How do you stop being lonely?

How do you stop being lonely?

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By being a based samurai

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find friends
failing that start talking to yourself

fake'em till you make'em lil nigga

Don't be a yes man but be agreeable
Don't be in your face but look them in the face
Have entry level hobbies that anyone can talk about and be able to segway into your niche hobbies with out being an aspy

just act like a normal person as hard as you can until you catch a few dummies wiling to hang out with you. It works just fine if you can fake confidence and happiness, people like confident happy people. Also don't let them know about your insecurities until you've known them for years or they will leave

making non close friends doesnt help the loneliness

make friends with yourself

Think about Hellshake Yano

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Doesn’t matter, I’ll always be alone

you don't.


What anime? Looks like something i might enjoy

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Start by not masterbating like an 11 year old boy who just found porn.

become a whore and fuck like mad

school days

You can't say things like that. Now Duterte is gonna come after you

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Is it? Doesnt look like it

but im not a girl


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This 2bh

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not possible

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu

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talk to people lol