Which one is /ourFaction/?

Which one is /ourFaction/?

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Reminder that the Stormcloaks are financed by the Aldmeri Dominion.

Helgen was an Elven psyop.

Considering the Ebonheart is literally an alliance of etho-provinces, albeit of different species) formed to fight off jew elves it has to be them.

Did you even read the fucking note? They were using both sides just to prolong the war and weaken The Empire


Bring back the Empire of Cyrodill

TES 6 when?

>ESO factions
Any self-respecting Jow Forumsack knows that the Nords are the only /ourguy/ faction. The Imperials are ,much too multiculti globalist for my liking.

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>naming areas after the games

Jesus christ, GRRM really has no fucking imaginativity does he?

>Dunmer allies with Argoniggers
>Dunmer allies with Nord dum dums

This is why I didn't took up ESO yet. But i should so I experience roaming through Morrowind again.

That game was a fucking religious experience for me.

Just replay Morrowind with that mod pack that updates the graphics.

My only gripe is is that theres no mod that expands the alchemy and enchanting windows.

Ebonheart pact. An alliance of ethnostates as another user already pointed out. The daggerfall covenant is made to serve the interest of (((merchants))) and trade, the aldmeri dominion could be based but has a queen who's opening the borders of their pure homeland.

Morrowind is our africa. Small villages and house made with shit.

>Stormcloak Skyrim
>Love their country
>Dislike of foreigners
>Dislike of of the empire
>Love of their culture
>Love of their people

The nords are for sure /ourguy/s.

>No Akavir option
Then it's all Dwemer to me, ya scrib

Ebonheart Pact actually makes sense when you delve into it. At a surface level it's the least likely Alliance, sure, but they do go into that in the game, the tension there, etc.

It all comes down to the fact that they all want to be left alone. The other Alliances are seeking to rule Tamriel and create "new" empires. The Aldmeri want their Queen on the throne, the Daggerfall want the Breton king and his nigga wife on the throne.

But the Ebonheart Pact, in the lore, are decentralized. Each nation in the Pact is an equal partner, and they agree not to interfere with each other's internal politics. They want to take the throne, and force their Pact system on all of Tamriel. It's basically going to be a confederacy of nations who come together for mutual defense against the Akaviri (as the Pact was originally formed to defeat the Akaviri Invasions.)

Western Skyrim breaks off from the Pact, as does House Telvanni. The Argonians are all-in, because the Hist told them too.

TLDR: I get why TES fans are iffy about the Ebonheart Pact - on the surface it doesn't make sense. But the game really does go into detail about how and why it works, and there are many quests that involve you keeping this tenuous alliance together.

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Bethesda did not release a single bit of news about it so far, nothing even about some unnamed projects they may work on currently.

And majority of people guess it will take place in Elsweyr.

>Backwards dirt farmers matter
Dragons attacked your town six times this week, and vampires showed up on the seventh, but fuck those College Mages amirite?

The oldest known building of Tamriel is in high rock.

Bretons are jack all trades most versatile

Thanks for the info.

Dark Elves are not a generally low IQ people with higher amounts of aggression though.

The sun never sets on the empire fahgots.

The big red one.
Jow Forums is pro russian/soviet

Unlike Germans who are only good for destroying Europe

That's right, my man.

Not canon. Sage.

compare seyda neen to urshilaku camp. Dark elves are niggers.

Obviously The Empire. They are basically the Roman Empire. Same goes for FO: NV's Cesar's Legion.

>Dragons attacked your town six times this week, and vampires showed up on the seventh,

And this nightmare of a guy killed them all easily.
he kept end of evangelioning them.

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divide and conquer
>get ultimately cucked by elves aka literal ingame asians

dark elves are our /ashniggers/

Is you don't say the Empire you're a fag. Effectively the Roman empire, yeah it was cucked by the high elves, but no secessionist movement from nord cucks is gonna help bring Talos back to the forefront of the pantheon. Skyrim belongs to the empire.

Independent Skyrim

Yeah, so fuck the Roman Empire. The argument for Ebonheart is a free conderation of ethnostates, as opposed to open borders and no freedom

aldmeri shill btfo

/pol is definitely the DC while the rest of the world burns we're off discovering magic and experimenting on normies.

