Did Kubrick film the moon landing?

Did Kubrick film the moon landing?

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It's not a threat, it's a promise.

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Yes, but Kubrick -being the stickler for detail he was- insisted the whole thing be shot on-location.

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Oh? Do explain.

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stickler for detail missed the continuity mistake with the carpet pattern in the scene above

unless i missed something i always thought the shining was a massively over-hyped, over-analysed film. i get what he was going for, trying to make it seem normal and then adding some creepy weirdness... it didn't really work tho...

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floor matches nasa launch site, apollo sweater, room 237

>muh education

>stickler for detail missed the continuity mistake with the carpet pattern in the scene above

or did he? tho... m8.... think about it....


most likely



Watch the Room 237 documentary and The Shining Code.

>The explanation of how Kubrick faked the moon landing from the Room 237 documentary:

>The Shining Code

>2001: A Space Odyssey
>The Shining
>A Clockwork Orange
>Full Metal Jacket
>Eyes Wide Shut

All of these films dealt with the corruption, exploitation, abuse, and control of youth by a shady or elite (((authority))). Dr. Strangelove was about the military-industrial complex. He knew what was happening and tried to expose it to viewers. He had a 200 IQ, was really obsessive so there's no way these were just random details, and he said Hitler was right about almost everything. No surprise that he died of "natural causes" a few days after showing the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut.

I think it's also addressed in Kubrick's Odyssey but I haven't watched it yet.


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There is a kid with a apollo shirt and he goes into a room what does it mean

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>it’s not a threat it’s a promise
What did Kubrick mean by this?

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Umm just think to your self... if there is no electric outlet on the moon how do they film?? Back then hand held cam corders did not exist.

Wtf is this from

dude you are retarded. That film is a masterpiece, both in a technical aspect (cinematography was excellent), and in story. Just because you only watch re-runs of "This is War" doesn't mean anything without such a typical story line is shit.

>inb4 jews

Watch 2001 and ask yourself how the fuck they shot some of those scenes which look better than todays shit without CGI - then remember that 2001 was filmed a couple years BEFORE the moon landing.

It's certainly within the realm of possibility, he had to skill to pull it off.

Kubrick was a Jew who was starting to redpill the public with his movies.

He was getting more and more bold then he dies, maybe murdered.

It’s very hard to tell.

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yeah, there's no way kubrick would want his name associated with this garbage.

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You're kidding right? Surely you can't be this stupid. Kubrick filmed it in a studio. Just like he did for 2001 space odyssey


>when you fuck up sets by making impossible windows
>people call you a genius anyway
Kubrick was a savant.

he was a rogue jew

there we go; weeeee

I don't get it, what did he fuck up?

Are there any based film makers nowadays? Seems like lefty documentaries are the only things coming out with anything remotely a redpill

the manager's office is in the middle of the hotel but still had windows with light coming through.

He basically put in some Easter Eggs ;3windows that couldn’t exist and flips the carpet in a scene// which people that worked on The Shining have admitted was intentional but normies still think it was a mistake

Basically the events in EWS represent the kind of rituals the global elite engages in which Kubrick was aware of.

>It’s very hard to tell.

The main villain in the film is a Jew named Sandor Szavost, which is an obvious reference to Anton Szandor Lavey's (who was the founder of the Church of Satan and a Zionist) middle-name.

Szavost (or if you remove the "Z", "Savost"), sounds like Soros, and the man in the film says he's Hungarian like Soros so it's probably a direct reference.


>Eyes Wide Shut, like Lolita and A Clockwork Orange before it, faced censorship before release. Kubrick sent an unfinished preview copy to the stars and producers a few months before release, but his sudden death on March 7, 1999, came a few days after he finished editing. He never saw the final version released to the public,[183] but he did see the preview of the film with Warner Bros., Cruise, and Kidman, and had reportedly told Warner executive Julian Senior that it was "my best film ever".

>THE late Stanley Kubrick once remarked that ‘Hitler was right about almost everything,” and insisted that any trace of Jewishness be expunged from the ‘Eyes Wide Shut” script that author Frederic Raphael was writing for him.

CIA helped with some of the lunar photos during the Cold War & space race then killed him when he got too cocky with EWS. We'll probably never know what was cut from the film that triggered them

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Terrence Malick and Mel Gibson come to mind

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>technical aspect (cinematography was excellent)

definitely agree with that. the setup of the shots / detail is great.

>and in story

nah. the story is semi-decent.

it's kind of how people bummed 'the taxi driver', which is filmed well and has a semi-decent story for the time but there's nothing that amazing about the plot, by any real stretch.

