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ruby on rails

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haha, look at him go!

Bonzi buddy

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someone give me ideas for a website thatll make money or give me social validation pls

Indonesians are the muslim amphibians of humanity

a website that dispenses free $ from my cd drive

porn site

get off my board

node is the only good high level server backend you stink

pls no


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python and ruby dont have c like syntax so they are too ugly to ever use LOL!!!!!!

ruby is a patrician choice


Well watches for free but charge $1000 for shipping

thinking of learning ruby. I'm sick of php


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C# is not that bad. I prefer it to Java desu.

PHP is the official Jow Forums programming language.

that's because you're a cuck for MS

Ruby is absolute shit, it's like retarded python

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>implying there aren't C# compilers not made by MS
it's a standard.
>implying python isn't retarded anyway

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if something uses .net it's stuck to windows, and mono is a piece of shit so don't suggest that

you can use c# without .NET, just as you can use C without libc.

Eh, I'm not like some huge C# fan anyway. I just think it's nicer to use than java.