Would you buy it?

Would you buy it?

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cirno hoodie more like not goodie

I don't wear hoodies.

I don't think "Cirnowear" will take the public by storm any time soon.

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Perhaps something more subtle...

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Is there this with just the Cirno wing pattern in front?

i would use this to see who's ass i should kick

of course, but not for wearing it
oh, the things I'd do to it

>actually wasting money on merchandise

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Not really. I love cirno but I’ll just keep it in this board


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What? You'd put on a Cirno hoodie and beat up anyone that badmouthed it?

anyone who i saw wearing the hoodie i'd beat up

No. That's like a member of Jow Forums wearing Kekistani gear in real life. It's cringey.

have seen this

It was mainly leddit users.

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make your kids wear this

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Those people exist in Australia?
Also have to agree with . Once you start dressing in the colors IRL you start to get to Kekistan levels of cringe. The only time it would be appropriate is to dress up a bunch of Jow Forumserers as Cirnos/Dukes/Leafs/Australia Girls themselves in a Jow Forums meetup.

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>Jow Forums meetup.
Please never do this.

I am sure that is considered abuse in most places.

>I am sure that is considered abuse in most places.
I know I'd be reporting them to the police

It wouldn't be the same without moot anyway. Who wants Jow Forums people to get together somewhere just to meet a Japanese conman and ABIB?

Nah, looks kind of cheap. If I wanted to go for a "Cirno" look, I'd buy a blue coat with a white undershirt and a red tie.

Oi, I bet you'd use all 230 pounds to tackle them like a scooter!

I want to meet ABIB and tell him to become our manager.

>Blue suit

This doesn't look quite right.

It could be practically anything to be honest.

It could be a pool shirt.

>Implying he isn't already our only mod

That looks kind of gay to be honest. If you want to make something Cirno-related and cool, use her wing design or dress design. Literally having to write "Cirno" on your jacket is lame.

I used to have pictures of the coat-type Cirno's design is based off of. Let me see if I can't fetch them...

Dang. I'll see if it's on my other computer later, and if it isn't I'll just take a picture of the coat I have and show it.

Finally found it.

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Neat. Do you have any more information on it? Is it a clan-specific pattern?

Nah. It doesn't look particularly good.

The words really ruin it man

This looks like one of those mini-display versions.

Why the abrupt end where the two ends of the white should meet?

No. It doesn't have the white pattern at the base!

I think it is, but I've got a full-sized one from that time I was in japan.

Googling the image says it's a "shinsengumi happi". The Shinsengumi were the Japanese special police during the 19th century, formed of groups of masterless samurai banding together in order to police Kyoto.

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>The film shows the Shinsengumi's strict code and acceptance of homosexuality among the samurai members.

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Who would unironically wear this in public

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>The dress
Are you a grill?

There is literally nothing wrong with OP's hoodie and the T-Shirts.

Boi, if you need words to make a reference, it isn't a good reference. Same principal as flag designing.

Who cares its fucking clothes.
The reference doesn't ACTUALLY matter.

burn it

Sorry, but you've got bad tastes, period, and that's from someone that actually likes Cirno.

What could you possibly use this to cosplay as?

Also why the association with 9?

Implying you could defeat the strongest

A homosexual


Nah having seen the livestream I can believe the robots to have THAT kind of "fashion" sense.

A hobo that likes Cirno?

Or a hobo that IS Cirno.


it's not feminine enough
I want to be a little girl

At this point, the population of /pol9k/ has more in common with r/the_donald and r/kekistan than it does the rest of Jow Forums.


Interesting. Did ZUN actually say her dress is based off of that? Or is it just a coincidence they look so similar?



Would like to see Cirno wearing a 9 in her dress?

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It does accent it quite well I must say.

Cute drawing!

I think it should be centered closer to her chest if you get what I'm saying.

I guess, but I don't think anyone would get what it means.

How's this look like for an outfit plan?

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