Is tinder Jow Forums approved?

Lads give me a Jow Forums appropriate opener for this chick

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I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would want to be the father of children that aren't his. The "love" is artificial and fake. He knows it. The children know it.

Can anyone genuinely tell me how a man can agree to this? Surely he knows it's all an act. What a farce of a society the west has. The collapse of the West started with this nonsense and it will die because of this nonsense.

I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would want to vote for a man who openly admits to being a liar and a cheat. The "support" is artificial and fake. They knows it. The conman know it.

Can anyone genuinely tell me how a party can agree to this? Surely they knows it's all an act. What a farce of a society the west has. The collapse of the West started with this nonsense and it will die because of this nonsense.

I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would want to be the father of children that aren't his. The "love" is artificial and fake. He knows it. The children know it.

Can anyone genuinely tell me how a man can agree to this? Surely he knows it's all an act. What a farce of a society the west has. The collapse of the West started with this nonsense and it will die because of this nonsense.

Very good. You’ll not the poster was from Britain, you fat Yank cunt! The world doesn’t revolve around you Burger eating, Disney going pieces of shit.

>Hard working? Hard working cranking that black cock
or mebbe
>Hard working?
>clearly not hard enough if you still got time to pump out four babies
just lampoon her on how she got four kids.
Seriously she has four children, probaly with all different men. If she wanted a decent guy she probaly should've thought about that before she began riding the cock carousel.
>Hard working, i see we got a dedicated woman
>so whats your job?
>Your not a geneticist are you? Cus it seems like your on a fucking mission to collect as much dna as possible

as humanly possible

Good thing the UK doesn't have a right-leaning moron that is insistent on fucking things up for everybody.

Step fathers and adoptive fathers are not modern at all, they are ancient nor are they exclusive to the west.

26 years old with 4 kids looking for someone to pay her bills. That twat must be beyond holding a pencil while standing upright.


Tinder is a degenerate website.

Stop having casual sex.

because we live in a fake&gay world populated mostly with weak betacuck type """men""" who want to join in on the virtue-signaling.

>4 niglets
jesus nigga learn to use a condom

Ask her how many fathers. Keep us posted on the chimpout.

Fuck off you bull murdering Arab

>Single mother of 4
Nah bruh

Isnt she the whore stefan molyouetc made a video yesterday?

>are the other three also niggers?
Here's you an opener. An ice breaker even.

he's from lefty/pol/ you can tell from the way he brings up trump despite the thread have absolutely nothing to do with it
there have been a shitton of them of late

I’m pretending to be a nigger on tinder
best white bitches swipe me right

You need to milk these lolcows, or they won't take the bait.
"Are your other kids beautiful hybrids like your daughter"

I'd date her desu

Is that what you're calling it these days, Abdul?

>Do you have four baby daddies to deal with as well?

burn it with fire

Because they arent as superficial and hedonist as you. So prideful and aggrogant you are. Perfection you feel you deserve. Greater men then you have rasied children that werent theirs. We are all family deep down anyways.

>make a tinder
>every girl in my age range is either fat, has 2+ kids, or crazy liberal with colored armpits

>26 year old single mother of 4
I hate the welfare state so fucking much, its unnatural, its sick and men are paying for it all by being taxed by force.

>he has never mentored a child

C u c k

>God, music, church, dance, crafts

>I am actually 18! I can be quiet, but I also love to just chat at times! I'd love to have a conversation about almost anything! I do not judge anyone based on their past, it's not my place to do that. I will accept you as you are! We are all unique children of God!

>I value respect so much! I want to be as Christ-like as I can be. If you need prayer I would love to pray with you and just enjoy being in the presence of our Father together!

>Please do not ask my to talk outside of this site. If I am comfortable with doing so then I will ask you. Otherwise please just respect me by only talking on here. Thank you!

>Remember God is always with you, no matter where you are! He loves us all so much! His love is unconditional! Thank you God!

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My taxes already go to pay for fatherless niglets
You want what's left over to pay for fatherless niglets to?

OP will surely deliver...

im a pozcuck, maybe youve heard of us?

>is tinder Jow Forums approved?
Just use it in a non-degenerate way and it´ll be fine

How many non degenerate girls are on tinder?

>God, family, music, learning, outside activities

>I'm a sinner. I fail Jesus every day. I don't deserve any of the good things I have.

>But because of love, God sent His Son to us, and the blood and grace of Jesus Christ covers me constantly. And this is just the first and best blessing that God has given me. Now I want to do everything for His glory, because He loves me.

>I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and I'm happy with pursuing my chosen field - being a pianist - until God says to start a family!

>I love Oklahoma and really don't want to leave! I grew up in the woods, and want to live in the country if I can. But I still consider myself cultured. I was homeschooled, classically educated, I like British TV, Parks and Rec, Friends, I read classic books, appreciate intellectual jokes - that kind of thing. I also like the color blue, sunshine, and inchworms. And other random things like that. :)

>I would much prefer to court instead of date - by which I mean my family would be very involved in our relationship, and we would hang out with them, and my family would get to know the guy. The whole point of courting is for the girl's dad to get to help guard the girl's heart for her.... And if you're a good guy or the right guy, you will be ok with that even if you haven't heard of courting before. I'm calling it how I see it, because there's no point in beating around the bush. So there we go.

