When you're successfully converting your best friend into a furry

>when you're successfully converting your best friend into a furry

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You should be eating dogs, not trying to fuck them

You should be eating potatoes, not starving to death.

The famine was necessary so we could dump our worst genetics in the new world

>so we could dump our worst genetics
but you're still alive

Stop posting furfag crap


The only dump is your nasty little island you little green fuck.

Scalie is much better then fur crap anyways

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good point

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>best friend
unironically go back there norman

Are you the faggot that said “fuck it lol” in that trap thread? I hope isis beheads your fingers so you can’t post your faggot shit anymore.

No I'm not.
Also you shouldn't call someone a faggot while admitting you were in a trap thread.

that was me lol

I went there to call out faggots like you ruining my country with your loose butthole morals and faggynes. You fucking shitbirds need to stop being so mentally retarded before you walk into traffic and get hit by a gay party van like the ironic hipster you are.

Canada is gay you fucking idiot

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>When you secretly can't get the gay off your mind

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No YOU are gay, there is a big difference between your average Canuck like me and retards with metrosexual opinions like you. Your opinion is so shit it makes me physically ill to read your bullshit post, each of your words carries a weight of homosexuality and smells like the glory hole that gets your knees all dusty.

Insult me more, daddy~

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You are really creative when it comes to talking about gay things desu senpai

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Looks like this imbecile took a break from polishing belt buckles to say hi, it’s too bad you’re too panhandle handicapped to type out a real post. What’s that smell? Smells like you shit your bedpan again I’ll go get the retarded people nurse to come take a look at you.

Who hurt you?

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Someone didn't have their morning Timmies and Cummies

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I didn’t have my timmies this morning because the server was a gay little brown boy, just like you. I’d be surprised if he got the job for any other reason than time spent fondling the boss mans ball sack and I knew I couldn’t drink anything from his incompetent little hands. Gays like you shouldn’t be allowed in the workforce because no one wants another hep C outbreak from your disgusting dick holding habits.

>dick holding habits
No you suck not hold, ya virgin.

Man you come up with more gay shit then all the gayposters on Jow Forums.

>He thinks about the cute brown boy at timmies fondling men's ballsacks with his little hands

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Canadians are a real mess

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I come up with accurate descriptions of homo erotic coconut heads like you shitmouth. The amount of times I’ve seen fags from Florida drive through my province in an rv is too many times, keep your faggots contained america before I throw you back over the border like a real Canadian man should not like those other sissies who pretend to be Canadian men.

man you got a lot of sexual frustration in you don't you

How many did you suck when they passed on through?

YES throw me around like a real man Angry-san!

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Disappointed, but not surprised.

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The real mess is your shitty ethnostate, a country who’s entire military can’t handle a place holder Canadian peace keeping troup is embarrassing. We took causuties in France and Germany, but your pocket of lettuce and shit? Not a single casualty. You should’ve executed by the sultan back in 1600 you shit squatting slav, your culture is a joke your country is a joke and most of all you are a joke.

Furries are gay and I hate them for shitting up my favorite places on the internet.

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Is that you Unmoxial? I’m glad that someone else is against the rampant faggotry going on.

is that your bf?

dumb furfag

He’s a fellow slayer of cumguzzling whore engines like yourself, it’s a level of brotherhood that a gay couldn’t understand because it doesn’t involve attention whoring or bending over for a rectal raping you squinty ass licker.

Still not as much of a joke as the chinese colony north of the USA

oh he's your roleplay buddy
that's so cute~!

how tf do you know its me- wait i am probably the only fucking hungarian poster on this board

That’s a funny joke you Bosnian fuck, I hope there’s internet in the shitmines of the gulag so you can keep telling me funny jokes you mushroom head window licking assrag.

Idk it was a good guess

Thank you for this weapons-grade shitpost
I will make good use of it