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Edibles edition

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internet died again

first for kpop is shit


Here's one on your behalf then.

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drinking is a form of eating

decent edition

sounds pretty unreasonable of it

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hey i was gonna post that

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But Gucci isn't in that pic :^)

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I was gonna post that one next so I guess we're even.

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that's a fake looking cake
we actually have a lot of recipes similar to potica, but kozunak is the traditional easter food, sadly. i'm also the only person i've met that doesn't like it, so we're a long way away from getting rid of it.

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i still feel kinda cheated but ok

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are these what is known as corndogs?

>fake looking cake
Yeah these presentation pastries tend to look better than they taste but it's pretty much just a regular cake.
I get the impression that cake in korea is usually better in appearance than taste for some reason.

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don't worry about it

good night

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Good night

night night, time for me to make dinner

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i don't really like cake in general, especially those confectioner's icings and fondant (and it looks there's a lot of that on that one) but they do make a chocolate hazelnut cake in this one chain in bulgaria that is fucking amazing. the most decadent thing you can eat, it's probably 1000 calories/piece

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not to post after saying good night, but hope you're not a lot of calories short

Good night, I hope you weren't actually eating right now because that's probably not the best thing to do before sleep.

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What are you making?
Chocolate cake is usually pretty good but we have one called "World's best" which is pretty great.
I googled it and it turns out it's also known as kvæfjordskake but I've never heard that name for it.
It looks like it would be really bland but damn...

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reminds me of those things we call napoleon cakes here. they're amazing, the cream filling is one of the best things ever.

apparently it's this thing, but ours look slightly different:

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We call that napoleon cake as well but it's quite different from kvæfjordskake in actual taste and consistency. I like those too though.
My dad loves napoleon cake. Here it looks like the one you linked to.

i should be right on the mark after this meal

instant noodles again with green onions, eggs, chicken and bacon

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Your diet is very consistent.
Delicious boredom.

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i didn't have instant noodles for a few months before this, this is my 2nd in maybe 6 months

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>all this tasty food being poste
alright fine, i'll go and buy some calamari from lidl and deep fry them tonight

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>chicken and bacon
Strange combination dbh.

Really? I guess I'm misremembering then. Thought you posted a picture of a bowl of ramen not too many days ago.
Post pics lol

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as if i could resist. pls anticipate it

i've never had it, i'm just adding bacon because i need the calories

i did t hat was the first time in months and this will be my second, except instead of being months apart they're just 2 da ys apart

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You should eat a proper meal then, not just a soup.


ehh? it's chicken and noodles and bacon

except i lost track of time playing maplestory and now my bacon is too burnt lol

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I will

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This. Avoid dietary cholesterol, trans fats and refined carbs.

But aren't you putting all of that in a soup?


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>Avoid dietary cholesterol

Norway made me hungry

People should ignore these memes about meaningless words like cholesterol and other such things that "experts" peddle and just use common sense.


Yet at the same time I see professionals very recently say it accounts for 15% of blood cholesterol levels. I understand it's a grey zone but why would I risk it?

what's wrong with that? putting something into soup doesn't take away it's nutrients

professionals are dumb

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Common sense is pretty uncommon these days dbh.
Why risk anything. Live off an IV instead.

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"Experts" say all kinds of stuff. One year, one thing gives you cancer and the next year, it's the best thing ever. Shouldn't believe anything those charlatans say dbh.

It's still just a soup.

Better buy some on a sale, then.

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sign me up
Gotta agree these guys flip on everything you'd think there would be consensus by now.

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don't experts also tell people that msg is bad for them?

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Don't even know what that is supposed to be so I don't worry about it.

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I'd rather buy some premium, grade-a uncommon sense.
Alright, I'm gonna need your credit card details and medical history.
Everything is tangentially related to increased health risks.
We just have to wait 70 years for AI to discover the perfect diet and then we'll live forever.

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but we'll all be dead by then

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Not if you prolong your lifespan with intermittent fasting.

Not eating makes you die faster.

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Death can't see you if you stand perfectly still.

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IV when

good choice

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That's what people get if they don't eat for long enough.

our hunter gatherer ancestors, like kpop idols, went long stretches without eating. it's what our systems are tuned for.

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You don't have to starve now since food is easier to come by.

that MV and teasers looked great
shame about the song tho

time for kemdi

you don't have to walk either since we now have cars and trains, but it may not be the best idea.
it wasn't bad as memory serves

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compared to cider it was shit
but the visual part of that comeback was amazing

That doesn't seem like the best comparison.

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stupid minigame

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ur just too dumb

tfw no bf to watch shows with

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cider is hard to top. seen this?

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poop game

Good pic

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they were out of calamari

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i also liked cider

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Sorry, I don't speak Russian.

I love Cider.

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What did you get instead?

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chickan thighs
gonna make some fried chikin
also a couple of refrigerated burgers in a plastic box. fucking love these trash gas station tier sandwiches, it's my weakness. never had these before tho

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what are those, microwaveable burgers?

ew wtf u buy these?

>refrigerated burgers in a plastic box
At least they're not in a can.

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i think they're like those sandwiches they sell in boxes. i think you can eat them cold or hot. wouldn't heat them up in a microwave though
first time for these burgers, but i have been known to buy sandwiches in a box
saw those in a video once. now that's fucking nasty

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Lidl burgers

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Good afternoon.

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yup, those are the ones i got. i sho' hope they good

Bad user your gonna get a pic related

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oh i missed the second part of your post i'm an idiot

i love shitty gas station food too it's so comfy


nah, it's all good, every time they give me a check up the doctor says i'm solid af. blood pressure, heart rate, everything.

i should change my name to Zdravko Zelezkov lol

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