smoll kpops edition

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I only noticed this after making the thread.

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They're all smol.

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that's okay, i've got one or two for this thread too
i've got a good story for you in my next post

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Oh no, I've been found out.
I'm on the edge of my seat.

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good edition

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before knowing about the height meme, i grew up in the the town of dobrich.
you know the one about how nutrition affects height? well, in bulgaria, the richest people with the best nutrition were concentrated in the biggest cities and dobrich wasn't one of them.

at 182 cm i was one of the taller people here. but the really tall people actually got bullied in school, as if they were freaks. we had this girl that was probably 190 cm and everybody laughed at her and called her "gulliver". we had all sorts of slurs for tall people. gulliver, hose, longey, pole, etc.

it's like people here didn't know being tall was considered a good thing in the outside world. it was pretty hilarious now that i think about it. pic related. it's a picture of an amerindian captured by our troops after some battle in ww1. don't know where the indian is from since we fought both the anglos and the french at that time.

but look at those chucklefucks. they thought the guy was some kind of monster, they thought it was funny how tall he was so they took a picture with him, they didn't mind being shorter. just thought you'd get a kick out of this manlet story

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it's about extremes man
i knew a guy in high school who was like 6'4 (193+ cm) by sophomore year and he'd always get shit about it

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Lel. Man, I wish I could make money as a circus freak just for being tall.
Hasn't the world average gone up consistently in the past few decades or something?

Also this. If there's anything about you that doesn't conform to norms then people will jump at the chance to point it out for better or worse.
We're a savage species.

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early morning

>193cm is an extreme

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i think it has, but if the average goes up, the relative heights stay the same don't they? as in, the dutch and the nordics and the dinarics are still the tallest.
idk lads, i'd never heard of tall people getting shit, besides in that story i told you. i guess it's possible though. oh, and keep and mind i'm talking about literal humiliating bullying and not just a few wisecracks

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morning beanpole

>literal humiliating bullying
i never really saw that sort of stuff at my school. anyone who falls outside the bell curve in basically anything would get flamed for it, though

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>relative heights stay the same
I don't know actually.
>humiliating bullying
There wasn't too much of this going on here, except I guess if you were fat.
And even then it was relatively mild.
I think bullying lanklets is still pretty common in asia.

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>the dutch and the nordics and the dinarics are still the tallest.
hope so

that's not my name

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if i'm being honest my lad, i feel like you've got the stockholm syndrome for your school
does this mean the we wuz asians theory is finally confirmed for us bulgars?

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I don't know but we wuz neanderthals at least.

yes yes, well done, netherlands, well done


well of course we wuz. braise tengri :DDDD

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Lol. We wuz dinos too.

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>i feel like you've got the stockholm syndrome for your school
i swear, i don't know anyone who was bullied. we liked the bants there.
it was so tame i once saw a kid break down in tears because he came to the conclusion that he was annoying himself.
didn't get bullied about having an unlikable personality or being a spazz, just legitimately ignored and given uncomfortable looks for a year and a half until he figured it out

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oh yeah, i made fun of some eastern euro kid for being fat

lame meme

there's only bullying in the lower tiers of highschool education

Being ostracized is bullying though.

>always been the manlet of the squad(1,75)
>always studied in ghetto schools
>never been bullied because gained respect by smacking dudes in the face and never taking shit from anyone

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sounds 3rd world

>always been the manlet of the squad (178)
>never been bullied, because I didn't go to gheto schools

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Can't you see the brazilian flag?

I used to always complain about school to my parents, but now I kinda feel grateful for learning about not being a coward little bitch

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doesn't mean you have to act like some jungle monkey

I only did it when it was necessary. My friends always told me that I have two very different personalities, because I'm chilled out and too nice when no one is fucking around with me. I also had the best grades

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>I can be your angle or yuor devil

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oh my gosh, Yeri's TINY! Like pocket pops

Oh shit, there are Kpops that tall? Im like 175 on the money. I'd come up to their like chins....

Manlets unite! I actually find its easier to get good clothes/lift/run - generally do nearly everything if you're not like 6'+. I think the Ideal is 5'10. UGGGGGH those like 2" KILL ME.

It's okay, Kgrills are all super smol anyway, and you make a cute couple vs. a 6'+ dude and some smol grill.

Great thread, I will be able to post my two favourite smols when I get home.
I used to be among the smaller in primary school when we had to stand according to height at PE but I'm pretty average on the national level now.

>its easier to get good clothes
>you make a cute couple vs. a 6'+ dude and some smol grill
Why so late?

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I had a lecture.

I don't know how common it is in Norway, but, in college - watching the like basketball players and the cheerleaders was lel.

6'4" dude and like a 5'1" gf made everyone top kek.

Nothing like having your girl bury her head in your pecs/chest or cover her with your jacket if she's embarrassed or cold.

no she's 170
we were talking about dudes

was a small kid as well. just got to keep growing when the rest stops

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Frig off, norwhey

That's true. The lads were always jelly of my wide back and the girls were always looking at my naturally juicy thighs

What's ya height

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where i'm from they don't even have 5'1 girls

175cm last time I checked.

if you lift and you're shorter, you get THICC super easy. Girls love a THICC thighed man.

