I'd like to introduce myself. I am the BASED British poster who checks IDs for words...

I'd like to introduce myself. I am the BASED British poster who checks IDs for words, no matter how inconsequential they might be.

Bat in your ID? I'll tell you! What? Your ID says rot? Don't worry buddy, I've got you! Up, you say? Say no more!

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I forget to checc IDs

what i got

Wow! Set ID! Congrats dude!

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there are a lot of ID threads

boo ID! Haha, you scared me!

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Holy shit you're gay
Also zuz in the id

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you are nice OP

I don't have any decent IDs.

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No words but I like both of these IDs!

new replacement for jej

Best ID here.

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Well, what is it?

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What a GUY, this Canadian!


ayy lmao

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Well lets have a go at this then

lets give it a whirl

gib 6 countys pls

how helpful

check em

RT best newsource, good ID

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Check it

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zuzus and wham whams


Imagine being THIS based

Check please

The real BASED British poster is the one that makes these

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Stop watching shit anime


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>Stop watching anime

i've got the best id

Hi! How are you?

KEK! based shaliday! Praise kek!

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Yuuka got banned again

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I was looking forward to it all day

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Sorry to hear that bud.

I not only have an ID with a word in it, but it is also purple!

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Better luck next time

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Hehe. I'm mature.

Make the underages fuck off to /b/, Bumstead, I need them to fuck off back to /b/ so I can have it every day

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Very nice, Bum!

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I'm not sure if I can do that. But I could try.
With out that comma that'd be a very different sentence.

Oh stop it~
You know what I meant

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I have nothing better to do so I'll give this a shot.

dassa lotta numbas

I did. Just pointing out the fun quirks of grammar. How are you?

Not too bad, just listening to music and having a bite.
How about yourself?

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What are you eating?


I'm so hungry, and ramen sounds so good. What type?

It's like a really spicy beef flavor. Pic related.

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I know what I'm going to have when I get home now. Any plans for the weekend?

I'm going to visit my parents for Easter even though they celebrate a different version of it a bit later in April.

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Neato. I hope that goes wonderfully for you!

Thank you! I hope so too.
What about you Bum?

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I hope I can just relax at my computer and do some random things.

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Hmmmmmmmm well?

I wish to get a surprising Id



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Whoa! Check me!