Your Most Terrifying Nightmares

Lucas Jackson
Lucas Jackson

I wake up in a small city, like very small.
Only 5 or so buildings, all clustered together, not very big either, maybe about 2-4 stories each.
Its pitch black.
I cant see anything past a few yards in front of me.
Spotlight effect just like in pic.
Other people are wandering around the town.
Everyone looks mortified.
Get to the edge of the town
Endless flat grassy plane, just darkness forever.
Some people are just standing out in the field, completely motionless.
Recognize people from school
Catch up to one of my friends
Try to talk to him.
I will never forget the look he gave me, it was a look of pure terror and hopelessness.
"What are you doing here?"
"Where are we?"
"You're asleep, but you cant wake up... we are stuck here..."
"You cant leave. None of us can leave."
I realize that I'm dreaming and try to take control.
Nothing happens.
There are hundreds of people all just like me. Trapped.
"How long have you been here?"
He starts crying
"I dont know..."
After that conversation I was walking around with the worst feeling of dread. It was painful. Every second I was there I felt like I was dying more and more.
It went by so slow. I felt every second tick by. Imagine being awake during the night, just staring at a clock, trapped.
Then suddenly, I'm awake, in the most seamless transition between sleep and awake I've ever experienced.
Still feel dreadful and depressed.

Im like 99% sure I visited hell for a night. I cant begin to describe how terrible it felt to be there.

The scariest part, when I talked to mt friend the next day, he looked just like I did. Stressed and depressed. When i asked him whats up, he said he just had a really horrible dream.

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Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee

most terrifying nightmare? haha im living it right now

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Julian Taylor
Julian Taylor

That's horrifying. Did anything seem different about your friend the next time you saw him? maybe you did visit hell.

Justin Lee
Justin Lee

It's no bloody wonder that you felt powerless - in the dream, you don't even have a room to clean! There's no way for you to climb the dominance hierarchy, and here's the thing, have you ever seen a lobster?

Nathaniel Cook
Nathaniel Cook

He was shaken up. Didnt want to talk much.

It was horrifying. Woke up shaking.

Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera

My mom getting eaten by some lovecraftian monster
Also the dream where I learned to wake up instantly if I sense even the tinniest bit of fear. Shit still haunts me.

Connor Wood
Connor Wood

The dream focuses on the doll from Annabel
Bear in mind that it's considered to be an actual doll of obscene power, if you believe in such things
It's able to levitate
It starts invading my thoughts
Whenever it's close, I just hear a mess of noise
Like relentless shouting and whispering from a thousand voices, incomprehensible but for a spiteful, hostile tone with some despair mixed in
Whenever it's around I have to 'behave'
This means, in its presence I just 'know' what it wants me to do, and it I disobey then the painful noise becomes louder
Gradually, there are gaps in my memory as I cooperate
Then, it takes control of someone else - some Downs girl
It becomes apparent that they/ she mean to kill me
I remember the horrendous, horrifying expression on the girl's face - a Downy preparing to gleefully crush a mouse
The expression was reflected in the doll's, as though the two were overlaid

I wake up, groggy
The soulless eyes of the doll are before me
It is nose-to-nose with me, floating beside the bed
I scream, and it's gone

Just one of many hideous hypnogogic hallucinations. I've had sleep paralysis a few times too.

Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales

it's another your ugly mother painfully rapes and traumatizes you with a strap-on as a child dream
it's another cold sweat sleep paralysis with shadows dream
it's another completely normal day dream

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Easton Campbell
Easton Campbell

I was 15 or 16 when I had this
Late at night
I'm outside of my body and I can see my entire bedroom
I'm watching myself sleep
Random guy is standing in the corner
He slowly starts walking towards me
I try to wake myself up
Doesn't work
Guy pulls out handgun
I'm now screaming at myself trying to wake up
Still doesn't work
I get shot in the side of the head
Brains are fucking everywhere
Wake irl
wonder what the fuck I just saw

Asher Clark
Asher Clark

I had a dream where I was in this cabin in the woods, or more like a crack shack, where these witchy, haggy, crackhead hills-have-eyes people were all craned over this crib with a baby in it. There was blood everywhere and the bag lady was eating the baby, I'm pretty sure. Then for some reason the bag and I started making out and getting ready to have sex.

That's fucking disturbing and I love it.

Adrian Kelly
Adrian Kelly

Wew that's spooky

Hunter Young
Hunter Young

be sleeping in room
wake up in dream
black silhouettes standing around bed
pure terror.png
deafening screaming noise
silhouettes start running towards bed
wake up irl
think this was real
blood curdling scream.mp3
neighbors call cops

Michael Walker
Michael Walker

Be in dream
go outer space with aye lmaos in adventure
after we finished came back
evil aye lmaos destroy my house and kill parents
wake up in my bed
house was still burning and was destroyed
wake up again
see figure moving in window and then bursts through my window and burns my room
wake up for real this time

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William Howard
William Howard

Sleeping paralyzis.

