fucking pathetic

u mad?

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tldr starts with androgyny leads you to having boipussi/twink fetish which leads you to being a full blown faggot

In the early stage of a civilisation it has strongly defined concepts of male and female as well as many other aspects of society. Having men with manly traits is good to protect the tribe/society. Having women with feminine traits is good to reproduce the next generation.

As a society evolves and becomes more prosperous they became less concerned with traditional norms as they now have the material wealth/prosperity/development to insulate themselves from the laws of nature and the wolves at the door so to speak.

In its final dying phase sexual degeneracy meets it's peak, desire for breeding and reproduction of the next generation is reduced. Androgynous forms are celebrated as the fashion and object of beauty. We see this in the West and Japan both in their dying age. It is also worth noting that the sudden craze for transgenderism is also a symptom of this.

Go back to Ancient Greece, in its primordial era when the culture was burgeoning, in the age of the Trojan wars when the Greek culture was a fit and strong predatory people. Their statues of men were clear cut, men with masculine features, very strong and rigid and powerful. In their later era, you start to see male statues becoming soft and flabby and androgynous, pederasty and other sexual degeneracy was more prolific. They became insulated from the forces of nature by their own success and became weak.

>in fact I'd love an elaboration and/or some linx.

Read anything by Spengler. But many other philsophers on the left and right noticed this. Check out Camille Paglia for a contemporary left wing feminist who agrees with this.

prolly not desu

>that feel when no matter how fit you get in your late 20s and 30s, younger women will still prefer twinks over you.

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They just can't resist him.

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He looks so good doing that head down stare up thing. I look like a serial killer when I do it

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Take the twinkpill

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Looking intense and brooding without being creepy a finely-honed art.

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Lol this nigga got curved

I'm not the same guy, but I might hazard a guess that it signals a shift away from traditional masculine values, among which are aggressively defending yourself and your society, self-sufficiency, physical toil/hard work. This all might be a stretch. But look at rome and greece. This is only one of a multitude of factors, but they became pretty decadent after their empires were established (take a look at how they sexualized boys and depicted them in their artwork). And then they get taken apart by, in their own words, barbarians.


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who is this thot?

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How can chads even compete? The public is naturally attracted to the easy-going and relatable nature of the twink.

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literally who

>thinking that twink could ever accurately portray based Dio


What the fuck? This guy looks fucking hideous, at least post some cute twinks.

>on the cover of every magazine
>getting cast in every movie

yeah ok

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You're fucking retarded you tumblr faggot.
He was on the magazine to promote the films, which he plays an annoying kike faggot in every one of them
Dude legit looks like a caricature of jews

Why are you so mad bro?

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His face shape is literally a reverse triangle lmao

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Who is best twink?
My number 1 twink is Taeyong. The guy in the white leather jacket in this video.
He is also super cute here. I love him

Shut ur mouth dio is not a twink

this really is the gayest board on this site

Is this the chick from stranger things?

No, physical culture just attracts lots of thirsty homosexuals and closet cases of all kinds.

If you don't think Taeyong is best twink you are gay.

my exact same thought when I saw that pic. wtf lol

nigga lookin like da vinci sam timothe i see you

>i-im not gay!! I'm just attracted to them because they look like girls!

No it doesn't help to look like a twink if you're not a teenager. Women around my age (20s), albeit not all, consider me like a little boy and would prefer somebody more masculine looking.
I don't got on to /fa/ anymore, but don't fall for the /thinspo/ meme if that shit still goes on.

Jow Forums will never be able to shake off the gay, just like it will never shake off the Jow Forums.

>tfw unable to be twink ottermode

Why must I be cursed to this life of broad shoulders and a wide torso

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Make your shoulders even broader so the torso looks slimmer in comparison.
You won't be a twink narcissus but if you're tall and your face is pretty you can be dionises.

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need a scientific [source] on literally every sentence in your post

protip: 'philosophers' aren't scientific sources

My hair looks identical to this dude's. I have had multiple girls complement me on it

>tiny ass jaw
>wide forehead
>huge nose
This is what considered attractive by tumblr whales?


i showed you my dick answer me

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What the fuck are you even doing on Jow Forums? Go back to /tv/ or whatever tumblr blog you belong to samefag this kid