Yo but a 5'1 girl doesn't have to kneel to give head

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are you from heightistan or mexico? how do you not have like 5'1" girls?


Brazil, I'm freaked out that you posted that comment and attached cub to it.

I'm not a cub-poster, but, still. LEWD.

Don't post Chaeyoung with crude posts like that.

Until now?
School teams for sports and stuff aren't really a thing here but significant height differences in couples are common.
Everyone's the same height lying down is the saying.
5'1 is literal dwarf size though so that's not as common.
Shit's jokes, bro.

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High five, kneegrow

Tfw no struggle to bulk


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Freaking Nord Height-monsters.

spread me on toast - I'm jelly.

I had a professor who was 4'6" once. It was kind of amazing.

Le hobbit man

172cm or something is the average for girls,most are taller

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He had the best sense of humor: he was like "and for today's Orgo exam, you're going to convert ephedrine salts into methamphetamine in 4 steps. Please show the e- movement".

I got all the stubbornness and love of kippers but none of the height from my Zeeland family...

Where was he from?

anglo-irish (?) background. Probably had some kind of growth deficiency.

we all joked he was the mad leprechaun.

kippers? you mean chicken?

family should have stayed in the country if they wanted to have the good height

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Reminded of my chemistry teacher. We used to make some bombs at the lab just for the lulz and he once gave me the recipe to make cocaine

My sociology teacher was a 150ish cm SUPER jacked dude with a missing tooth. We always joked about it but we would never say it to him because he was a purple belt jiujitsu practicioner

I just realized how bizarre my school was

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the little salted fish like herrings?

Also post-WWII Netherlands was apparently a tough place.

>group project meetup at 5:30
if this gets in the way of listening to loona on time i'm gonna be h*ckin annoying

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Vikings stole all the good anglo genes. :^)
>used to make some bombs at the lab just for the lulz and he once gave me the recipe to make cocaine
Classic brazil.
Though to be fair it's not that complicated a process if you already have the leaves.

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does this mean you think those interviews are fake?
i'm sorry, i literally don't believe you. don't hold it against me
kek, it's been a while since i've seen this one
my man you must tell them to fuck right off

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>don't hold it against me
*holds it against you*
>must tell them to fuck right off
i unironically might just walk off to go listen to it a couple times if the meeting is still going when it comes out

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ah, never heard that word used for them before
yeah, it didn't seem very nice. think my grandparents did ok working on the farm

you say it like your teacher would beat you up

Why do I keep seeing this everywhere all of a sudden?
Is it that big a deal?

oh man, venison is such a wonderful meat. Beef with all of the flavor (and a little bit of that game flavor) without that sickly- fatty taste that comes from over marbelized meat. Wonderful.

Dats true. I guess the easiest one we've made was the hydrochloric acid+aluminium foil inside a plastic bottle

Absolute hombre loco

We were stupid kids back then

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Well, don't be crude.

A bit over eight, yeah. Officially, it lasts until 8.30, you know.

Sorry slovenia please don't tell me mum

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>*holds it against you*
woooooooooooooow wtf bro, i JUST said don't hold it against me
>i unironically might just walk off to go listen to it a couple times if the meeting is still going when it comes out
do it you absolute madman
wouldn't that give him some sort of worm?

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>wouldn't that give him some sort of worm?

Why ?

He cooked it

imagine blowing a load in this in missionary position

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>do it
i will
don't think i wont

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Did you ever put it to practical use?
I remember we used to repurpose new years fireworks for neighborhood pranks when we were kids. The chemistry part of it was pretty fun.
Is it always that late?

i will miss coal black hair sinb

No, we usually end before or at 8.

Only on St John's day. We used to buy and make our own bombs to irritate the neighbors all night

P-please today is holy thursday

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did you give up jerkin it for lent? You dork.

yeah fuckin do it lad

us kpop m8s have to stick to our conviction. you gotta show those normies what's what

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thought he was eating it raw

omg LOONA is getting more popular day by day lol

As they should.
They are going to save kpop.

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Let a nigga show some love to our lord jeebus
I'll probably give up later


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two steps ahead of you champ

rightfully so

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wording this
>two steps ahead of you champ
no, you needed me to give you the encouragement to btfo those normies

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>that file name

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Oh look it's inverted czech republic and czech republic

No wonder it's so few days.
Being a kid was the best. If we do that shit now we're labeled domestic terrorists.

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you're right, how foolish of me
i wouldn't want to get cocky

thanks, i take pride in my dumb filenames

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It's smol, by the way.

I guess. It's a pretty good system, we usually do one subject and then start another after we're done with lectures for the first one.

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>mfw no kpop idols in my RPG group
sad feel

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Fuggg that's cute

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>It's smol, by the way.

I break the rules.

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it's okay, they're all rollplayers not roleplayers.

>Discord opens up automatically as always
>pop-up shows up telling me that public servers are fixed
>click on public servers
>they're not fixed


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soon we will be the normies my lad

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