Can we get Sminem appreciation thread?

can we get Sminem appreciation thread?

this guy keeps all the niggers and bad spirits away from Jow Forums after all

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i wish him a good life. he looks like a good cunt

>niggers and bad spirits
Don't forget the Bogs.
Thank you Based Sminem

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We're all going to make it.

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Guys, Ive heard some rumour that Sminem is not just the Highest Priest of Bogdanoffs
Ive heard that he is the one who created them
It sounds like a heresy, is it true?

>rumored to be reincarnation of Thoth/Hermes
>has never felt sadness in his life
>single handedly hacked the US election
>fights the jews and the NWO single handedly
>the jewish collective unconsciouss fears the Thrice Great Sminem
>rules the world with a subtle touch
>the last descendant of a royal Rusaryan bloodline
>exposed worldwide pedophilia networks
>crypto billionaire from age of 12
>master of the physical and astral plane
>has the ability to instantly manifest objects
>vibrations from his voice can cure cancer
>holds the key of wisdom
>wasn't born and cannot die
>a circle has no end nor beginning
>Bogdanoffs rumored to have a shrine to Sminem
>Bogs bow down to his superior pure genetics.
>rumored to be descended starseed DNA of Plejaren/Lyrian/pure Rusaryan origin

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>tfw sminem got a date to prom and I asked all three of the girls that were into me and they all said no

His good-will and pure spirit keeps the evil spirits at bay. Any time you're sad, remember Sminem and he will brighten your day. No reptillian, archon or any motherfucker can breach the protection shields of The Thrice Great Sminem

doesn't sound like they were that into you then user...

The rothshit fear the Sminem

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what's the deal with slavs and that hairstyle?
it never looks good on anyone

a pasta nigger will never understand the ways of wise men. Choose your words carefully when speaking about The Thrice Great

what are you talking about? this is what the peak of male haircut looks like. Very aerodynamic

We are transcending reality with Sminem posting, lads. The Thrice Great is pleased with all of you, I have learned to channel his spirit, he works through me some times

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Based Sminem posters

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CIA niggers aren't laughing now

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Yo this guy looks exactly like Nikolas Cruz. Fucking kek


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he is what ever existed and will eve exist

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Why are we making fun of this kid? Leave him alone... Poor guy.

nobody is making fun of him you pleb.
nobody can ever make fun of him - he never knew sadness
he is the only true god