The music was gorgeous in that game. I used to just stand in the mountains and let the choral anthems wash over me

ESO isn't that bad the faction war, morrowind expansion, and main quest are all elder scrolls quality content.

Exactly, the empire was doomed to fail since there’s no Septim hier to the thrown. Skyrim would be better off on its own until a new 4th Empire can be formed. Hopefully it’s headed by a Nord and they’re fuck all those Elven assholes

>Ralof speaks with no accent
>Gerdur, his sister who lives in the same village, speaks with heavy ass accent
I'm not sure if this means Skyrim is a land of mutts or what.

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This is partly true. However, the same note also said that Ulfric was openly hostile to further Aldmeri contact. Clearly he couldn’t be fully controlled.

Could take place in Elsweyr. Could also take place.. Elsweyr.

Posting ESO Shit. KYS

Black Marsh is and always will be /ourfaction/ because the Hist said so

Never played ESO, is it worth getting in to? Don't really have the time these days, with University and all, but if it's worth i'll try sneak it in.

>Being enslaved poison-junkies
What’s your name Argonian? Sucks-own-Tail?

Bethesda are hacks, nothing new.

No way Daggerfall covenant. Goblino's and Niggers.


>A islamic-esque territory full of pussies

Alrest, as it has anime girls with massive beewbs, Welsh cat girls and Crazy religious blokes who want to destroy the world.

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It's one of the greatest games of all time, you should certainly take the time to play it.

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Bretons were form in the merithic and 1st era, toooo long ago to be goblinos it’s more like how all Europeans have a little Neandertal in them

or Black Marsh, or even Akavir.

Skyrim is for the nords

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Black Marsh would break the lore because no other race can survive there, and they'd never do Akavir.
Honestly my preference would be them doing Summerset, Valenwood, and Elsweyr (a size slightly larger than Skyrim), and either bringing down the Thalmor or making them stronger, call the game Dominion or something.

>fat orcs
>Malacath's fw

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>tfw high elf
>closest to divinity
>spiritually gifted
>wants to collapse the mortal world

are the trees jews and black marsh america?

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and who do you think summoned the dragons and vampires faggot?


>hammerfell as an option
Pretty sure no one on /pol is going there. Skyrim. Nords, blonde hair blue eyes, 6'5"+ master race. Also they hate nigger elfs.

Omnipotent. Omniscient. Sovereign. Immutable. How sweet it is to be a Todd!

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teso is shit and not canonical

That's the early frontiersman of the internet.
Jow Forums is literally Skyrim.

Sounds about pol

How do you get into daggerfall? Everyone on here says it's the patrician TES game but I've only been as far back as Morrowind and daggerfall is so different

Empire is colonial Britain. Or Roman empire in its prime.

>stormcloaks are seen as beneficial to the thalmor because they weaken the empire
>empire enforces the white gold concordat, bans Talos, and Thalmor operate freely

argonians are the master race

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Look up some Daggerfall vids by Zaric Zhakaron. He goes through and explains in depth the gameplay basics and some of the more useful things about character creation, spell buying, banking, and various must-haves for dungeon crawling.

I like your maids, they're very friendly :^)

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But on the condition that you murder the elf loving pretender on the throne.
A throne that could be claimed by blood right by the Dragonborn.
I always just assumed the Dragonborn in Skyrim was a descendant of Martin Septim.
That kinky degenerate had some wild times worshipping daedra, so it works for whatever race the DB happens to be.
Everyone hates the Dominion, not hard to reunite the provinces by wiping your arse with the white gold concordat and flying Odahviing into every capital to tell them about how they can get on board with the Talos Jihad or get incinerated.
Then pull some inspiration from ASoIaF and go full Targaryen.
Unite Tamriel, burn some gold hide maggots, come home to the white gold tower and fill it with heirs.
Anyone rebels, fuck you, dragons.
Anyone refuses to pay homage, fuck you, dragons.
Anyone objects to you fucking your prettiest daughters, fuck you, dragons.
Why waste your blood right to rule supporting some shortsighted, insurrectionist, would-be king of one province?
Support the Empire, kill the boss man and begin the process of ruling all nirn today.

I love that absolute autist

no eso is milking the Elder Scrolls license for money. It's not trash but not on the level of the single player games.
And among the single player games the hierarchy is Morrowind Oblivion Skyrim.

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Daggerfall covenant of course. British Empire, with their slaves, what’s not to love.


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