Happy Day General #216

ᵂʰᵉʷ, ʰᵉʸ ᴬᶰᵒᶰ⋅⋅!

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ᴮᵃʳᵉᶫʸ ᵐᵃᵈᵉ ᶦᵗ⋅⋅!

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lol stfu

But here I am - ready to progress, user.

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Hello happy poster.

Hi Yuu k a !!

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So, uhm.. how's everybody doing, going, being..?

Hello friend o/
Howdy Polanon~!
What's up Bizzare American? c:

Sorry for yesterday - I should've ask somebody for a backup but I didn't knew it will get worse over time uwuu~

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I just said to myself "I will reply to every Happy Day thread"


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באנו חושך לגרש,
בידינו אור ואש.
כל אחד הוא אור קטן,
וכולנו אור איתן.

סורה חושך, הלאה שחור!
סורה מפני האור!

ציל-ציל-ציל בפעמונים,
מי אנחנו? - סביבונים.
לנו רגל אחת,
אם ניפול - גם לא נפחד.

סורה חושך, הלאה שחור!
סורה מפני האור!

אנו שובבים גדולים,
עליזים והוללים -
אך נדע יפה מאוד
לספר, לשיר, לרקוד.

סורה חושך, הלאה שחור!
סורה מפני האור!

hmm, people are getting late...
Very good on the first day of spring break, finally had some good sleep, today just play some video games and do some things outside, and how are you feeling today?

fuck off


Did you guys know that Mike's still participating with us via ghost replies?

Yeah, fren - sorry for yesterday's useless topic.
ᵂʰᵒ ʷᵒᵘᶫᵈ'ᵛᵉ ᵏᶰᵒʷᶰ ᶦᵗ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵒᵘʳ ᶫᶦᵗᵗᶫᵉ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᵃᶦᶰᵐᵉᶰᵗ~
I think like we are feeling pretty much the same right now :b
ᴺᶦᶜᵉ ᶰᵘᵐᵇᵉʳˢ⋅⋅! ᵒ/
Hey, don't be upset at anybody - people might gahter with their families right now and I don't think these threads are nearly as important, if even~
Oi, that's rude - something bite you today? :p

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I know they have a visit to their relatives and more important stuff, but like not a few at least came?

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oh and one question about the yesterday, you have been just tired from overwork...right?

No, not really.. I mean, I've slept for four hours that day plus got a medium food poisoning with punct of climax during the thread.

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Oh my, if that how it was you didn't have to push yourself more with thread, but i guess its good now.
Finally some hello.

I wanted to leave for some time.

1. Admin(nee nee) absolute idiot, I used to like "her"... then I realized "she is not larping"
2. The whole server turned to PC zone after roadkill left(even more)
3. Polly's disgusting game of "being Nee's pet" just to gain his retarded role and basically only ME giving criticism and being always on to me(mostly his inconsistency and his lust for "calling me out" all the time.
4. Vigne was being really unreasonable.
5. You prefer some 14yr old ponyfag than a senior mod.

Don't let me even star on the gay RP and (you's) from "+hug @Dr.medic"

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I am ready to rember...

I assume folks are just traveling in preparation for easter, no need for an unhappy day

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Happy day.
I want to talk to you about something.
You have a discord server, right?

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It's not his server, it's Nee Nee's server. Don't go there. It's fucking echo chamber.

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oh boy it begins

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hi guys what's going on here

alright fine then.
But here is what I urge everyone to do immediately here, if they are in that discord server.
I want everyone to leave that server.
I want more discussion to be on Jow Forums than just be secluded in another site.
It goes against Jow Forums spirit.
I just want everyone to leave discord behind for the sake of preventing drama and adding more discussion to these threads.
I do not want to judge anyone, nor I have the time for it.

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hmm why need for the unhappy day.. i don't remember any, maybe I just don't care
Is this server that really bad?

anyways, I'm ready to rember.

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Is gay RP and constantly "wow, rude!" bad?

in all honesty I don't even know anymore

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Discord was a mistake
But all the time I try to make an interactive thread I'm just being called bad names.

I will try to think of something.

Ok, guys, when (Use +0.00 timezone) are you most active.

>t. underage

just give me happy day :(

This is what I'm talking about, the bad names.

Well, to be completely honest Nee is more esforesian than bantish. And it gets really gay there from time to time, although I'm glad they keep it in a Discord instead of on the board like certain other tumours. I agree with Medic though, KawaiiBot mentions are fucking annoying.


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hey furbong how you holding up today?

i'm doing alright, just playing some ravenfield right now.

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I've no clue what that is but have fun I suppose

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It really depends on the person... In my case, nobody gave a single shit about me... I was just trying to balance the sides.

Am I late to remeber?

yes I'm afraid sorry

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Hey guys!
With Easter fast approaching it's important that you remeber the following


Probably it is, assuming from your comments, but i don't have any interest in joining discord servers.
People are mean.
Better let them have their server for there own good.


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Hello bumstead, and you are not.


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That's good. How are you?

>is this kind of thing, what they call him bad names?

>t. underage

i don't think so.
how're you doing, bum?

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I still want to know who took this

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Last 2 people who posted got their post removed.

wtf stop impersonating me

Doing good mostly because of spring break finally some free time for my self, listening now to some music, how your day was fren?

What are you saying? Are you greasing the pockets of the mods with your lunch money, you little boy?

really makes me think

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>Some dude: "Hey guys... My cat just died"
>Dr Medic: "So? Just wait 3 days and you'll forget all about it, that's what I did"

>Dr Medic: "Wahhh why do I suck at Touhou? I'm going to slam my head with a door"

That's great to hear. I'm ready for the day to be over, I just want to relax at my computer.

It's doxing, dumb leaf.


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>t. underage

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Inwonder what else goes on in there

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>discord drama in happy day thread

its fun to watch

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At least interesting topic.

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If mods ban me or remove my post because they think I'm doxing, then they should ban you for not being the legal age to post on this board.

>It's doxing
but it's not.

Passover 2018 begins Friday, March 30th.
Christmas Island time a/k/a LINT time.
So here it is Thursday, March 29th.

OMG! that's Today!

still it's pretty G A Y
i thought people cam to these threads to get away from all that shit
oh well shitcord has a hand in a lot of things nowadays

Aaaah, sorry I've got a little bit engaged in something else.. >,,<
ᵘʰʰ ᵒʰ⋅⋅
You know, it started as Jow Forums related server but it's something more, at least for me, by now. I grew on some people and just like how everything's developing.
That's what I had on mind, thanks you for clarifying c:
I'm sorry..!! ;~;
Hi Road!
Hello Bumstead!
No, you're not late but I am.. D:

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I'm sorry, let's continue where we left of..

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well I didn't start it

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If the mods remove my post then it shows that:

1) they are on a power trip and have favourites
2) they cannot do their job correctly

If anything happens to me or anyone who calls you underage, and nothing happens to you, then how can we trust the mods on this board? "