Me on the left

me on the left

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me passing the blunt

me on the right

The one riding the fat guy has a benis, doesn’t it

almost positive

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yes I do

Do nips think learning English is easier than learning Japanese?
There's currently no /lang/ thread on Jow Forums so I'll ask here.

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It depends on your native language.

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My country has not been so much cucked as your country by Americans.
I d say it depeds on an environment you put in,
Of courser it should be difficult for full japanese like me, but not for hapas who raised by english mother in Japan.

What about English speaking fathers


Oh shit its the boG

>My country has not been so much cucked as your country by Americans

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Well at one point the Philippines were once a territory of the USA similar to what Puerto Rico is now. We did fully militarily occupy Japan after WW2 and helped modify their new constitution (including the pacifism clause) but we never claimed Japan under our wing like we did to the Philippines for several years during the Spanish-American War which ended your former Empire and it spilt over into the Philippine-American War.

Let me JOG your memory americanon, in 1945 you nuked niggasaki and hiroshit basically to ash and forced nip newspapers to circulate pic related. Japan is America’s little pussy fuck bitch and basically always will be.

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That's true, but Japan has a defense and cooperation treaty with the USA, we simply walked all over the Philippines even after the 1898 treaty of Paris. Japan was a major world power at the start of WW2 and had the 2nd largest Navy on Earth and 5th largest Army and Air Force and held territories all across the Pacific and Manchuria and China and even Burma and India for 40 years. Compared with the Philippines which was ruled by the Spanish for several centuries, it was much easier to take down the Philippines and even the weakened Spanish Empire for the US than it was for us to take down Imperial Japan during WW2. So unless Japan rescinds the treaty, they are obligated to be defended by us and be our closest ally in the Pacific and in return we (the USA) will go to war with any nation that threatens Japan, even if that nation is combined Russia and China.

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Yes Amurica occupied Nippon but they did not taught us English...

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BASED fin poster
keep up the good work

yall niggas stealin our women?

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Is it true that in Japan white guys are seen as black guys? For example, here it's a meme that white girls love black guys. Isn't it a meme there that Japanese girls love white guys?

>not cucked by americans

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