Say something offensive to Australians

Heh, that's right, you've got nothing because this country is the greatest in the world. Lol stupid Americans.

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Ya fucken abbo looking cunt

Must suck to get cucked by a bunch of emu's.

You should see me Im a Blue Blood.
hehehehehehehhehe did you watch the sequel ?

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fosters > vb

Enjoy your chronic Methamphetamine crisis.

I bet even Op is whipping a glass bowel as I type.

It's full of cunts.

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marry, kill, fuck

I'd never fk an Australian, disgusting unbearable accents fts probably have smaller D's than white guys in US.

Your country has a lot of arid uninhabitable land.

Yeah nah yeah yeah nah just do cash in hand, hi vis, cashies yeah nah

They're a bunch of lazy, passive, obese, stupid fucks who let their freedoms get taken away on a regular basis just so they can chug a couple more tinnies, jerk off to incest porn and watch the footy for one more day.

You're bantz ain't that funny

Nah aussies are based

sage all chink threads

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Drug prohibitions are too aggressive.

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Second highest anti depressant use in the world

why would anyone want to live in straya the world's largest trailer park overrun with abbos, chinks and lebs m8?

Its full of sand
And cunts
Sandy cunts

Keeps us full

They are both shit.

>Say something offensive to Australians
Chuck her in the ute.

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Righto cunt

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It's easy as fuck to buy anything here. I just picked up an ounce of dank as fuck hydro for $220 with a simple phone call and half an hours notice

is it true that you get fined for not wearing a helmet when your running?

>that fucking ice breaker ice coffee bong
Never change


yeah yeah yeah nah

No, but defending yourself using force from a home invader, mugger or rapist can get you jail time.

two new zealanders walking down a country road, see a sheep with its head caught in a fence

"alright bro! look at the ass on that" says kiwi #1, drops his dacks and fucks the helpless sheep.

when he's finished he turns to his friend and says "k bro, your turn now eh".

"alright! thanks bro" says kiwi #2, drops his dacks and sticks his head in the fence.

You're like Britain but worse.

Gallipoli was the best thing to ever happen in Anatolia

>jajaja, mi sangre azul
jej, pinche abbo

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It’s pretty hard when we gladly embrace any stereotypes about us, positive or negative.
The worst thing J00t could have done was naming Australians as a major source of shitposting, all that did was rouse Aussies to shitpost harder as it became part of our national identity.

Our government is full of boomer cucks who would gladly see this nation browned off and given to the Chinese. Free speech doesn't exist and our sportsmen will be transgender by 2025. Not like our men have any balls on them left anyway.

There are worse things that could become part of your national identity

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The sun wants you dead.

You literally have a tic that can turn you into a vegetarian.

i like big lez

Where's Big Lez, ya cunt?

Fuck you man, we're supposed to be shitting on Australians here. Don't change the subject.

The joke is an NZer and an Aussie walk down the road.
The joke being that kiwis fuck sheep but Aussies are stupid and gay
Apparently butt hurt too since you felt the need to mangle this joke

(((Austrailians))) people think the Jew is the elephant in the room when its anglo wasps.

australians are alligator-fuckers.

love you babe

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Your abo suppresion skills need work and you have a frightfully large amount of libs and degenerates around Sidney and some other place that are not only going unmolested, but being enabled, and almost all the while collecting australian tax money too.
You need to get your act together and start retaking the land your ancestors rightfully earned.

Low IQ morons with a total lack of foresight and annoying accents

Enjoy your illegal car modifications

bogans are the aussie version of juggalos, total subhuman trash!

The left wing ones are some of the most annoying people there are second only to the oikophobic German. However, the ones who still act like men, including the women ... I love you fucks. Why do aus girls have such thick eyebrows though?


No one mention our cricket team

gday cunt

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How did Australia get founded mate?
Is it true that literal criminals and convicts created a first world Christian nation in the middle of fucking no where?
Also I bought my dad Foster's yesterday and he liked it.
It looks kawaii in the big can.

How do you circumcise a Kiwi? Kick his sister in the back of the head.


do you really eat burgers with a pickled beat or did i get rused?

i love how its distracting everyone from the south african farmers getting murdered... DURING THE CRICKET

Fuck this stupid media

fuck you

You are all bogan banana benders

Any good?

what in the fuck is this shit? why does that 12 year old have a meth pipe and who are these two disgusting slags hanging around with an underage kid?

If by pickled you mean the sliced, canned purple shit, then yes we do.

If you're talking about beetroot then yes, but it only goes on a works burger unless you're some kinda fuckwit

Haha the Australians have teams of crickets!

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aw m,8, those dont belong on burgers

Australians are pretty cool.

Except for the fact that they live in the shittiest hemisphere.

Yer a fucken shithouse cunt m8

Have you tried it? It's fucken grouse cunt.

Try it and get back to us. its not fucking amazing and most of the time you can't taste it through the other shit..also it will discolour anything it touches but beside all that its not bad

the only australians I met where some degenerated roasties or backpacker travelling through europe
both kinds where totally degenrated scum but I dont take them as representative for the whole country

That's rich coming from a former province of Australia that thought it'd be a good idea to sign a treaty with its native savages.

Although on the other hand those Maori cunts are tens of thousands of years ahead of Abos...

Your recent cricket performance in South Africa.

man walking down a country road, sees a kiwi carrying two sheep one under each arm.

"hey mate, you shearing?" he asks the kiwi

"nah bro" says the kiwi "im gonna fuck them both myself".

Thats interesting Hans, I think all Germans look and act like Mesut Özil, all googly eyed and gutless.

answer me faggots!

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yes, its delicious CUNT

have you tried getting fucked in the ass by a thick black cock? if not then don't fucking tell me that getting fucked by a nigger isn't enjoyable.

Australians are a thoughtful and generous people. Except for the filthy Abos. My dream is to someday go to Australia so I can run them over when they're sleeping in the road.


No one drinks Fosters m8. Carlton Draught is the only beer for real alpha Aussies.

>former province of aus
literally never happened

Nig culture really fucked up the maori, but quite a few of them are redpilled to that. Also there are no purebloods left, they're literally all euromutts now.

>you will never eradicate ghetto culture

no no, we are still there, its only a pity that rats breed much quicker than eagles

Get fucked cunt. Next thing you'll be telling us that eggs don't belong on burgers or that "ketchup" doesn't go with a bacon and egg sanga.

Basically. Then regular people started arriving and founded some other places. Also nobody drinks Fosters.

Cunt off, drongo.

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Why would I do that? Both of those things are normal, but beets on burgers is not.

an australian mod banned me on another forum
what an infantile chump with the iq of a koala bear who I can only imagine sniffs petrol in his downtime
if I lived on the same landmass I would literally hunt such scum for sport


i have more respect for abos

Armed with WW1-era weaponry, your country lost a war to a large flock of Emus.

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You're an okay cunt Hans.

Cunt, nothings better than a fucken works burger with beet after a hard days work.

but why
and why is it so common that you wouldn't mention it to people without accents?

Uh yeah it did bro. It was included as a part of New South Wales when Sydney was founded.

NZ is even listed as a founding state in the Australian constitution, while Western Australia isn't.

kys yeast eating cunts

>he hasn't tried a beetroot bun

Absolute plebian

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holy fuck you island niggers really are wacko

if i ordered a burger and it came automatically with an egg on it, i wouldn't even be asking about it.

You suck at shitposting.