Bant is just facebook group chat, prove me wrong you cant

Bant is just facebook group chat, prove me wrong you cant

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t. underage

i can't

Anyone know how to get a Slavic/Asian mix gf?

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Literally me.

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Explain why do you think im underage

I can just tell

>t. underage

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Funny how Norway threw his discord buddy under the bus. I LAUGH at their drama.

Jow Forums has a discord?
Can I join?

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No, stop being a NEET and find some friends

And I left it a while ago because people kept doing @everyone just to say good morning and shit
Plus it was cancer

So now every czech poster is dr medic? Interesting

or gaynico, who is a 14 year old redditor

Prove that he is 14

I don't how to make friends. It's a completely alien concept to me. Plus, I plan to escape my neetdom soon.
Guess I'll forget about it then.

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because he uses 14 year old reddit humour

Fuck off underage

Im 21

prove it

How often were you held back to still be in High School?? I can understand once, maybe twice, but 21 and still not finished?

Im in 3 rd year of uni