Why does gook blood in any race at all make the kid crazy?pic very related

Why does gook blood in any race at all make the kid crazy?pic very related

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Asian DNA cancels out the retardation

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what?thats the opposite of what i just said

Nigger retardation is the only thing stopping them from being mentally unhinged

pic extremely related

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xxxtentacion is a fucking mess, I read that he completely kicked the shit out a girl and kept her domestic prisoner for like a week. I think the hapa theory has some credit as well as the general instability of mongrels but this guy is in a class of his own for retardation

Wtf he is shorter than i thought, is he like lil uzi height?

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the hapa thing is 100% real. ive never met one that didn't give off a serial killer vibe and have a 1000 yard stare at all times

X is unironically a genius.

X himself once gave his genetic makeup. he's a 56%er alright, but he's not east asian. if i remember right, he said he was
>indian (didn't say native or subcontinent)

Hapas are fucking crazy because they have gook blood in them that sucks white dick so much so they're in a constant state of confusion.

Isn't he the subhuman that hung a white kid on his music video? You're a brainlet

Interracial children = culture loss and rejection from people associated from both parents culture.

I'm a hapa myself and it sucked not being to be able to identify with whites or Asians, rejection on both sides lead to depression, anxiety, and no comfort from either parent leads to loneliness and inability to relate to your own peers.

It's not genetic, it's just these factors that lead to unhealthy thoughts. Crippling loneliness and loss of identity.

in other words, American

Half Jap? I mean, some parts of Asia have a good strong history of conquering, Mongols almost conqured a good part of Europe. Japanese have a really interesting history too, why part do you have a hard time with?

You can try to feel proud of your halves as much as you want but you will always be half
You are never apart of the culture even if you're half

Jesus Christ.

He’s not part Asian. He’s Egyptian ,Indian, German, and Italian according to wiki

That's sad.

Don't hapa girls do ok? Isn't usually the hapa guys that have a hard time? I think hapa guys might do ok in a all Asian society but only if they are social and not an outcast.

Holy shit these rappers are fucking tiny now a days. Accept action Bronson of course. But holy shit there either really fuckin skinny or just short.

lil uzi might be an inch taller
yeah its weird how short all the rappers are nowadays. They aren't even average, like really fucking short. Anyway raps dead, black retards and whites killed it

None of that matters. He's on the okay side of the nigga divide. He can say it because he's not white.

If they're good looking.

It's true. They're always wacky as fuck

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