I will now proceed to consuming huge amount of alcohol. Possibly i will pass out and pee myself

I will now proceed to consuming huge amount of alcohol. Possibly i will pass out and pee myself.
Rate my plan.

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well at least its not night yet. it might be fun or interesting. go ahead 5/10


10/10, only if its superior Binlandia vodka, tho :DD

Stream it and fap to anime.
Humanity has never seen something like this before.

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do this and it would be a 9/10

Wine rum or vodka?

I have still about half a bottle of Finlandia from yesterday. Mostly beer though.

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>Humanity has never seen something like this before.
You couldn't be more wrong. Upi has been doing exactly that for half a year straight.

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todella nigga kaksoispiste dee :DD

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Won't make it through the bottle/10

Two beer cans down already.

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>Not drinking 40% and above
You'll piss yourself for sure but it won't be due to the alcohol consumption

Absolute madman.

I'm just warming up.
Trust me, i'm a professional.

I'm drinking brewskis too since I have the house to myself (pic related)
cheers Finlanon

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Uh huh.
I'll keep tabs on this thread but my expectations are low

Never expect anything and you won't get disappointed. That is what wise men say.
4 beers down, 20 left.

How many down now user?

Still fifth going. I am starting to feel the magic.

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You could have drank one glass of vodka and you would be feeling magic.
I am very disappointed in your progress finanon


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What’s going on

He's pretending to be very drunk on an internet shitposting forum instead of actually going out and getting drunk

I don't know. i drank most of the vodka and i think i passed out on a computer for a while.
I don't go out, that ruins the drunk. When i drink i do that by myself.

>Think I passed out
Stop larping you faggot

Stop being gay. Homo.

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