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I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would want to reply to posts that are from absolute faggots. The "post" is artificial and fake. OP knows it. The repliers know it.

Can anyone genuinely tell me how a poster can agree to this? Surely they know it's all an act. What a farce of a society the west has. The collapse of the West started with this faggot nonsense and it will die because of this faggot nonsense.

The line "hang out and see where things go" is a shit test btw. She wants to fuck right away as soon as you meet up IRL

>making table scraps with 4 halfbreeds at home

Wew, sure wanna dive on that grenade


Sounds like she all ready has a boyfriend, a jewish one at that.

>mom of 4

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You can be a step dad if;
>Child is White.
>Mother is widow
>Mother is under 28

Minimum of 2 required. If the 'good' men picked up the slack caused by jews for 1 or 2 generations, we could fix the family.

Any other way of thinking makes you a literal nigger.

Those are men who want to be loved, or have such a low self esteem or looks, that they think they will never get a woman
The women with the kid is looking for someone who can pay for her mistake, and i think most guys know that, but its like a trade, they get company/a woman and the woman gets money and support
I would never do that, but meh if someone is up for that, go ahead, but dont think its more than money/support

I feel like you are being generous.

>Mom of 4
JESUS CHRIST. Do ANY of her offspring look anything like her?

She is deluded. She simply wont get a high or even medium quality guy. She will be lucky to get a guy that has job and car.

But thats ok, all she wants imo is a sexy fun night out.

I find something as subtle as “He/She looks just like you! :^)” Works Extremely Well & gives them a horrified expression of regret every time.

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26 and four kids?!

This has to be a LARP profile.

I can see a young naive girl having one unplanned pregnancy. It happens, while I do not support single motherhood, I don't totally condemn a young woman with one kid. But when she has two or more? That's a pattern. Any man who dares to go near a woman like this is flying with fire and will get what's coming to them.


This was my experience too

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I bet they all have different (black)fathers

Who took that pic?

I don´t know, but I´ve seen and dated some. Most of them were allright

>dated some.
Did they put out before marriage?


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My fiancé and I can’t have kiddos unfortunately, so we’re considering adoption bc we can’t afford a surrogate.

Manchildren shouldn't be allowed to post, undeveloped morons

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wtf! I love raising Tyrone's kids nao

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She fell for the diversity meme instead of looking at the statistics for single-motherhood among blacks

this: OP has photoshopped the profile or has screencapped a troll profile (probably his own) to troll the newfriends.

Let the thread die; use your Options field.

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They all need to go for a ride in a minivan along the coastal cliffs.

Yeah, but I don´t care about it

Problem is.. those types tend to come with an added moniker on the bottom
I seen one who matches alot of that, super liked me’s profile say “No smash & pass, I’ve been let down one too many times”
The cock carousel is real & 95% of modern women ride it & then get off it to tie down a weak man they can leech off of.

Being a stepdad usually meant your wifes husband died, it was common for men dying in war to ask a friend to take care of their wife and family, I wish I had a friend like that, a true brother

it's cucked now because its single mother roasties with nigger babies looking for a free meal ticket, not some poor widow to your honorable brother in arms

"Gross, whats that thing youre holding? Kill it and Ill pity fuck you."

>be you
>ask for donations to buy genetically perfect Aryans from egg/sperm donor with a good chance of twins

>mother of 4

Even if you were so desperate as to date this bisch would she even want to have a kid of your own? Would she realize that as soon as you go it you would stop treating her other mistakes as well as your biological child?

Ain't enough roast in that toast.

I like this.

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Especially children of a different fucking race


k, gramps


i am happily dating a woman who is a mother of a beautiful 2-year old angel, divorced amicably. why wouldnt i help to raise that kid?

>why wouldnt i help to raise that kid?
Because its not yours.

>divorced amicably.
It sounds like she does not value the institution of marriage or care about her kids

Tinder is for homos like you to post girls here to make fun of because they're all outside of your league anyway

Online dating is 100% degenerate. If you can't find a girl in real life, then you need to start getting yourself involved in groups. The hot single girls aren't on dating apps sending messages on tinder. They're talking to actual fucking men.

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This is bait and anyone who responds to this bait after this post is being trolled.

> beautiful hybrids

Tinder is for garbage only. Quality women don't use a pump-and-dump dating app. The undesirables use it to trick guys into thinking they only want sex with no commitment. It's the only way they can get a man to agree to a date.

Not approved, run by you know who

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only beaten by the leaf for worst poster

I wouldn't even fuck her.

If she's a grass muncher why is she looking for meat?

Why would you tell this board that?


You think she's even aware of the Freudian slip in her sign?

Some men are blinded by easy pussy and can't think.

wonder if her other kids are tyrones as well.

Problem with that christian girls are that they still westernized. Tried that chat too, mostly western white girls are the same like on tinder. Screw them.

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i just got dome impregnating this little ginger snap.
literally 4 minutes ago.
puss was delish.

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