There are no good threads up right now and i've had it, so here's one where i tell the crossboarding mod he's bad at it

there are no good threads up right now and i've had it, so here's one where i tell the crossboarding mod he's bad at it

feel free to participate

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no sir

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yiff in hell

dumb gayposter
i try not to yiff

>i try not to yiff
more like you shouldn't

hi hong kong

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hello dogposter

I think the mods here are shit and don’t know how to do their job. This board is fucking gay mess and constantly shit on by bad Jow Forums threads and lgbt shitposters, I can’t even tell what’s ironic anymore because it’s gotten so bad. I used to come to this board to unwind from fitposting and tg threads but now it makes me all angry and tense, it’s like having your favourite childhood memory twisted and shit on but it’s even worse because I can see threads getting worse every day.

gayposters were a mistake

I think we’re in the Jow Forums that used to be a fun fag free place before you retarded refugees brought your shit board cultures and gay posting over.

That's it I'm done with this garbage gutter-trash board. I'm going to Jow Forums where people can actually hold a civilised discussion about events, LIFE, and the Jews, without some retards derailing it with their an*Me circlejerk faggotry and gay RP bullshit like every thread here.
I can see you there, with your fat, sweaty, cheeto-stained fingers on the mouse, loading up "smug-anime-girl143.jpg" into your browser as you gleefully type out the response "u mad xDdDdDDd"; how funny, no one's ever done that before, I bet your mother is proud that her son is not only a complete failure in life, but also a flamboyant, obnoxious faggot on the internet as well.
We had a chance for a fresh start with this board, but what you faggots have done with it makes me sick to my stomach *vomits on bant*
How did we go from the amazing, original memes like Jow Forumsplant and blepe to this s4s anime larping trash? You cancerous retards have ruined the last chance for a fresh start on Jow Forums because you couldn't contain your autism. I hope you're happy, and I hope Jow Forums raids you niggers everyday for the rest of this """board"""'s pathetic existence.
Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to finally leave the bottom of the barrel.
Good riddance bant...

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Then make it a funfag board and stop complaining like a bitch.

The only bitch in the room is you and your faggot posting you Miami nightclub piece of shit, go back to your cut out glory hole and get off my board you dusty knees lead pipe fucker.

And here we go with this gay fanfiction shit again.

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Stop being such a dirty rusty mouth faggot and I’ll stop calling you out on it you bottom bitch.

based leaf

just wait until Normie's fag general comes back

>Complains about gayposting
>Insults with gaypost
I'm not sure where your going with this but I'm not gay.

I’d rather have him than his retarded girlfriend posting.

id rather have neither

That’s a cheeky answer, you got a liscense for it?

oi cunt fack off m8

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oh wow I remember you OP you already post this pic :o

No fur more like fucking based thread he just made

good thread

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>off by one

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I unironically like this picture now