That Magic of Russia

Post vids of the magic of russia. Show the wonders of this peculiar land where east meets west.

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Bro, I hate the Russians, but these kids are obviously developmental delayed or something. Nothing based about mocking them. You’re attacking the weakest, which just makes you sad and pathetic.

sminem is pure. fuck off

It's poll, you fucking leaftard. He's not insulting them at their birthday parties or something. You know when people post Amerimutt goblins and pictures of fatties in powerchairs--it's just to be antagonistic. You are autistic.

Who said im attacking them faggot? He looks like an elf. Stop getting your panties up in a bunch everybody knows sninem gets more pussy that your faggot bitch ass.


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those ears are unreal man
imagine when hes older and has grownup ears
fuckers will be HUGE

el duende siberiano

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>women in swat

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what the actual living fuck?

>east meets west
Only geographically. Neither chinks or westerners would cellotape an electrical relay in a tard-ward.
Epoxy coating the walls up to the 'hand hold area' of most of the tards is pretty sensible though. Tards lack of personal hygiene makes them walking petri dishes, and epoxy withstand frequent use of strong detergents

Please tell me this is fake. Britbong level policia

how about bunch of dicks by the scruff of your neck ?

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Where is the source if this guy getting popular on Jow Forums? He's always posted on Jow Forums

Show me gopnik videos

>Exactly same face

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>that enraged slav being held back by his friend

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What have you done? I can't stop laughing.

>meets west

Too casual to be gopniks.

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>not posting russian future beats

hive mind


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What the fuck?

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rare sminem

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name a single latshit world known composer, we,germaniggers and poolaks brought civilization to you
Shaman magic.

i was just saying "no" repeatedly as i watched her pull the bullets held in a fucking plastic bag out of her tactical skirt and load them into the mag, is this swat cosplay or something, what did i fucking watch

it's not a hive mind, it's the Sminem Synchronicity taking place.

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let sminem alone

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except high T makes you bald, not the opposite

this should be a russian tourism video

>Making 2 different characters in Oblivion.

How can you infer his IQ from his physical appearance? Are you 13?

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I understand Russia, it's the poorest and most depressing part of Europe I've been to only 10000000x worse. Too bad the Deep State is trying to demonize it to distract the public from its own sins.

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Who the fuck is this kid?


I'm moving there in six months, I'm currently learning the language and want to get out of this mutt hellhole.

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Where in the US are you now?

Is this satire?

Last one for you, just google ylyl slav you lazy faggots

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someone find me this same shirt for sale, i want to go to comic con as sminem

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Because you can, you retard.

You can't, you low iq teeny


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at least he looks happy

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Based White Nationalist superstate

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Motherfucker on the left looks like he should be in Lord Of The Rings.

fucking lel

here is classic

He seems so peaceful and happy

fuking kek shaman king


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arise chicken arise

Certain physical traits strongly correlate with iq

Some russian magic. Magical part of the world.

>rumored to be reincarnation of Thoth/Hermes
>has never felt sadness in his life
>single handedly hacked the US election
>fights the jews and the NWO single handedly
>the jewish collective unconsciouss fears the Thrice Great Sminem
>rules the world with a subtle touch
>the last descendant of a royal Rusaryan bloodline
>exposed worldwide pedophilia networks
>crypto billionaire from age of 12
>master of the physical and astral plane
>has the ability to instantly manifest objects
>vibrations from his voice can cure cancer
>holds the key of wisdom
>wasn't born and cannot die
>a circle has no end nor beginning
>Bogdanoffs rumored to have a shrine to Sminem
>Bogs bow down to his superior pure genetics.
>rumored to be descended starseed DNA of Plejaren/Lyrian/pure Rusaryan origin

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>sminem and dr. duh-re

is your country ready to host the world cup Russians?

man I really hope the britpakis and their axis of nigger try to boycott it or something


true /slav/core

>Bro, I hate the Russians
>t. khokhol khokholenko

>bro I hate the russians, but don't bully the cripples
>t. crippled cuckhole sminenem

>bro I hate the russians, but don't bully the cripples
>t. crippled cuckhole sminem

it's just diplomatic bullshit the players Wil be there

These guys have some good songs and funny music videos. Grebz and ahtoxa is good aswell

Sminem, our russian overlord

slavoid need to be ethnically cleansed this is now a slavscum hate thread.

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imagine being a non-white piece of shit trying to start something against slavs
take that flag off

>j-just you wait in there
>a-any min now

shopped too much, doesn't even look like smineme

t. mutt

lost when the cat got the electric shock therapy