Actual discussion thread

Actual discussion thread
This should get something started

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I'm a commie hmu

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I've wanted to ask this
What ethical system do communists believe in?

so you're the average suburban upper middle class white boy

who would have guessed

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Are you half abbo?

>not at least 80% nationalist
nice proxy


Third generation white Australian

Damn fucking right I'll hit you up

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Test is lame. Most of the questions are vague. Found myself answering "neutral" on a lot of things that I have strong opinions about because they can be good or bad in different situations.

fuck that this is way more important
what is your opinion on this picture?

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this is so bad holy shit

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I think I broke it.

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yes... high essentialism... this is good...
wanna be friends?

Allo mein freund. Du sprichen Deutsche?

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I'm just out there hustlin'

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Out of my way, genius coming through

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pls don't bully, i am not a Jow Forumsack

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What test is that

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political sextant

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What the fuck is labor zionism

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One concerned dog

that's a filler they put in to make you look like a jew

A socialist movement that wanted to establish a jewish state in palestine. The became less and less relevant over time and eventually faded away.

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Recreational McNukes here we come

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Fuck off redditor.

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i feel like there is a pretty big contradiction

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The Schutzstaffel wants to have a word with you...

> this should get some discussion started
> makes a shitpost that has been made a million times before

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