Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

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The gay posters chased them off.


Dead and it's all your fault.

at the bottom of a pit of spikes hopefully

Please tell me they are safe

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No, you killed them.

Here’s a (you) fuck off now.


Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii K-kawaii!!!

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in ur mom

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i'm here my boy
yesterday your thread died

Where is my Slavic/Asian mix gf?

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Yeah, I noticed. RIP comfy thread from yesterday.

How are you?

Fighting with some Kangaroos.

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I just got home
Now I'm ready to watch something and shitpost

Guess no one is here.
See ya Jow Forums.

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Sounds comfy, what are you going to watch?

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mahoutsukai no yome

>mahoutsukai no yome

Ah, I tried watching it when it was on-going.

why did you abandoned?
i really enjoy watching this

Mahoutsukai no Yome had everything to be AOTS, the first cour was absolutely beautiful and had an engaging plot but the entire second cour fell apart and the final arc was awful desu
Was a shame because I really loved the first half, then the cast started acting retarded/out of character to move the plot.

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I forgot about it.

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pls no spoilers
wew lad

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i ate them

Hong Kong more like Hong Cock

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