How do we fix anime, r/banter?

How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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less sleep,and by less I mean none

girls with big butts farting loudly




More Asuka

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More OC

more like ass sucka llol


Make it furry

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Almost a satanic trips op.

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no fur


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Purge everyone, below 100 IQ

more emotional coming of age stories

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More teenage pregnancies

Still one of the more fucked up scenes I've seen in a TV anime desu
>12 year old girl
>protagonist tells her everything's going to be fine and her capture is just a mistake
>gets raped not even 3 minutes later
>halfway through the show she's seen trying to abort the baby by beating herself with a rock

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More Yuzuki.

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whats the name of the anime?

and we wait

When I asked for teen pregs, i didnt ask for rape. I was thinking of "Secret life of an american teenager"

More Seinen Anime.

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Now and Then, Here and There.
Hope you like having your soul crushed.

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"climate change" is a scam to tax people's Carbon dioxide emissions.

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How do we get a slavic/asian mixed gf r/banter?


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global warming is a scam
climate change is real tbdesu

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spain is a psyop

moot is that u

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prove it

who was i quoting

its a mystery

we fix it with more god-tier soundtracks

Kill more goblins

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>tfw sunrise confirmed they'll animate a new GaoGaiGar if the webnovel sequel sells enough
Is this it? Is this how we fix anime?

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If they mess it up will anime be ruined?

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i hope the GGG finally gets the happy ending they deserved but didn't get

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Nice singles

don't rub it in


more stuff like steins;gate

>anime rick & morty

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lain is anime r&m desu

steins gate is unironically and post-sincerely and neo-seriously anime rick & morty

prove it?
I kinda liked it; even though the story was lain-tier retarded, i liked the characters and it was pretty entertaining overall

more manime

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Holy shit I wanna kms now

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haha GAY!!!!


it's not gay if he's actually a 15 year old girl

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yea it's not loli if she's a 10000000 year old vampire
u ghey

how can one man be so right about animes



nite lads

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we are not your lads

good night

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good night