Gabriel Morris
Gabriel Morris

This shit terrifies me so much, I am so afraid of it happening to me.

Andrew Perry
Andrew Perry

Scariest dream I've ever had was probably this one.

wake up in bed
at this point, assume I am awake in real life
sense of dread standing in my bedroom
crack open my door, yell for my parents?
hear the downstairs door creak open, no response from my parents
hear a bunch of terrifying hacking and metal clanging
close my door and cower in fear
eventually get up and peak out of my door, it's almost pitch black outside now
see something in my parents room
walk in and notice two people are in my parent's bed
go to wake them up and tell them we're being robbed
pull back the covers and see their mutilated dead bodies
run outside the house and into the backyard, but I can sense that somebody is outside following me
run back up to my bedroom and close the door and get in bed, scared as hell
actually wake up
spend 30 minutes in my room refusing to leave until my mom verbally confirms she is alive and I am not asleep

Jaxson Phillips
Jaxson Phillips

did you explore any of the buildings in the city?

what did they look like?

Jaxson Carter
Jaxson Carter

bump this is great

Grayson Sanders
Grayson Sanders

One time I had a dream where some half-Asian guy was planning on robbing me so I emptied his gun, and kept mine. When he clicked on me I walked him into the bathroom and made him put his head in the toilet. I shot two times off-center into the back of his head and he didn't die immediately. I ran out of the bathroom and held the door shut while he struggled to get out for a few seconds. When I heard him slump on the floor the dream was over.

I have alot like these

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Camden Long
Camden Long

I forgot to mention that i'm half Asian too

Carter Flores
Carter Flores

I've had the same recurring nightmare for the past 11 years, sometimes 2-3 times a day. It's not so much a nightmare but a recollection of me getting raped as a child, fun stuff. Here's how it always goes

it's just about night time
go to my cousin's house
her husband is there alone
gets raped (too lazy to greentext)
I wake up screaming "NO! NO!" every goddamn night

I probably have PTSD but it doesn't matter I'll kill myself soon enough so getting it recorded is too much of a hassle.

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Sebastian Scott
Sebastian Scott

I have/had a roommate who was a complete bitch and used every opportunity he could to bring up that he was sexually abused as a child. Even in totally non-related circumstances. It makes me feel like being sexually abused must not be shit. It's almost like a gambling token for people like you, you self absorbed shithead.

Jackson Rivera
Jackson Rivera

Woah user, this sound fucking bad.
Have you considered going to a therapist?
Maybe even try having a lucid dream and killing your rapist?

Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez

completely normal day dream

You went too far user. I hate those so damn much. Fuck I hope I don't have school or shopping in my sleep tonight, fuck. I've been neet for SEVEN YEARS and I STILL get these normalfaggot dreams. Damn it.

Lucas Flores
Lucas Flores

I'm posting in a relevant thread about it mongrol, no one knows IRL and I've never told a soul online that knows my identity. I'm not a roastie cunt trying to use it as a way to pity myself, kys fag.

I'm a NEET and I don't want to talk to my parents about it to get a therapist, so no. I had a dream journal for 3 months and never had a lucid dream, I'm convinced lucid dreaming is a scam.

Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson

too lazy to greentext the rape

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Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts

One time I Think I had sleep paralysis. I remember having a nightmare where I was in my bed and looking around my room and seeing demonic looking shadow creatures. The creatures made horrifying sounds that made me feel absolutely terrified. I then wake up from the nightmare feeling relieved that its over, but I cant fucking move. Heavy breathing and panic ensue. As I am having a panic attack this shadowy figure starts to creep into my room from my door. I remember it being a long slender figure. As it starts to creep its ugly face into my room I wake up in cold sweat and scream loudly. I couldnt believe I was still alive when it was all over. I remember I did little tests to make sure that I was not dreaming. This was by far the worse nightmare I've ever had, I hope to never experience something like this again.

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Easton Mitchell
Easton Mitchell

This is probably the scariest dream I ever remember having. It's not anything special like some of the ones in this thread unfortunately. Even though I would be fucking scared to death, one of the things on my bucket list is to have a terrifying dream like yours.
Be me
like 14 years old
In my basement
Basement is unfurnished and mostly a storage room
only one of the lights work
Very old and dirty, also a door that can go outside under my porch
In the dream though it's a bit more open of a space
still dirty and cluttered but the middle portion is fairly open and all of the stuff is stored by the wall
Again only the one light works so it's fairly dark
Don't know where my family is or why i'm down here
There's some sort of square, concrete block in the middle
Gives off an extremely eery vibe
Scared to move
See the block move by itself, sliding across the floor
Am pretty fucking scared now, wondering what's moving it
wake up
I know it's nothing special, but for some reason this fucking terrified me at the time, and I still can't explain it.

Easton Ramirez
Easton Ramirez

I wish I could contribute but my worst nightmare I can't remember. They'd put me in a sleepwalking trance too.

