Happy easter, friends!

Happy easter, friends!

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Thanks for reminding me.


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Wow, I didn't know you celebrate easter in Japan! That's pretty cool. I hope you have fun, friend.

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W-wait it's Easter time is moving so fast.

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Yup! You don't celebrate it? I'm going to bring my aunt and little cousins overs for an egg hunt later today!

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happy easter to you as well, friend!

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Have fun as I think about life, time and stuff.

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happy easter to you too fren

Happy easter! Do you have any plans this year, friend?

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That sounds like a good time. I hope you have a lot of fun, friend.

Thank you, friend!

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For easter?
I'm going to bake some stuff and just have it nice while i give my teeth a few cavities.

Is this the Norway user who was taking a break from Jow Forums for health reasons a while back?
If so, glad to see you back! Happy easter!

Hey Knitting Dragon Norway
Easter is celebrated a bit later in my country but i hope you and your folks have a good time!

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Nice! Remember to brush brush your teeth, friend!

Yes, and I'm very glad to be back! Thank you for the kind words, friend. It's nice to see you, too.

Hello, friend! Thank you. When do you celebrate easter?

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It's Easter already? Man, time flies too fast!

Also Happy Easter!

Thank you! Do you have any plans this easter?

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Hope you have a good easter!

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Thank you, friend. I hope you also have a good easter. Spring is almost here!

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I will, don't worry.
What are your plans?

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Happy Easter, doragon Norway!

Happy easter to you aswell.
Can't wait for spring to role around.

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Enjoy your heretical holidays while you can.

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Happy easter aka discount chocolate day

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