I wish that were me

I wish that were me

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3D cirno looks strange.

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eyes too far apart, and those arent even cirnos eyes


Hmm, I find it more adorable the longer I look at it.

Look at the neck. What do you see.

It's a cute photo though. I would melt if anyone wore that for me.

wish you were cirno? more like i wish that wasn't so

how the fuck does an adam apple stick out that much? I cant even see mine. am I a girl?

She is turning her head, so the bone is more sticking out.

It's like latex suit thing that has padding in it to make you look like a girl. I've seen fat beta males look like the OPs pic with em on.

You believe what you want dr medic.

I'm worried and here can I get it?

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I don't know.

You know what, I'm going to smash her.

>t. underage

You are underage, you are going to finish your homework and eat your veggies

I don't have to.

That sdams apple, HAWT!

holy crackers!

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>t. Underage

I would fug her