What does Jow Forums drive?

what does Jow Forums drive?

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a 2014 sentra. im broke

its ok

KIA Forte5

08 f250 4door
90 mustang 5.0
02 ford ranger
94 Bronco
Thinking about a new mustang or focus st or f150.

I can't afford a car

2013 Renault Twingo 1.2

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2015 BMW 535d. I like it.

A bike. Why do you ask?

>what does Jow Forums drive?
Sassy cat roadkill squasher.

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A car.

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sup, tato.

work on your picture taking skills user

Nothing. Still don't have a drivers license. Keep postponing it, but now I'm 28 and I feel like it's about time I get in on that shit.

I drive a Chevrolet movie theater

I ride a very fat man everywhere I go.
Bet you can't afford that.

One of these but the drive is bust, so I'm on a bicycle (again)
>is broke
>still drives

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Finally got it back from the dealer yesterday after sitting there for over a month for the HG recall.

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>don't have a drivers license
Neither do I, it is not a problem here as long as you don't attract too much attention.

Bmw e36 m3 coupe

an oldish VW Polo still runs great never had any problems with it and im not at all a car person

an '04 Mini Cooper S.
Saving for a classic one now.

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Use public transportation or walk.

what is the best car for $10k?
no VW.

3k civic with a few simple mods

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I can't decide.
>buy a used rx8
>save up some more and buy a used Lancer evo
The rx8 has much lower taxes though, so I'm leaning there.

You lot in this thread must be LARPing, there is no way so many of you could afford such expensive cars.

rotaries are maintenance-heavy so don't bother if you can't rebuild the whole thing on your own.
Lan Evos are riced up shitboxes, and you can feel it, a friend of mine traded an EVO X for an E92 330d and said he didn't regret it one bit.

no rice rockets either.
i want a 40s - 70s american car, (already daily drove a 65 mustang with no problems).
this time i want to build a fast one, probably with a modern V8 from an australian falcon or something.

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2009 Ford F150 Lariat.

GM vehicles are for gays.
Imports are for cucks.

Your mom,faggot.

2006 zastava 101
fuck you and your "technology"

Foxbody Mustang with a turbo Barra swap

2016 Street Glide

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Congrats, your friend just swapped something that goes 2 seconds slower at the cost of a bit luxury and comfort.

He outgrew the boiracer touge part of his life, I guess.

>visible car plate
Are you trying to dox yourself?

a 20 tonne and 70 tonne boat, a toyota 80 series, and whatever else i can steal

One of these, but I've recently moved into a town where like 60% of people fucking drive it too which is a little annoying

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It's a Diesel, tho

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I would care if that was my vehicle, I only own a bikes.

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>still gassing people with diesel to this day

2012 Audi A4. Bought it used from an Acura dealership so take what you will from that

>another nosy doxxing post

report all these shitty /b/ tier doxxing threads

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is there any reason it's so popular? Everyone's driving a Golf IV GTI?

Your mother crazy

well, I'm a student and it's cheaper than normal gas

torque is better too

You can own an Evo X, have it as your daily and not be a boiracer you know, even though it is a renowned track and is really targeted at ricers.

An old 1998 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. Florida body. No rust.
Going to sell my 2013 Mustang and get a new Mustang

A Brown Probe

same. an older audi a3. will drive til it breaks because i dont care about cars at all. they gotta do their job, thats it.

Cheap, reliable, and there are plenty of spare parts available would be my guess.

my dream cars are subtle shitboxes anyway

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Merida 6.20v

It's mainly Golf III that is popular here, and has been since the late 1990s apparently. IV probably second.

I got mine because it depreciated and became cheap, plus getting service on it is cheap too, plus cheap parts. It's also very practical and a little speedy.


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I'm a NEET and never go anywhere so I don't have a car

Yeah, that happens when you rig something with expolsives.


It happens by being a Ford Pinto, FORD = Found On Road Dead back then lul.

BEEP BEE... *explodes*

Oh and I actually drive a Ford Focus zx3 hatch stick shift