Kek, you may remember two days ago a youtuber was perusing the boards

kek, you may remember two days ago a youtuber was perusing the boards.
Tell me if you guys caught this one.
He was excited about not getting demonetized and getting his monies

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here was the split second frame right before the original one i posted.
its confirmed, he is /ourguy

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I wonder what the age groups are that watch his videos, I'm sure it's diverse. I feel like he makes videos a ton of age ranges can watch

i'm guessing a lot of kids in the 20's age range. i'm 27, and i feel like i really relate to pewds. never even began watching him 'til his nazi accusal shit happened.

I can't see how he could be alluding to anything else other than being a penny-pinching jew.

You're walking on thin ice Felix, watch your step.

>never even began watching him 'til his nazi accusal shit happened.
me niether.

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I remember.

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he is fine. Its not like he Akactually browses Jow Forums right guys? We all are just unhinged tin foil hat loonies right?
Same here. I never really watched his gaming shit i was more interested in the whole drama and how he handled it. Im same age as him and i feel like if i were a super famous youtuber id act and feel kind of similar to how i think he feels about his whole situation.

oh snap, i was in that thread with you. Totally forgot about the poster.. This timeline is fucking wild.

I remember that thread.

Holy shit. He took it down as well!!

he took down both posters though. could have simply changed them all

That Evangelion poster has been there for more than a year tho....

Pewds reads Jow Forums
it is all REAL!!

Plausible deniability. Don't want to be publicly associated with pol. Felix is smart.

Felix, if you catch this thread.
I wish you the best man, make as much paper as you possibly can, impregnate that beautiful woman of yours, have multiple children, And most importantly dont forget how much of an incredible position you are in when it comes to the youngin's. Yes i am a preachy faggot deal it.

as he should never do..yet


You can move to Utah and have multiple women.

Also start your own town.

What would a Pewdiepie/bro army settlement be called?

probably alot of the 12-15 year olds back then continue watching him. Now they should be like 17-20 smth. And as content changes so does its public. I mean I actually hated early pewdiepie and for some time now his videos have better quality ,somewhat less cringe... could be just me tho

even tosh did a bit on pewds hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ackshually. He does. He was posting green text memes from Jow Forums a couple of days ago. And he posts on here all the time.

i need to lurk moar
whos that

It's another Jow Forums sucks Felix's dick episode.

daniel tosh, comedy central show tosh.0, yt reviewer and on one segment he reads his fans tweets, one of them read: look at the camera and say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


why dont you take all 3 inches of Corbyn down your throat then get arrested for saying something inane on the internet

now i know why we have to say unironically every other sentence

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has he called out faceberg yet?

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>Felix is smart
He really is. I couldn't stand his early videos with all the screaming and shit, but it's painfully obvious that he's red pilled

haha he said it was from reddit and that you green text on every website on the internet lmao.

but I thought we were sucking on pewpew's pee pee.
I won't have time to.

Acktshually. I knew you were being ironic and that's the point of using the word acktshually. Thanks.


how is this legit if he took down that poster before the 27th, so before this post?

no hes mine to suck


my thoughts exactly. pewds is /ourguy/

can someone ask him whether he hates niggers? it's literally the only question that matter

Of course he does, but he wont come out and say it publicly. He will keep on doing his undercover shit for now

I was in that thread, that poster had been replaced with the American psycho one ages ago.

retarded swedish jew, go fuck yourself

It's crazy that he's in a position where (((they))) can't touch him. It would unleash massive redpilling if (((they))) tried anything.

I'm on to you Pewds, take down your meme flag

Can we pls stop talking about that stupid asshole? Thank you.

sup felix, I like you, and you are not a faggot

>He doesn't know about our ebaumsworld thing


nice fake flag, are you a mod here?

I'm watching you, Felix. You better play Katawa Shoujo (Jow Forums's game) with Marzia next time and say Rin is the best girl

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if i were (as rich as) him i wouldn't be here

also, he is an annoying poser and a cunt, he just knows what people want and pretend to be it, who knows what he really is under the mask

I'm keeping a close eye on you

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Don't push it guys. If we blow his cover he won't be able to aid us any further. If you think I'm right, just refrain from bumping threads promoting this. He doesn't need more exposure, anyway.


>Felix is smart.
Yells sparkling wigger on a livestream. Yeah, i like punished Pewds, but he's trapped in the genetic shell of a swede, so he is doomed to partial retardation in every aspect in life.

I like pewdiepie he reaches a big audience of kids and redpills the fuck out of them

God bless him

I started watching him when I was 34 when the Nazi shit happened because I was surprised how articulate and charming his "I'm not a Nazi" speech was. He got shekeled hard and he knew it.

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Pewdi Jew, why do you need all that fucking money? Gibbs me I really needs some.

Shut up grandpa

He's looking at memes and redpilling kids all day and he gets paid shitloads for it. His gf is the cutest italian you can find. He's living the life every Jow Forumsack dreams about. Except that he lives in UK.

guys I told you like a year ago, he's /ourguy/

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That was the greentext thread eh?

Awaiting to see if he uses any of these

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