I will be in canada in roughly an hour

I will be in canada in roughly an hour

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Post when you do I wanna see if you have the same ID

fuck off we're full

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I will be like 2 miles from the border, so it might not change anything

Relax I'm not staying for long (thank god)


Almost there guys, will post in about 20 mins

onki smonki

careful what you say, they might detain you for offending someone.

Im going with a large group of people, we have plans to be very patriotic

watcha guys doin?

It's a robotics thing for my highschool, very compeditive
>inb4 underage
I'm a senior

t. Junior

Sounds cool. Enjoy your trip.

Or he could legally buy a Kinder egg and a beer

It won't change anything when you're using cellular. It will once you use WiFi or cable.

It will change.

Where the duck ia he?


Where is he wowe

Did customs kill him? Was he not nice enough to get into Canada?

He probably just found out that he'll be charged $5/MB roaming charges.

I’ll bet he got beheaded as soon as they saw him cross the border

wya op

Im back guys i didnt die

prove it

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Hey guys, I'm in UK now