Time to see who are the weakest links in Jow Forums

What is your

Number of gf’s you had and do you have a current one.

Did you have sex with them?

Last time you talked to a female that wasn’t your mother or a fast food employee.

>3 gfs and currently dating the third
>only fucked the second one
>yesterday at college

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20 and yes

Only a Jew can pull of such trickery.

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2 not officially broken up yet but it seems inevitable
first one only gave head twice, second one did everything
my little sisters friend has a crush on me, full on jailbait tho, talks to me every time I pick my sis up from school

How old is your sister?
Kys sheckleburg

i dont remember


>2 relationships lasting two and five years respectively
>No current gf
>Fucked 'em both, got the 5-yearer into anal
>Yesterday at work

0 no

>It would be weird if I did
>Probably a week


Never had a gf but have had sex on a mumber of occasions

3 hours ago

Stop lying
It will be ok friend
Jesus fuck dude you got yourself a loli....i can hear the sirens now

I'm not.

I mean I talk to middle aged women at work, and chicks at the grocery store, but other than that I haven't spoken to a "girl" in several months.

because that's ever going to happen

1 yes
Not yet
5 hours ago

Do you at least have a successful job and stay Jow Forums?

i like my job
no i am a big fatty

oops i mean 6 hours ago

>i am a big fatty

Im glad you like your job but how did you end up like this user. Want to greentext?
>laughing at other people being fat

>be me
>be fat

do you ever not get a gay ID?

I thought aussies breed em young cus you guys have such short life spans

Blow it out your ass

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i'll take that as a no

we live longer than you m8

user thats the saddest thing i have ever read.

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I just did retard

in another thread FaGG?

No, I dont get gay IDs pooftah

you have a pooftah pink one right now

Blow it out your ass faggot

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Bullshit more people die in Australia than Finland


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we have a longer life expectancy
longer than yours

>Your thread
This is my thread faggit. CONTINUE WITH THE Jow Forumser

But a Finnish user made it, my fellow American!

Thats what said

your thread was dead after the first three posts

And a cunt ruins another thread good job. Moot left us because of you people

m00t was a huge faggot, just like you

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>banter is why moot left

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Australia was a mistake

finland was a joke

Straya is a joke

0 and no
talked to my roommate yesterday

America gets all the laughs
at them

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Didn’t take long for the teenage bois to fuck this shit up.

another pink ID amerigay

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Blow it out your ass

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0 and no
8 months ago over text but I made her hate me lole

after your mum can do clean up

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Fuck off cobba, go find some critters.

sure thing Jethro then i'll fuck Elly May and have some possum pie
stupid hillbilly cunt

Strayans say "critters" you dumb cunt

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Absolute zero

1, no
few days ago if work counts, several months otherwise

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5 minutes ago