>you only watch re-runs of "This is War"

i don't even know that is

or own a tv

>ask yourself how the fuck they shot some of those scenes which look better than todays shit without CGI


the alien films are another example of that. the original was filmed in 1979 but still looks better than a lot of films now. i think the keys are a.) actually knowing what you're doing with lighting / set design b.) effort.

>It's certainly within the realm of possibility, he had to skill to pull it off.

someone asked me if i thought the moon landings were real at one point and i gave basically the same answer.

technology wise, going to the moon isn't ultra complicated provided you can form air tight seals etc; which they could in 1969.

as a for instance, check the pic related. things like turbomolecular / ion / sublimation pumps can all produce vacuums as deep / deeper than that found outside the space station. they were all invented prior to the moon landing.


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sure - technically possible, given that there are no surprises on the way there, or after landing.

there was so much that we DIDN'T know about what the trip would entail, they would have been nuts to think they could just show the cowboy-up let-her-rip version, live.

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the giveaway is really the size of the thing, the rocket engine and fuel required would never fit in that little camper

Idiot. He died before promotional material even began being produced. So you’re saying the studio themselves assembled a poster hinting at the Illuminati?

Imagine being that one faggot who wears beach face paint to an elaborate masquerade ball.

Yes, he also filmed the Mars and Jupiter landing.

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Kubric was in the process of shooting ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ at the time. Nationally, the space race with the Russians was treated like a rock and roll show with lots of flair and this really brought the country together. Kennedy, didn’t want to lose to the russians and didn’t want to by any means necessary. In comes Kubric, NASA, Kennedy and the CIA. During the space race, NASA with the collaboration of Carl Ziess developed a one of a kind camera lens with an extremely low f/stop to be used on the moon in very low light conditions. Kubric begged NASA to let him ise this lens for his movie.

Knowing that the russians were going to very likely be the first to the moon, the CIA was used to broker a trade with Kubric- let us use your sets to stage a moon landing essentially beating the russians and bolstering nationalism and we will have NASA let you use their one of a kind lens.

Kubric agreed, but had no part in the actual staging of the photos- just the use of his sets. In doing so, the US was the first to the moon (eventually getting their for real some time later), Kubric got his lens and everyone was happy.

However, all of the CIA agents involved in the doctored photos all wound up dead to two self inflicted gun shots to the back of the head and other ridiculous deaths. Kubric went on to drop hints to the fake landing by use of his other films even though he was not allowed to come out and reveal the hoax. His death also, has a mystery about it too and doesn’t quite add up.

How did Kubrik gain knowledge? He's the type of Jew that would of been recruited but was he bold enough to reject (((them))) and try to expose them through film?

Why would Kubrik be stupid enough to half step when he clearly alludes in EYS that they will murder to silence.

Hey you guys know those "Interdimensional shapeshifting aliens" that Alex Jones and David Icke are always talking about? The "Demons" or "Archons"?
Well all those pictures on the left are how they may appear to you if you manage to see them.

They're basically balls of energy (consciousness energy I suppose) and as a result they can appear as though they have eyes and/or mouths 360 degree all round - spooky as shit - like mrs mona lisa and her bf.
They can also blend into the background like that sky face man, or they may just appear as a grotesque creature like the hog head woman, or like an unrecognizable many faceted object like some of the other women.

This is more evidence for me that these people have formed some sort of relationship with the "archons", it seems like they're deliberating dressing up as them.

i'd agree with that (that there are a million one things that could go wrong) but some of the physics / sums are actually easier minus things like wind adding tons of variables to them. they also didn't just immediately go to the moon and land. they'd already sent things to the moon in advance just to orbit round it and take photos so it wasn't a total unknown.

also, a lot of people don't seem to realise nasa has uploaded gigantic quantities of half hour / hour long videos from things like the ISS that would be impossible to re-create in plane. huge quantities of technical videos showing incredibly nerdy engineering details. for instance, this:


yes but he demanded the best realism so they filmed it on location

okay, so who DID then?

Fucking mods losing their marbles if they think Conspiracy threads don't belong on Jow Forums, what's next? Are they going to move 9/11 threads too?

It's their containment board. No coincidence it popped up after the election

not just the million things that could go wrong that we know about (a valve blowing, or a wire breaking...whatever) but the things that they have no idea about. IS there a radiation barrier? IS there a gravitational anomaly? WILL there be an ancient civilization in ruins?

all the eggheads HAD to know that there were too many unknowns on top of the known risks...it doesn't make sense that they'd just do something with zero forethought.

Thankfully Jow Forums has somewhat of a unique culture