User forgot my birthday

user forgot my birthday

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happy birthday OP!

Did you tell him about it beforehand? Birthdaybro writes every date down, he never forgets

that cat is extremely cute

Also happy birthday OP, maybe that user is just preoccupied?

don't worry, birthday user didn't make it for me as well. the Irish one

oh my god
that pussy is all foreskin

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Yes, twice


Happy birthday

Arenlll you Czech bro that told me how to say bellybutton?

happy birthday

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good one

Here's to you, amerikansky pig bratan.

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Happy birthday lad

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Happy Birthday, Ameribro

you were let down by birthdaybro? What the fuck mate, happy birthday

Happy birthday Americanon

We're all kind of counting on him, aren't we?

Thanks everyone

Have a kot

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Trips get?

Ok, I dont feel so bad now

Happy bday fren


At least the baguette checked em

Happy birthday user

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happy birthday!

>user forgot my birthday


Nice kot

Sorry I was busy today. Was going to make a thread later though
I made a thread on your birthday

happy birthday fren

Also happy birthday

Its alright, thanks

I'll make sure I'll remember it next year

You better, or I'm coming to Ireland to get you drunk and have my way with you.


It wouldn't be hard to convince me to get drunk

Yes it's me
You did, I haven't noticed it. What was the time, when you posted it?

At around 11