How goes it , hows everybody doing

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am sick t.b.h

good luck with your future fight bro. Do you have guns? Are you getting out?

I'm watching Full Metal Jacket
Did the situation calm down in Africa?

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its still quiet for now

yeah its calm now , but i got some bad news today
one of my only friends i had died in a car accident today , ive been crying all day today

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oh that sucks. An old friend committed suicide yesterday... that's three in 2 years

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I wish I would go to sleep and not wake up.

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Fuck man two days ago I thought I really lost the only person I loved it was the worse I ever felt luckily they didn't die it wasn't a lethal dose, I found out hours later she was in the hospital and alive. Must be terrible and I empathise totally man.

Also what happened the other day with niggers blocking off your town?

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it feel like everything around me is just crumbling away my old life and all my memories are fading away this is the second time i had to say goodbye to a friend once again ive been left here alone

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thx man , the police have things under control but they plan a next one in 2 weeks

why u sick

here i am still alive living a useless life of a neet a leech on society wasting away drinking smoking no qualifications to my name , but he was special he would have been somebody great but he had to die and im still here what a fucking joke

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got dumped today, feel like shit

sorry to hear that friend :(

it would never work out anyways, but I feel heartbroken. I saw it coming, felt like shit for a week, he didn't talk to me, now I know at least and need to heal. It will probably take months for me to be normal again. I hate this shit.

how is it in south africa? are you ok?


oh Jesus, you poor baby. I feel so sorry, I had a really good friend who died in a car accident too, years ago, still hurts. Did they lock the guy up who did it?

yeah the guy was drunk and driving i swear to God if i find him i will kill him with my bare hands the hatred in my heart is infinite

I completely understand, the guy who killed my fiend was also drunk, a young lad that got the car from his rich dad, I cried for weeks. I hope you turn that hatred into something productive.


thanks for listening its what i need , he was the only guy who understood me he was like a brother i miss him so much , i talked to his parents and his mother crying is what broke me , i just started crying and i couldnt stop ,it just hurts so much , but i know he is now in a better place in the arms of our Lord

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same , anything i can do to make it better ?

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This made me tear up. It'll be okay user

yes of course he is. You know my freind was a great infuence on my life, he made me look at things differently, he made me read an think, he was amazing. He read like 2 book a day, an incredibly smart man. I always regreted that he didn't see me and my developement, because I turned for the better and wasn't as dumb as I was before. I wanted to marry him, but I kinda knew he wouldn't want to. I wish he was still here so we could talk like almost equals, but I guess this will never happen... It's ok tho', he liked me even when I was young and dumb, even then he would say that I'm smart, he was way too kind.

Damn, i guess i'm the only one that's feeling pretty good
Sorry to hear about all this, it'll eventually get better lads
Don't beat yourself up that much man, as sad as it sounds, your friend is in a better place now

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thanks user means alot to me
thank you so much for being a shoulder to cry on my whole life i had to be the big brother i had to be the tough guy that people rely on now that shit hits the fan i have nobody to be there for me except you guys thank you

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im glkad you are doing well boland

sorry again to everybody in the thread for my drunk ramblings but you are the only people i have left to talk to

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you don't have to be sorry man, it's good to let your emotions out and not keep them inside

nice quads, by the way

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thanks brother most of my life kept it all inside cuz i had to be the stronger man i had to be the shoulder to cry on but now i have nobody except you guys thank you so much

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I'm so lonely, I have no friends or gf

At least you got some sick ass quads

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I don't need these feels
sorry for your loss

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my friend was a coloured his father was a Rastafarian this was his favourite song ganna post it to live on in the archives

i know 420 weed dude lmoa i dont care

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same here, I was the older sister or the older friend who would take care of others, now I feel like I don't have anyone... and I really don't, I feel so lost at the moment I could literally cry with you.

>At least you got some sick ass quads

quads for the memory of an hero

>'m so lonely, I have no friends or gf

thanks frend

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thanks frend its good to know im not alone

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we're here for you fren its going to be ok

yeah, of course you're not buddy

I didn't really look into in much so I dunno why those people were blocking off your town what's happening?

thanks friend , im just gona drink in his honor and shitpost till i die my fucking autism brought a smile to his face

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they said the land in south Africa belong to them

sorry for your loss, user, hope you don't feel sad for too long now.

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thanks friend

oh dude.. :(

Please don't die by suicide and get tf outta there cause I'd imagine some of them would kill too, and live life as best as you can for your friend, yourself and for me cause some people's lives are cut short and it'd be a shame if you let yours go to waste.

Here's a gay Jow Forums related meme

Also what's your favourite song?

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lol i bumped it again
dont mind me
literally only here to bump this thread once

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