What in the world are girls eating these days?

What in the world are girls eating these days?

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Damn Viking shieldmaidens all over the place

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gee I dunno could it possibly be the shit she has in her hand?

also annovar

Do want, thank god I'm not a third world manlet

Mostly the latter

>TFW can't just take anavar and do meme routine
Life on easy brehs

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All that gear to look like DYLE men with big butts.
Not gonna lie I love the look of these women, but it's short lived. I've seen what happens after they push their gear for a bit...horrendous to say the least.

Also no homo

Something is making them grow

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very nice

Silicone ya tard


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They are eating male hormones.

They've probably eaten daddy's dick in their past as well, in order to end up like this , wanting to be a man with female face

steroids u idiots

Semen. There is so much test in semen. That's why men instantly become faggots for a few minutes after they cum.

viking women never fought in battle tho :thinking:

My niece is 9 years old and almost 5'8". I'm not really sure wtf is going on. Her dad is like 6'1" and her mom is 5'11", probably 350 pounds. Kid isn't very fat either, just gigantic.

Good luck with that

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What happens? I'm interested. I see this shredded roided girl at my gym sometimes.

They lose a lot of hair, their face just starts looking like that of an old man all around.
They will get noticeable facial hair, they will have unhealthy looking skin, they will look pointy all over the place, elbows, knees, shoulders, corners of the skull.
Their voice also turns into an absolute raspy mess.

Wow how does she not snap in half

>What in the world are girls eating these days?

she went from 8-9/10 to a well a inflated 8-9 /10 she has a cute face and i'm a sucker for a cute face, prefer smaller tiddies tho with a nice ass

Lots of resting those things on top of tables, desks, counters, etc

bad diets causing thyroid problems and early onset puberty maybe?
usually kids from fat families grow faster but don't necessarily end up being very tall they just get tall early

depends on the gear they take and if it is converts to oestrogen or not

I-I think it works on boys too...

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those some nice boi titties damn

No homo

>so much for nofap

what the fuck

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She's not fighting either so it fits.

big strong viking shieldmaidens are a myth, and that bitch is on either a fuckton of var or more potent androgens. I

I hope he's happy now

I didn't say that

i love a bowl of winstrol and anavar with milk for breakfast

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Vitamin S.

this is photoshopped, right?

Who, Dennis or Kim Kold, the actor?

damm can you squeeze them together? just for a laugh haha

god fucking damnnn

fucking Dennis
it's only Dennis

titty fucks for the bros
it's not gay cos it's just for a laugh

tfw women are pissing out estrogen into drinking water, and you cant get the estrogen out, without reverse osmosis filtering

fish are literally without reproductive organs because of this

nigger semen

>>hippy bullshit
go wave your fucking crystals over your nuts to increase your test you fucking hemp wearing faggot
love you

Are they a myth? Or did they just ascend to Valhalla?


*suuuck* take me mommy

they're feeding off all the test sapped from the soy boys

women are turning into the new men

men are turning into women

cats and dogs living together

mass hysteria

>nbc news

Muh dick

gib tall gf

Anavar. My wife loves it because it makes her delts pop.

>not pointing his camera straight down

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I like everything except those shitty 50's librarian glasses, why is that garbage in style right now? Or is it some fashion contrarian bullshit?

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>there are people on this board who still haven't seen gynobro

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not even gyno those are full on milkers

pics pls

Probably all that fits on her giant head

Is this why we should be doing nofap?

>oy vey goyim you should want more estrogen in your drinking water it's good for you
Fuck off

Her husbands like 5'8

This was a case of macromastia. She got them reduced however.

your tits are bigger than mine

Yeah, that’s the good stuff

Its called an steroid.

Ohhhhh so that's gyno.

Anavar mostly

>Throwing away God's gift.

But her side dick is like 6'+

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>mfw he could literally crawl inside of her for warmth during the winter on Toth

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Girls grow faster than boys.You might have noticed as a kid you were suddenly taller than all the girls that were taller than you when you got back to school from summer break. She'll probably max out at 5'9-5'10.

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Not enough bovine hormones.

I want to live in a world where C is the absolute minimum cup size. D if your band is over 32.

I agree. F-cups should feel bad for being so small and have an inferiority complex. If they have watermelons stuffed in their bras they’re allowed to feel average

It's just as true for all drugs.

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Rachel Aldana



Overflowing milkies

Nah, she had cysts in her breasts that caused them to balloon. She eventually had them reduced, at least that's what I've heard.

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That’s pretty much the luckiest disease ever

>it must be women pissing can't be humans fucking up the planet beyond repair
t. brainlet


Wish there was this kind of disease for my penor.

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/b/ ->

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Do they sell this stuff over the counter now?

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and THAT'S why you prioritize OHP over bench kids

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>what are girls eating



>What are girls eating
>Picture of a girl with water and whey

Figure it out for yourself cunt

My apartment kitchen in college literally looked exactly like this, same counters and cabinets, right down to the AC closet on the left

Is this shit made by template?

Oh no, this gains goblin lived in the ceiling stealing easily 100 lbs of muscle from you. You’ve gotta be more careful