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Haha good post my fellow redditor!

chicirno more like no chisir

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gb2reddit, faggy redditor

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Chicanon memorial thread?

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Iberian cirno

More likely than you think.

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moar of chicanon-cirno oc pls

That pic is beautiful

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filthy burger

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Boy, I sometimes miss Chic. I really do. Since unlike practically every other fag that tries to drag this board into anarchy, he at least had good intentions even if their foundations were bullshit. He loved Jow Forums, or at least, his idea of Jow Forums.

He's our patron board saint of 9gag.

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I don't. Before he morphed into a meme he was just a jerk and arguably his return is what ended the October golden age.

He just wanted to make Jow Forums Iberian and an*me free.

At the expense of anyone that liked anime. Which is still most of this site.

he just was against what anime stands for and the 20+ cirno threads daily is what made him speak out

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He didn't seem to care about the amount of Cirno threads, since around the time he started being vocal against them there were usually only three in the catalogue at one time. He just didn't like anime or anything anime-like because apparently he was NTRed by someone who liked anime or something. Can't remember the exact post.

chisir more like no fur

He also used to be more versatile, spamming anime memes when needed to annoy newfags. Nobody will probably believe that Chicanon once started a Cirno thread.

Technically, it was an ironic thread. Most people won't believe that there was a time he didn't talk in copy pastas.

He's off fighting an*mefags in a galaxy far, far away now.

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Is it true he came from 9gag?

/qa/ said as much and posted screenshots as proof, but I have lost them to time. I'd archive search but /qa/'s archives are a scary place.

If only he had accepted that C*rno was as Iberian
as he, things wouldn't have had to end this way.

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I'm sure Chic is in a better place now...

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Do you remember the same Chic that I do? Quite sure he was only doing it for the (you)s my man. If he really cared, he wouldn't have left. He was a better fit for Jow Forums anyway.

All this talk about Chic reminds me of how little I remember of him. Guess I never really payed attention to his spam.

For the last 6 months of his presence it was all virtually the same thing anyway.

Was he actually permabanned and that's what stopped him from posting in the end?

But Cinco De Mayo is ages away!

Nobody knows for sure. I assume he got banned, but maybe his superhuman tenancy finally broke and he just got bored.

I think he realized he wasn't going to beat the Slowjakfags'/Kagariposters' autism which failed to dislodge the current Jow Forums and cut his losses, returning to 9gag to chat with his fellow Iberians.

Die an*mefag

You're not him. That's not even how he would reply to this type of thread.

Sir No.

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She is a knights fan.

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I like Mexicans. They make stuff for cheap and aren't China.

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This post is cultural appropriation and deemed racist. You must remove it.

You won't like this.

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Or this.

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hes a nigger who gets butt hurt about Chinese cartoons...

Nigger? No. Mutt. Certainly.

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Why that image?

I didn't hide him or anything, his posts were just static to me and didn't register at all.





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Mexican rolling Cirno

Sounds like a useful ability.

I wonder where he went...


It's El Cirno!

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>forgets image

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