There isn't really a way of asking this question without kind of proving the premise, but;

There isn't really a way of asking this question without kind of proving the premise, but;

Why are Americans so touchy online?

I've mingled with Americans irl and while some of them seem to be touchy, especially about certain subjects, this part of their erm... culture... seems to magnify online.

They just seem to be the least able to take the piss out of themselves and the most susceptible to being trolled. I'm not trying to piss them off on this thread, but I guarantee that the responses to this thread will PROVE what I am talking about

What do you think Jow Forums? Why is this?

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They are beings ripped of their roots. Their life has no meaning and this makes them really confused and unpredictable. It's like what happens to ants or wasps when their queen dies.

the US is actually like a 1.5th world country and the state of living causes all Americans to act like they have a broomstick up their ass at all times

Eh.. I don't believe this is the case.

My main theory is that America was founded by fundamentally disagreeable people, for the better, for the most part. The side effect of this is that they sometimes interpret every joke as being told what to do

>haha hey guys we should put a joke about guns in the constitution
>haha yes everyone will get it

>Why is this?

I should also add before someone says it.


We are obsessed in the first place /because/ Americans are so touchy. It is like being an older brother and your younger brother keeps overreacting when you bully him, it only encourages more bullying

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It is cause you bongs don't talk as much shit in real life. People say stuff on here they would never in a million years say in real life or even social media.
Also it doesn't piss me off in the slightest some of it just gets boring.



It's just gotta be a lack of self awareness right?

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the 2nd amendment is one of the only things i envy america for desu

Yeah as much as I make fun of

>be American
>get shot

I would rather have guns and a slightly higher risk of being murdered


So...ID get thread?



Generally the most sensitive people will scream the loudest and the internet is a public forum where the taunting and the screaming is all publicized.

Also, Americans make up the largest group of English-speaking internet users, so when you throw bait it's like shooting fish in a barrel. No matter how obvious it is, you're bound to get at least one retard hooked

Depends on the state OP

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This too. Generally the midwest and the south are the easiest to troll because they're all inbred lardasses and niggers.

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Leafs have a lot more to be envious of. We can own guns but the restrictions are tight. We have high taxation but neither national bodies that offer good pricing for things nor healthy competition in the private sector.

You guys also have bullshit "human rights" tribunals, and we don't.

Please do not bully rural America.

It's because there are more bad posters than any other country based purely on numbers alone; the US is equivalent in size to Europe, after all, and all of us equally trash on Romania or Germany because they tend to be awful posters. Not to mention that bongs are notorious for being touchy, too, pic related.

But I'm being to verbose, here.

Short answer: California

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Lol you seem to completely miss the point about bongposting about America. We tend to just take the piss not because we dislike you (after all, most guys here envy plenty of things about your country) but because you take the bait far, far too reliably

I think that's a pretty broad generalization. I roll with the punches and don't let anything bother me. Maybe you've just talked to some real wimps.

I think that's fair, but the bong sense of humor doesn't really resonate with the American sense of humor as much, imo. Even still, I think that, bongs are still "known" for being touchy, even if it's a facade. Take it as you will.

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Vocal minority. Most US citizend are rational and fairly moderate, the internet just gives the fringes a disproportionately loud voice as they tend to care the most, this goes for both the extreme left and right.

It doesn't help that we represent a larger portion of this site's traffic than any other singular country, and as such we probably have a proportional amount of people who can take the bants (see the large amount of US posters who make 56% threads) and those who are butthurt fags about it, but as far as raw number of posters go we have more butthurts than any other country.

Also I think US bants are generally just portrayed more as butthurt, take things like duke posting for example

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blow it out your ass

More than that. We currently have a federal government that panders to convicted terrorists. Trudeau brought a Khalistani separatist to India with him on a trade mission. Now India's disdain for Canada is deepened and we have a trade deficit with them. Personally, I'm fairly left wing but this government is moronic.

Sorry, one of his ministers is an outspoken Khalistani separatist. The man that joined the function was convicted of attempting to murder an Indian cabinet minister.

No Finland, that's you guys with your air guitar death metal and suicide by alcohol

>tfw a common greeting in this country is 'reyt ya cunt' and other derogatory shit.
We literally socialise by taking the absolute piss out of each other.

For the most part we are nicer online than in real life, for the most part. Face to face everyone is emotionless and biochemically incapable of having their feelings hurt. Most folk are too thick skinned.

Amerifarts will never understand, don't even bother trying to explain

I only get mad at Canadians online because they're a bunch of a piss huffing retards.

Well there's statistics that sort of prove my point. I'm pretty sure in Britain we have a higher percentage of the population that are sociopaths and Americans are ridiculously more likely to get PTSD as soldiers than we are. It's just a different culture. We are pretty much raised to not have emotions.

Topkek ameriFaGGs confirmed

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sensationalist media makes it seem like our society is falling apart to people who take it seriously. the propaganda-addled mind clings to anything good about american culture (muh freedom, muh european ancestory, muh meatlover pizza, etc) so when those things are poked at they lash out. there is a reason stormfront targeted Jow Forums in their psy-ops campaign. lotta insecure white american males there.

be me
>la creatura


I'm impressed

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>Be American
>Defend second amendment online
>lose brother to nigger with gun
>lose you’re son when the trailer park trash he bullied shoots up the school
>Get shot by police buying Weed
>50k in debt cause no health insurance
>Rant on the internet about how dangerous Europe is with all the terrorist attacks


Ive only been show once... and fragments another time, but both involved Mexicants


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Because they constantly tell each other that they are the best at everything. Think about their education regarding WWII, for example. Most Americans genuinely believe that they were the only important country in the Allies. Some even think that the war only started when they joined it.
So, essentially they have a massive ego in regards to their country. You then tell (or prove) that their country is inferior to another in some way, that ego shatters. This is why they go apeshit. This is why I love bantering with Americans most of all.
The reason it's magnified online is because Americans you've met irl are likely to be Americans that have spoken with non-Americans before. If it's an American in the UK, then they definitely have a bit of experience. If it's you visiting, I imagine you're hitting the places most other foreigners go. Those Americans have built up a resistance and are willing to some extent to admit their country's flaws.
Most Americans online, however, have met few foreigners in their lifetime in comparison. They're less likely to get out as much as the Americans I mentioned a moment ago.

Subjects such as politics (yuuuge big ole taboo), money/wages, and the government are generally taboo topics irl for most Americans. Like asking someone how much money they make a year is going to get you a dodgy response, same if you brought up anything political at all except this might get you a "triggered" response for some people depending on what you bring up. Everyone likes to bash the government though, in one form or another, but if you do it around someone who was a veteran, again, it can be taboo and generate a response.

Most Americans have a lot of built up tension from all these things in the country; the political circlejerk, the media circus, money, flaws in the government etc. etc.

When you come to the US you will find that we are incredibly diverse in both race and opinions. More diverse than whatever country you came from, and people might find foreigners strange in the US. One example is that Americans do actually smile a lot, sometimes with little or no reason when greeting someone, and Germans and Russians find this extremely weird when they visit the US.


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This is a good thing

What the fuck are you talking about?

The world ridicules us because of jealousy because we are the imperial nation. You want to covet our lifestyle but dont have the means to do so. Thus in turn, all you can manage are some pitiful retorts about our ignorance, our stupidity, our opulence. Don't worry, we aren't eternal. Our flame will flicker and dim and China will take our spot. The world will in turn make fun of them, and the cycle will continue anew. The game will never change, only the players.

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usually its just shitposting for me

where did you get this pic of me