Gore is soooo funny XDD

>gore is soooo funny XDD
Whats the appeal of it? Its just mindless pain and suffering from what I see. Is it just edgy kids or is there something im not catching

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People should post more Slavic/asian mixed girls.

you underestimate how bored we can get on Jow Forums
where the hell do you think you are

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Ive just never understood how people can enjoy it though. Mostly because when i see it i think of my family and how i would never want to see them like this. Because of this i have empathy for the people and find laughing at it distasteful

Nah. I just got told by a bunch of people over IRC that they find it hilarious. I told them that it really wasn't that funny and they got all pissy with me.

It is edgy kids op dont worry

honestly, it's probably just edgy kids and nothing more.

1st time: Oh my god! That's so bad and sad
2nd time: I kinda want to see it again.
3rd time: lol.

It's same with police officers when they need to cary dead bodies and interact with dead people... they just laught it off.

C'mon, how is this not funny?

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look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn't at least taste this

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(double dubs)
>t. underage

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gabu is cute

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Last 2 digits of this post are OP's age. I'm guessing he's underage


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>t. underage

Fuck off underage, no one wants you

Gore makes people mentally ill
But most people who get permanently damaged from it are in denial because they don't want to look like triggered tumblrtards xDDDDDDD

Someone got really busy. Was this from an accident or he just got butchered?
>exploded face
I wonder what gun got him in the face.
>Post Stress Traumatic Disorder

Disgusting, in equal terms to those feet threads.

i dont get the appeal of gore other than its interesting cuz its edgy. but i do like guro. i dont get why but it feels comfortable in a way

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newfags still trying to fit in to the 4chins sekrit club.

> 1st time: Oh my god! That's so bad and sad
> 2nd time: I kinda want to see it again.
> 3rd time: lol.
> 20th time: ugh this again.
> 100th time: yaaaaaaaaaawn.
> 9001th time: dude it's 2018 why are you still trying to so hard lmao