Tfw get aroused by the smell of my own penis

>tfw get aroused by the smell of my own penis

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>pink id

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That's like, completely normal. It is meant to.

It's called pheromones, you dumb American.

I hate it when I'm a horndog for no reason.

More like fagland

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Says pink ID.

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but why am i turned on by dick im not gay

>implying that is pink
Its fucking hot pink faggot

It's to sub-consciously attract women to it.

Ur mum's twat is hot pink. But as a fag that is something you don't understand even if you have actually been there.

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Prove it faggot

its supposed to create a feedback loop making your dick increasingly erect, sweaty and smelly making you increasingly around making it more erect sweaty and smelly until the hardness of your cock passes that of diamons and the smell lingers across the entire continent with women coming to worship the greatness of your schlong, fighting over who gets to ride it

I have seen it and touched it. And since i'm not fag, i know what "hot pink" is.

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Are you a twink ?

Prove that you have seen and touched my mothers pussy

Look into the mirror. There stands the proof that i have been down there.
I am not proud of it, but this is the truth.

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Post a picture of yourself, with timestamp if you look like me you win

No, i don't think i'd do that. If i did that with all my bastards i'd be bankrupt with all those lawsuits.
And i am not a poor man.

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Man? More like pussy

No. I have seen some pussies and when i look in that mirror i offered you, i see nothing similar with those things.

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Prove it let the rest of us smell it.

stop that

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>pink ID
Sorry to tell you, OP...

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