Aside from my own hair I hate brown have you noticed every single chick with brown eyes would look hotter with a different eye color?

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Yes. There's nothing as sad as seeing a white person with brown eyes.
Such a waste.

>White person
>Brown eyes

Good one, Sven.

i disagree, blond hair with brown eyes is godtier

It's not physically impossible to carry the gene that causes brown eye pigment while being completely white otherwise.
Most "whites" with brown eyes aren't even white

Thats because white people don't have brown eyes.
Non whites are generally ugly.

Yep, I agree.

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so most Europeans are...niggers?sweet baby jesus

you know, the true eye colour is blue. people with brown eyes can get the layer of brown pigment removed to reveal the blue underneath. its a permanent procedure

A lot of netherlanders have brown eyes, though. Are they not white ?

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bullshit, show me other race with light-brown hair and kight brown eyes. it is present in european people, nordics are not the only white people

fuck off rabbi, no more brother wars

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Yeah its why like 1/3 of all Hispanic chick's I see have colored contacts.

blue eyes, blond hair and being short and weak are femenine traits tha make men want to support them and like them.

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That chick would look hotter with blue, green or red eyes or any color other than brown. You probably have brown eyes yourself so you have created this cozy world where brown eyed chicks are equal.


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Yay eye shills.

The greatest individuals of fascism and Nazism had brown eyes.

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Yup. Its what fat people do

Must've spotted some coins under there.

Can we ban brown eyed people from PI altogether, this shit is annoying

Spotted the mutts.

Yeah literally the only way I can notice black people is if they something other than brown eyes

You know we can all see your ID right

>merimutt cant tell the difference between the Swedish and the Finnish flag

that's a Pekka

Stop replying to yourself dick

Fuck no I do what I want go suck on a turd nigger

tfw brown eyes and hair. i'm still allowed in the ethnostate right?

femenine traits:

light (skin, eyes and hair), small, fertile,weak and young.

masculine traits:

dark (not a nigger), big, strong, mature.

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Do you have blue eyes?
Apparently men with blue eyes find women with blue eyes significantly more attractive, likely due to the recessiveness of the trait, meaning you'd know for pretty much sure that your kids are yours.

Oh wow, this guy agrees with himself. They sure don't pay you for your smarts.

Kek. Real stimulating conversation faggot.

Looks like someone has brown eyes

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