Here we see the Amerifat in his natural habitat

Here we see the Amerifat in his natural habitat.

Overjoyed by the thought of going home after this meal to see what new art his fellow countrymen have produced on and going on political forums to call Europeans "muhammed" and to try to squeeze in his favorite word "cuck" into every conversation.

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God I wish that were me...

whiter than you mohammed


His wife is currently getting banged by Tyrone. Apparently this is how pol thinks Americans act. Ever watch Joey super cool food reviews? That's really what Americans look like.

He's a big guy

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My one year old niece got a McDonald's hamburger the other day. She was so excited ate right through in one go and had two small halves of the burger in each hand


Jesus Christ

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Maybe he was hungry as fuck?

Maybe he was filkming for jewtube?

Maybe he was on a diet for the longest time and this was his cheat day?

Stupid toothpaste nigger, burgers are god tier food and if you don't agree you are a numale soyboy.

It's using the mouth like a reverse ass hole. truly disgusting to watch

>Maybe he was hungry as fuck?
Do hungry people pour milkshake on Burger?
>Maybe he was filkming for jewtube?
He is clearly being filmed without his knowledge
>Maybe he was on a diet for the longest time and this was his cheat day?
Does he look like he knows what a diet is?
>Stupid toothpaste nigger, burgers are god tier food and if you don't agree you are a numale soyboy.
Hamburgers are decent but that is not the topic here you retarded turk

gluttons will swing on dotr

le 100% face

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>imblying the rope won't break

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im gonna do this tomorrow

Is that Richard Spencer?

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i wish i had this courage as him.

Oh thats not a milkshake. That's dressing.

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But it's in a huge cup and he drinks out of it

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>see this
>tfw haven't had a burger in a month
>tfw haven't had breakfast yet


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>burger for breakfast
>no self control

probably got out of prison after so many years and wanted to go all out at his favorite burger place

Its put on everything at in-and-out. Seeing an obese man like this is nothing strange, sadly. In fact, just thinking about those burgers is making my mouth water.

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>muh dik

It's staged retards


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>Never had a breakfast burger.

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New torments I behold, and new tormented
Around me, whichsoever way I move,
And whichsoever way I turn, and gaze.
In the third circle am I of the rain
Eternal, maledict, and cold, and heavy;
Its law and quality are never new.
Huge hail, and water sombre-hued, and snow,
Athwart the tenebrous air pour down amain;
Noisome the earth is, that receiveth this.
Cerberus, monster cruel and uncouth,
With his three gullets like a dog is barking
Over the people that are there submerged.
Red eyes he has, and unctuous beard and black,
And belly large, and armed with claws his hands;
He rends the spirits, flays, and quarters them.
Howl the rain maketh them like unto dogs;
One side they make a shelter for the other;
Oft turn themselves the wretched reprobates.
When Cerberus perceived us, the great worm!

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I wish I could enjoy food like that.

The mongrellus is clearly becoming unhinged, how do we fix this subspecies?

Disgusting creatures these americans.

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it honestly looks like he's training for one of those stupid eating contests. you only see those weirdos dip their food in water so it goes down easier, but considering it looks like he also has a fucking milkshake, I'm bamboozled.

Pretty much, minus the porn

>fix this subspecies?
Extinction is the only option

Most of us aren't even fat, it's just a stereotype. I'm sick of the america hate here all the time.

Shits yummy tho

Statistics say otherwise

But a healthy American is fat by our standards and a fat American is obese by our standards, and an obese American is El Monstruo

Depends, white amaericans are about as fat on average as the average bong, but I'm a college student from the east coast going to a uni in the midwest and everyone here is really fucking tall and fat. Even the women.

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>are about as fat on average as the average bong,
Lmao bongs are obese as fuck and so are Americans

this makes me hungry. I would unironically try dipping my burger in a milkshake.

Bald eagles and freedom and shieet

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>go to mcdonalds
>get double quarter pounder with cheese large meal(no onions)
>peal out one of the patties and tear off parts of the other (saving all that for later)
>dump half my fries on both sides of the patty that is still on the bun
>squish between buns
>shove the bits of patty and that i tore and some fries into my mouth, washing it down with coke
>dump remainder of fries on top of pealed patty
>fold patty like taco
I do this once a week. God bless America

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most of us are fat, at least the blue pilled / neo-con retards but those ones will be culled with the coming war, then only the strong will survive and we will make america great again.

>culled with the coming war
Obese and weak men are left behind while others go to war to die

Do you think we'll let soyboys live if we do eventually take over? All the degenerates, especially white degenerates will be purged if we win. We'll need to make room for a new glorious world that we can pioneer.

he'll be dead by 42

You constantly enlist to become cannon fodder in the ME for some military industrial complex, so yes. The redpill is that the degenerate is (You), peasant.

the Chad FEAST

Not the virgin nibble


Fucking delicious woukd kill for

That guy is obviously a competitive eater.

If the military industrial complex serves white interests I have no issue with it. At the moment it fights against us, so we'll have to fight it, but do not think for a second I would have any shame in enlisting in it should it return to protecting an actual nation.

Aren't all Americans?

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>serves white interests
You are the most jew'd puppet ever

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Stay jealous faggot

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looks tasty

I like to think that this guy is finally getting to enjoy some delicious burgers after many stoney hi jinks.

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no, some of our ancestors were real men and left pussified countries like the Netherlands to go to America and make a better life.

t. an american whose last name translates to "of the word" in Dutch and whose family left the Netherlands when the Brits first came over in the Mayflower. honestly I'm probably more Dutch than you, mohammed.

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brb, doxxing myself with a pic to impress some shitskin on Jow Forums

Fuck off mutt

Mutt meme is used strictly by shariablue as division tactics. You outed yourself lefty piece of shit.

And what the fuck has even come out of the nevrneverland Netherlands other then pot shops, red light whores whores and bas rutten?


I ate like that first day back from spreading freedom, too.

Oh boy

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He's not even chewing his food.
Fuck'n hell