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John Torres
John Torres

heres a recurring one:
im back at a school but im the same age i am irl (19)
see kids playing in a ditch
go into ditch
they start throwing rocks at me and the ditch becomes infinitely deep
fall down the walls of the ditch
suddenly start floating
keep levitating until im maybe 100 feet in the air
float away from ditch, towards treeline
right before the treeline there's some weird silos
i get close to them and i suddenly start falling out of the air
try to move towards them in mid air but i can't maneuver
wake up before i fall
it's unsettling, haven't had it in a while though. ive also had some where i just watch my family get shot by civil war era soldiers.

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Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez

I wake up and look over in my bed
I'm Alone
It keep's happening and i just turned 30

Oh wait u said nightmares? nvm that's just my life..I guess clowns are scary in my nightmares

Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen

wake up for real this time
or so you think ;)
t. aylmao

William Brown
William Brown

be me
walking along streets at night
suddenly collapse
i'm stuck on my hands and knees and can't move
see a faceless man in a blue hoodie running towards me
as he gets closer I can hear distorted screaming
he's a meter away from me and the screaming is like a fucking train going past my head
wake up with a jump reaction and bang the fuck out of my wall

Spooky shit lads, mainly the part of being helpless.

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Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez

I have a few...

Alone in an empty white space that seems to stretch on forever
Can't move a muscle
Something behind me whispers "Come with me" in my ear
Wake up drenched in sweat with a pain in my ear

Alone in a dark hallway
Suddenly pushed forward at great speed
Reach the end of the hallway
There is a mirror there
Look into the mirror
It distorts my face and creates enough dread in me to wake me up

Wake up in the dream
There is a demon trying to possess me
Feel extreme fear, but know instinctively that I have to fight the demon
Fight it for some seconds, end up crushing it in my hands
Wake up feeling watched, pull the covers over my head

In my elementary school classroom
Everything feels hazy
All my old classmates are quiet
Ask the one next to me what is going on
Gestures at me to be quiet
Walk around the classroom for a while
Reach the board
Something compels me to write on it
Look behind me
Classmates are all staring intently at something to my left
Follow their gaze
Child me is there
Feel inexplicable fear as he starts to open his mouth to talk
Wake up to sleep paralysis
Child me is lying next to me, smiling
Close my eyes until he's gone

Eli Martin
Eli Martin

ive been dreaming this one dream like really long,and it always ends with me going onto the bed and its all black,and then it starts by me waking up

Juan Parker
Juan Parker

Sorry, went to sleep.
Yeah, I explored every inch of the place. I was there forever. Each building was like an apartment building, with every floor having a room and stairs. They werent too big, so one room made sense. If it were brighter it might have actually been a pretty cozy town, with all the rooms being furnished and clean, but even with all the lights on in the buildings, I couldnt see much further than 10 feet. It felt like something was always watching from just outside my field of view.
Inside the buildings the lights gave off an orange tint, the rooms were all living rooms with a couch and two chairs with a table in between them, no TV, no phones. Almost every room was identical with a few differences like rugs or paintings on the wall.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

I cop similar figures in my nightmares. I used to have a heap of dreams and they were always the same type of monster doing the same thing but not anymore. They're always intently looking for me in every dream.

be in my grandparents old house
two stories, old fashioned wood furniture, handrails, classical paintings etc etc
I wake up in my room to sounds of shuffling and soft footsteps downstairs
go to run to parents bedroom but it's past the stairway to downstairs where the noises are coming from
slowly crawl out of my room and start to make my way past the stairway
look downstairs to the loungeroom
three incredibly slim, pitch black faceless figures with elongated fingers are meticulously searching every inch of the house
slowly lifting up furniture, looking around corners, opening doors etc
they move in such a way that they look like they're not a solid object, flowing footsteps and arm movements like no part of the body is rigid
know that they're looking for me
frozen with fear watching these beings search every inch of downstairs for me
decide to make the move to crawl to my parents bedroom even though I'm terrified
avert my eyes from downstairs for a few seconds to start my crawl
look back
one of the beings is rushing up the stairway straight for me, massive strides and flowing arms
no sound of movement
wake up before it reaches me

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Zachary James
Zachary James

:Smoked too much weed before going to bed
I wake up staring at the roof
get outta bed
hmm that didn't felt right
bedroom door is half open
try to open it
go through the little gap 3x faster than normal
wut..? okay then
Lightbulbs off still dark outside i'm used to it
try going to go to the living room
what the fuck
kinda panicking but i know what mind projecting is
Let's try seeing my house from above
went too fast
wake up irl
kind of like sleep paralysis
fall sleep again
no dreams this time
wake up
everything in its right place this time
get outta bed
go to kitchen this time
still dark too scary
turn the light on
light flickers like it's about to blow
turns off
saw something in the corner of my eye
stare at kitchen's window
a dark figure definitely moved
i'm not a pussy so i stare at it
it grew and looks threatning
everything goes ape shit reality starts to shift sky starts to glow multiple colors and make noises
fear start to grow but i repress it and get angry at it instead
wake up mad and kind of scared