I got a job /pol

Life is good

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Great, now you can leave.

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>wagecuck thinks having a job makes life "good"

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normie pls go

Congratulations. Don't be browsing pol at work.

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Reveal your power level on the first day.

How else you would pepare for race war, huh? Fucking leech.

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Good for you

We all have to do our part, good work user

At least one person here is positive. Great work OP. What do you do for work now?

I didn't think prostitution was legal in the US?

congrats user. enjoy your spending power! maybe now you are able to get yourself some pic related

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I salute you, internet friend

It feels good to work, user.
Men need this feeling of achievement
Maybe this is why you are so angry?

i dont think he needs a bra though


you bigot. don't worry already reported you to the thought police. one month of reeducation should fix you right up

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Hopefully it isn't too mentally taxing for you, OP.

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>got a job
>lifes good
the fuck cunt..go start a civil war plz i got fuck all else to live for im the black sheep of my family

Good on you my man. I got a job in my field after searching for a year and a half and finally all my payments are up to date and I can sleep at night knowing I can actually afford to arm myself for the apocalypse.

Where was this video shot?

Welcome fellow pleb you have graduated from basement dweller autist to autistic wage slave. May your days be long and boring and your wallet eternally empty.

Congrats. Prepare your anus for 40 years of endless jew cock

>tiny stream of money
>ooh paradise user

the absolute state of wageslaves

>applying fucking everywhere
>apply to police as a laugh
>they accept
>do their training because they were the only place that accepted me
>a year later I'm a cop
I didn't even really try. I just applied fucking everywhere. Thank god I'm in a small country town. I can't imagine being a cop in a big city.

I'm proud of you too user. Way to be productive. Doesn't matter what you're doing as much as how well you're doing it, and always aiming higher.

Good job.

Neetcucks will always try to make you feel bad for having worth to other people and beeing dependable.

Just remember that they are already raging losers. Dont ever see them as human just dumb goblins with an IQ of 20 and less stable then a pen standing on its tip emotionally.

They know they are worthless waste of space. Thats why all the suicide threads on this entire website exist.

Keep beeing strong.

>got a job in december
>made friends with a girl who works there
>we spend time after work together sometimes
>slowly becoming a normie almost
>she's helping me make a facebook
>soon i will be able to leave this place

My job has 2 college fags that are buttmad that i get paid more than them. And don't remember how to convert ip to binary and that i am a sr in my job without a college degree.

Fucking hate college ppl i never hire them because they are all fucking faggot ass try hard know it alls.

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good to be you, bro

>soon i will be able to leave this place
almost had me