Seriously... HOW IN THE FUCK... Do I get a Slavic/Asian gf as an Australian man?

Seriously... HOW IN THE FUCK... Do I get a Slavic/Asian gf as an Australian man?
This needs to cease, I really really really need a Slavic/Asian gf.

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I thought there are a shit ton of chinks in Straya

stop being a dirty frogposter

No, it has to be a Slavic girl mixed with an Asian.

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No u jew.

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That’s a hard mix to find.

start being a dirty and lustful Janusz that rapes and beats them up everynight
thats how you get a slavic gf dont know about the gook one

>be rich
>be tall
>be in shape
>be charrming

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Is it? That's a shame.
Slavic/Asian mix girls are not for abuse. They're for love and cuddle.
T. deluded

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.What if a mommy and daddy did a sexy sexy and one happened to be a white Russian and the other an Asian?

>T. deluded

lel, k have fun chasing your slavic-asian unircorn mr not-at-all-deluded

who are u quiotung???

keep making multiple threads till one shows up

I am.

Pay a surrogate asian to take slav dick and give you the baby.
Then just wait about 10 years.

>Then just wait about 4 years.

I don't recall seeing that mix... Why so speciffic?

Catch them young

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>Then just wait about 2 years

>Australian education

Dumb frogposter

Just come to Sweden we got lots of 'em.

Nigger all you got is sandniggers and nafris stfu and let the real countries speak

Dude I think he means either a Slavic or an Asian gf, not a mix.

Nah, read the thread man. It's not even long.

ask a merchant to set you up